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  1. ATM game becomes a shitshow even with 5v5, different people see same ship at different locations and there are always the "lucky" ones that get all their shots as "miss" due to server being unable to calculate whatever it needs and just dumps the shots as "miss". You talk 1000 vs 1000 ? Skill based ? Did you try following another construct at least at like 10,000kmh ? That thing jumps like a frog, even "lock and shoot" is not sure where it should shoot at. To make it remotely skill based they have to replace the engine, in other words, make another game.
  2. New players ? You have no mercy to human kind sir !
  3. What's the point in the market if it has like 2% of the products ? You can't build anything due to schems. You can't buy anything as it's on d6/d7 and you crash on approach. There are some that wanted survival, here it is. Survive.
  4. Rick Astley in a loop is like the only new content since beta start and surprise: it is made by a player, not NQ. Doesn't mean that NQ will not break it in their next "screen patch" tho. Oh, and you can't build anything as there is that schematics thingy if you didn't know. In the other news, there is about 1 warp per 6 hours to/from the outer planets so game is sky high on player activity and we should dedicate the next patch to performance tuning bringing no new content.
  5. Why don't they introduce a gun named "mining laser". You can lock an asteroid and turn the gun on. While it is on, it eats fuel (space fuel I guess) and ore appears in the cargo container you have linked it to... There is literally 0 stuff to implement as they can make an asteroid a type of "core" that is already able to be locked by space radar... If someone takes a spaceship, gets to an asteroid, pulls out a sci-fi gun-like-shovel and starts digging its just LOL. If NQ needs more details there is that game(hint:my avatar) they can check out, it has this part sorted sinc
  6. Hmm. So at least I hear voices about PVP now. Should start checking in more than once a month...
  7. What's your problem with L cores ? They are just a couple of mil now. Do you really use anything other than L ? Why ?
  8. They can't properly implement billing system when there is only 1 character. Let's them not focus on trying to make it work for 3 now... I fear for the linked container if they touch it.
  9. I expected that it's a space game where you shoot other people space ships exactly as the ad that brought me into this game has shown. Oh boy, I was wrong. Turns out the most popular PVP is alt-hex claiming.
  10. I don't even play right now but we are talking future and fixing stuff so let's talk fixing and not just adding asteroids with 0 risk again as that guy proposed.
  11. I am sure we have like 20-30 ppl playin
  12. Why people think a passive income that requires 0 brain activity is any good to any game or in-game economy ? **IT IS NOT** Everyone will put the "mining unit" and get like X amount of ore per day. OK, first the price of ore will go down (no more mining and selling) then the price of all the products go down(as ore is now slowly flowing freely) so all the wanna be producers will suffer. You will not become rich when everyone gets something, you get rich when you stand out of the crowd and do something unique.
  13. No just no. Safezone again ? NO ! If you have a safezone there then you can afk mine this "high tier" spot, put your nose out, smell if there is anyone and warp away or wait until there is no one there. OK on what you suggested but no safezones, wanna mine high tier resource ? Drop a xs core with containers and mine there while your friends protect you. Sorry "solo" players, this is an MMO game. Figure it out on your own. NO MORE SAFEZONES
  14. If you make at least 50% what's written there in coming months, you saved your game.
  15. What the hell is there to optimize ? Do people still play ? TLDR: No content anytime soon. Please keep paying as DB costs are high.
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