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  1. The worst thing is the stuttering. You're doing a close fly-by of a mountain or building and the game pauses for a second, presumably to load stuff - when it comes back your previous rotational movement continues and you inevitably crash and blow up. With flying being the only exciting part of the game this is pretty game-breaking. It's been like this since alpha. You'd think a good dev would be able to fix it by now.
  2. They should have fixed technical problems with their design, instead of just changing the design. JC's vision was good, but there were technical problems with the implementation, e.g. amount of data storage required for terrain modifications made through mining, amount of server processing required for Industry. Instead of fixing the technical problems they just changed the fundamental game design or put artificial restrictions on players to reduce the server costs. This is sole reason that DU failed. They should have found ways to fix the technical problems and maintain the vision, not destroy the vision for the sake of cost and the game with it.
  3. So did you hire some ex Elite devs, or just blatantly rip off their HUD?
  4. When on the 27th? Morning, evening, the next day? Do I take the day off...?
  5. So they implemented them without any changes or any PTR cycle. *sigh* Sorry, but the new mechanic is just terrible. Where in human civilization do you have to copy a plan/schematic every time you want to build something in your factory? It's so stupid, and clearly just time/char-gating. What's the point in a fuel line set to Maintain, when now I have to run round with schematics all the time? Multiplied by x number of goods that you need to make on a regular basis... Or you are in the middle of a build, and need another few thousand voxels...sorry, might as well just logoff because you're gonna have to wait to queue up the schematics, and then wait for them to download, because your hi-tech assembly unit has forgotten how to make it. I guess computers suck in the future. Come on NQ, can you guys not see how bad this whole system is from a gameplay perspective? Ridiculous.
  6. At first read this sounds even more cumbersome and tedious than the current implementation. It also sounds completely unrealistic. Can we please see this in action on PTS BEFORE you finalise the system and implement it.
  7. There have been lots of promises... How they can release an announcement about DACs without saying how this will be handled is beyond me 😕
  8. DACs had a monetary value quoted in the alpha packs, 18 euros, which partially justified the price. So now they are only worth 7-9 euros? Are backers going to be given an increased allocation due to the devaluation?
  9. This. We were told at the beginning of Beta that it was a soft launch and there wouldn't be a wipe unless absolutely necessary, and we've been investing our time into the game based on this. I have spend hundreds, and hundreds of hours gathering resources and building, based on the knowledge that NQ would do everything they could to avoid a wipe. A quanta wipe to re-balance the economy, is one thing, but wiping all our constructs and hard earned resources is a real kick in the nuts. As far as re-freshing Alioth with new planet tech; you've already refreshed once without deleting constructs. Can this not be done again with the new planet tech, keeping the same basic geometry of the planet?
  10. You missed Command Chair. 158kg to an insane 3.5t o0 All these changes, including the massive adjustor nerf, are to 'balance' pvp, with no consideration for pve players who enjoy (used to...) flying around in atmosphere.
  11. I don't get it. I click on a vertex that has previously been moved and it pops back to the original corner spot. How am I supposed to 'edit' vertices that have already been moved without them snapping back to the original corner?
  12. Accepting core slots into an org should be much like inviting and accepting members - when a player chooses to donate cores slots to an org they go into a queue to be approved/accepted by the Super Legate. This really has to be a feature, unless NQ actively wanta org core slots to be weaponised? (especially in beta, when no doubt many ppl currently have numerous beta accounts that could be used in this way)
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