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  1. Good for you I suppose. Having lock&fire shooter is a hard sell at the end of 2022. I am just wondering how do you express your skill in that thing ? "Distance control" ? You come closer your avatar starts shooting, you watch your HP and run away if on low HP ? That game of tanks on my dandy in 90s had more "game mechanics".
  2. AvA, yea. Did the idea that DU engine can only support lock&shoot in a vacuum crossed you mind ? Or the part where I see a wall, you are behind it. I turn around so it unloads and then turn back fast and shoot. Yahooooo I win. If your client doesn't "see" voxels - they are not there. There is no server side anything.
  3. There is no balance there. You put station in pvp space you get it wrecked if found. Welcome to DU.
  4. NQ Roadmap 2022: Survive That's all you seen it.
  5. Why not throw it there with 3 months minimum for sub options and get some monies. The dumpster is on fire anyway.
  6. Minority in DU ? You mean like 3 ppl ?
  7. No can do. Your colours make our DB costs higher. /Sarcasm
  8. Probably means steam EA. Poor souls on steam will have another EA DoA game.
  9. The game is damn boring even if you do all the game loops. You say some should skip some content and specialize ?
  10. The only thing DU will kill is itself, each patch again and again until there is no more juice in NQ bank account.
  11. Don't drill to much or their DB will get full and they will need to wipe again to save some monies
  12. Do the ones with guns have proper type&amount of ammo, radar and a gunner seat linked? That's where the rest of the "haulers with guns" fail.
  13. Yea and let's make the deco thingy calculate it dynamically like the current engine abstraction thingy. Like you fly at 3km and bam - game decides your wings are deco, here comes the ground ! Wouldn't that be fun a?
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