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  1. No. As long as you are in a warp you can't crash. You can even enter warp when you are inside the cube surrounding you. You will just fly thru it.
  2. yea and 1 random joe flying from alioth to sanct will make all those ships in-between that happen to not get docked fall like a rain.
  3. If that ship would be in deep PvP zone that would be fun. Some stuff would definitely go down around there. Now, it's a flying circus with base64 enthusiasts. Event idea: NQ staff takes a ship on a weekend, some L badass battleship. Arkship announces rogue admiral and provides coords of it (in PVP or PVE space) + puts a bounty on his head. Players go there, for each damage dealt you get quanta. That battleship randomly shoots at approaching players so you can't just grind it and should maneuver/disengage if damaged. At least some action...
  4. I wonder what happens to the ships that are currently "frozen". Will they now all start falling to the ground post patch lol. Interesting to see if it happens even if you don't login.
  5. Currently XS guns are a complete waste. Don't waste your skillpoints on them. (Everyone flies around with L and a gunner or remote). L gun has 50% hit chance on S core. It blows big holes in it. Next balance patch we will see but nothing currently indicates that xs weapons will be any more viable. Their damage is just too low. You shooting for 10 minutes is like 1 L gun volley. If you do it for cosmetic purposes then just don't connect them.
  6. You need to stop the industries and pick them up into some kind of container (probably some containers linked to hub). Then, deploy blueprint when linked to that container. You will probably need a big ship.
  7. You know that maneuver trick that you use by maneuvering the larger construct to verify that the smaller has docked to it ? It seems it's the one that gets nerfed next patch. Yay \o/
  8. Unfortunately only about 1 in 10 make it to my gallery. Rest have to be dismantled and sold to be reused next time I meet the new owner. Edit: Links to the originals before our "meeting": https://du-creators.org/makers/Gerokz Aerodynamics/ship/K-480 https://du-creators.org/makers/Captains Customs - Ship Sales/ship/Horizon https://du-creators.org/makers/EVEManny/ship/Precipice P.S: It would be nice that a game that creates 1.6mb screenshots would allow them to be posted without being recompressed to 0.5mb. In a forum thread asking for screenshots...
  9. Some call it space mining I call it Railgun Art.
  10. You mean like getting that circle big and clicking a button is better than scanning ?
  11. I think December 26th is the renew date for many players that started since launch. Let's see if "I warp safely everywhere and do everything without any risk" works for sandbox games.
  12. Do you know many games that have IRL monuments, made it to BBC(and other) news and hold many Guinness book records ?
  13. In a war, you never fight "fair fights" either. You always search for one-sided battles you can easily win without expanding your resources/men. Predators don't try to attack other predators, they search for weakened creatures to prey on. Pirates of the Caribbean didn't attack British colonial navy forces, they attacked trade ships. Maybe it will help your logic.
  14. With people being able to be in number orgs at the same time and how easy it is to create an alt private org I wonder why the restriction is there in the first place. Just a chore of being unable to have many cores registered to a character and always creating a private org to hold the cores for you.
  15. Nothing in the game is "hard" to be honest. All the "hard" is either boring or just a time-sink. You get the landing part like after 2-3 times you do it. You will still crash from time to time as you feel overconfident and try to do it faster but that's nothing compared to the amount of crashes due to bugs/glitches etc. It seems if you stand up from your chair while flying in atmo, if you sit back in, the wings stop working and you just smash to the ground. Alt+f4 is "workaround" for this kind of bugs but it's being taken away. If you fly at high speed in space, if you stand up you have very little chance on getting back into chair without script error and game crash if you try to reconfigure the chair. Alt+f4 was stopping it. Post-patch no idea how I am supposed to stop the ship when it unloads parts of it in front of my face.
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