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  1. That ship has no-where near 14 gunners. The most efficient ship is piloted by a pilot using a remote control to control the ship and sitting in the gunner seat. So 1 Gunner seat per ship. This is due to limitation of 1 shield per core. Therefore it's more efficient to have "1 seaters" (in some cases 2 max) as ANY ship has same tank (1L shield gen). Want more? bring more ships, not more guns on single ship. + game can't handle more than 4 gunner seats on 1 ship, all kinds of weirdness starts to happen. Sneaky does a good job if people look at CVA for meta now lol. Edit: I read your post again, yea 14 L nano cores is best. (14 small L core ships that are very fast)
  2. 14 gunner seats... yea. I see you speak from experience and therefore you should definitely have some bright ideas on how to balance PVP. /sarcasm off
  3. It's not the beginning, it's about midway of the end.
  4. Hmmm.... He is a pirate, he is supposed to do that.
  5. So am I not supposed to report an exploit being used or what ?
  6. We are far from doing anything "efficient". Let's first get to "stable" then to "feature-complete" and only then do that part.
  7. Do you really think anyone who developed it ever flew a ship to D6 before committing the code ? New players spawn in speeders and are supposed to go to market to buy stuff. They will test the stuff.
  8. It's like the game development speed. "One construct at a time" speed.
  9. Yea and add the other 95% of the missing content while you are on it. Best by hotfix.
  10. So a ship that has stacked elements SHOULD NOT leave safe zone or what ? What happens if it leaves the safezone and I capture it ? The punishment is my loot being deleted ? What happens if it leaves the safezone and I engage but fail to capture it due to reduced damage as it has lower crossection ? Due to days(months?) of ticket response time, what prohibits players that want to hide stacking to deconstruct the ship before GMs check the ship ? How should I find if ship has 2 engines that are 1 inside another in which case there are no visual difference ? Should I order a check "due to suspicion" ?
  11. If stacking is only prohibited in PVP so: Miner builds a ship S using element stacking. Miner flies ship S to outer planet and gets killed. I capture ship S and report the miner. Ship S is deleted. Outcome: Miner used exploit, I lost my loot. NQ Logic at it's finest ?
  12. So: Ship S0 has 2 engines side by side. Ship S1 has them clipped by 1 (it happens when you get one near the other from one of the sides) Ship S2 has them clipped by 2... ... Ship Sn has them clipped one inside another. From what I see S1 is not considered "exploit" as it happens "by itself". If I find how to make S2 configuration "by itself" will S2 stop being exploit ? What about S3 or S8 ? What is stacking that is not allowed ?
  13. Good luck with that. NQ never explains stuff. They took a ship we killed from our graveyard and gave it back to the victim with 0 explanation. (our name logger logged NQ-<someone> and ship disappeared at the same time).
  14. Then I will stack everything into one XL engine and have a flying monster engine killer ! No, really.
  15. First time I see someone talking about mining and I am like "hmm, I would try that"... "Make stuff go boom" mining style ftw !
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