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  1. Sorry to disappoint you but there is my post in almost each thread on the forum first page due to me just wanting to chat etc while the build is running...
  2. I am not a game dev but a software dev. The "content" that we get each patch that releases every 3+ months looks like there is like 1-2 people working on DU at this point. At least their burnrate should be low I guess as I barely see anyone paying for whatever we have now or even with ALL of those updates. There will still be no game in there. Where is the territory control ? Where is the other solar systems ? Where is the AvA you planned ? Where is my space kitten pet ? Where is any fun game loop that doesn't include spending hours looking at the sc
  3. When people express their opinion about interests of others it's their opinion you can agree or disagree with. It doesn't make them representatives. envy of what ? An alliance I was actively exterminating for months collapse under it's own weight ?
  4. AC was bunch of orgs Let me try. <story starts at beta release> AC was a bunch of orgs, mostly carebears, limited amount of PVPers under alliance named Ascendancy or something. ATOM joined them and did some white knight PVP under name of "AC ATOM". Did some fun events for PVP and generated content. Here come the asteroids and ATOM decided that protecting other AC carebears is no fun especially if they don't pay and left AC. Some AC orgs that do at least some PVP followed ATOM and they formed legion. AC remained with mostly carebears and will m
  5. so what you do instead of mining ? Flying 6 hours in empty space ? Is that better ?
  6. Not playing, just waiting for the gravestone to pop up so I can put "Justice for scoopy served" on top of it for lulz. Why I dumped it ? Because the ones that build it have no idea what they are doing. Even if they pull their heads out of sand now, it is probably too late. P.S: Lol at that DekkarTV dude trying to say game is not dead. Even the discord chat is dead with just 3-4 people occasionally chatting. Probably butthurt if he tries to get a streamer career but the title he chose has like 10 viewers at peak.
  7. I hereby declare all constructs owned by me (XKentX IGN) or any organization I am a legate of to be off limits to anyone without written permission. Under the new exploit classification and this formal declaration available to wide audience anyone entering the sphere of influence (and therefore boarding) any of before-mentioned constructs without my written permission can be classified as a bug abuser and will have disciplinary actions taken against him as mentioned by NQ. P.S: When I land my L-Core on Market 6 it's your problem, not mine.
  8. Maybe i am blind but i don't see NPCs in patch notes. So as i said "may be or maybe not in maybe 6 minimum"...
  9. Talking about economy and saying that a game with the most sophisticated and realistic economy sucks. Yea, NQ should really listen to you. The dumpster will burn faster and my friends that still stuck there will be free. P.S: Saying that DU economy is replication of EvE is like saying that my 5 y/o son replicated Mona Lisa but for some reason it doesn't sell for millions...
  10. NQ intention: Asteroids that will be risk vs reward as you fight for the control of the tier 5 asteroids ! Reality: T1 trashcan ship with 100 alts crashes on the tier5 asteroid. Alts start troll mining T5 into their backpacks jetpacking away and logging off when full. 3 battleships that came to pvp watching helplessly unable to do anything to them. When the dust settles down alt extraction (another trashcan this time with a warp drive) arrives to take them back home. NQ: "We will investigate..." (and may or may not do anything about it in 6 month)
  11. Surface Mining = I would better play pacman, calling "aim at rock press button wait 3 seconds" gameplay in 2021 should be criminalized Scanning - tool scan = fun for fist 3 times, hex scan boring even first time you do it. Waiting 15minutes for no reason wtf Trading = The market interface is an atrocity, landing and navigating markets is nightmare. Any other game I can think of does this better Hauling + Missions = Staring at your screen for 6 hours while your ship is flying in empty space that you hope will remain empty. \o/ YAY ! Pirating = First 20-30kills are fun, t
  12. Who cares about the damage numbers if you get a bug and 100% of your shots miss?
  13. They are adding another "exciting" game loop where you scan an asteroid and stare at the screen for hours while your ship is flying there to hand dig it.
  14. Why you want to remove 95% of the game content ?
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