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  1. So they look at DU to see what not to do and do other fails ? Masterpiece.
  2. The game aims to be an MMO and have social interactions and stuff. There is no button to open a conversation with a person I am shooting... Glad to see people finally understand that "building pretty things just to build other pretty things" is not what makes MMO live.
  3. That's just golden. Where is the "sue for damages" button ? Is it he ticket system that has a response time longer than a single trial subscription period ? Please tell me where is your best ship, I will come and accidentally attach my XS core ship to it with 1 S container full of catalyst 3. This will prevent your ship from flying (about 10-20kt weight). Once you finish the process I will be glad to compensate the amount of quanta as decided by NQ. Deal ? Remember, you can't drag it to PVP space and shoot it ! As per NQ post you get a disciplinary action against your account if you do.
  4. If someone drives a car into my house at 100kmh I will sue him if he survives. Should we apply the same for DU ? If you crash on my tile you are banned ?
  5. How can I "engage in aggression" ? Guns don't work. Please be more specific and provide sources of your claims. Undercutting each other is market PVP. Racing is pure PVP. Claiming a tile with a meganode so others can't mine it can be considered PVP too. It is not allowed too by your logic ? Throwing your construct out of my claimed tile using a maneuver tool. Is it aggression ? What about expressing my concern about someone's ship external appearance and making comparisons to various objects. Is it aggression ? I pay for a game, I login and click buttons to see sci-fi stuff and have fun. If there is a list of buttons and combination of thereof that is not allowed the game client should forbid it. If there are exceptions they should be clearly stated to leave no doubt.
  6. The parenting a construct is a documented exploit. In my opinion it is not clear enough and not communicated enough to the community. What disciplinary actions should NQ take is their business to figure not mine. Many other "features" like jumping onto a construct so it continues to fly the same speed it was when a person piloting it logged off is not an exploit, it's a stupid game mechanics as the ship is not supposed to stop in the first place. JC said "if you see it, it moves, if you don't it doesn't". They currently have a bug that it doesn't start moving the moment I enter the visual range of it. The part that it continues to move is not a bug/exploit but an intended feature of online game. Want it stop moving ? Park it to a space station. People that say "griefing": Please define it. If I do something that is allowed by the rules to get benefit I don't see a problem. If get some one else ruined in the process, ok that's online PVP game. It's the same as undercutting someone on the market by 0.01q. I ruin his ability to sell, is it "griefing"(whatever that thing means to you) too ?
  7. Set your shadows to "low" do not set them to "none". It's a bug that is there since start of beta, to hard for NQ to fix it seems.
  8. So you switch from insults to age references lol. That's the same level of stupidity in my book. We are getting offtopic and into a flame war. Not going to continue that.
  9. You say park. When you logoff flying with speed it doesn't quality as parking in my book. Parenting properly parked(construct that was like on the ground) construct and dragging it to PVP space to shoot it is considered an exploit by NQ and they have a post stating that. I don't argue here. What I say is that their communication of "rules" is not transparent enough and applying penalties to someone not knowing some rules written on some forum thread half a year ago is not a proper way to go.
  10. You will now get flamed with "Take your eve crap out of here" replies..
  11. Lol and you can probably only train skills on 1 at a time or you need to purchase another sub. Copy/Paste is strong in this one.
  12. 1) Baselessly insulting people on the internet doesn't make you any good other than showing your inability to have a conversation. Safe zone is not safe, you can still screw up. 2) Because in your world everyone should be playing the game as you see it and you don't see that much. 3) I do:
  13. Yea so it seems I will need to keep dropping them so mine is on top or something. Don't know, a shitshow tbh. BTW if someone covers you etc, you can maneuver tool your construct out of it.
  14. It means you can't be shot at while there. Nothing else. About the players, I can say 100% same about you. You make it boring af.
  15. I stopped caring and just drop my ships on top of all the others when I am at the market. Thinking about putting some L cubes there so I have personal docking space tho... If NQ doesn't care, we should figure it out somehow I guess.
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