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  1. There have been lots of promises... How they can release an announcement about DACs without saying how this will be handled is beyond me 😕
  2. DACs had a monetary value quoted in the alpha packs, 18 euros, which partially justified the price. So now they are only worth 7-9 euros? Are backers going to be given an increased allocation due to the devaluation?
  3. This. We were told at the beginning of Beta that it was a soft launch and there wouldn't be a wipe unless absolutely necessary, and we've been investing our time into the game based on this. I have spend hundreds, and hundreds of hours gathering resources and building, based on the knowledge that NQ would do everything they could to avoid a wipe. A quanta wipe to re-balance the economy, is one thing, but wiping all our constructs and hard earned resources is a real kick in the nuts. As far as re-freshing Alioth with new planet tech; you've already refreshed once without deleting constructs. Can this not be done again with the new planet tech, keeping the same basic geometry of the planet?
  4. You missed Command Chair. 158kg to an insane 3.5t o0 All these changes, including the massive adjustor nerf, are to 'balance' pvp, with no consideration for pve players who enjoy (used to...) flying around in atmosphere.
  5. I don't get it. I click on a vertex that has previously been moved and it pops back to the original corner spot. How am I supposed to 'edit' vertices that have already been moved without them snapping back to the original corner?
  6. Accepting core slots into an org should be much like inviting and accepting members - when a player chooses to donate cores slots to an org they go into a queue to be approved/accepted by the Super Legate. This really has to be a feature, unless NQ actively wanta org core slots to be weaponised? (especially in beta, when no doubt many ppl currently have numerous beta accounts that could be used in this way)
  7. Thank you for the quick response and the changes. These numbers make a lot more sense. However, I still think that there should also be some automatic org slots based on membership, e.g. for every member of an org the org gets 10 or 20 slots automatically (without reducing the new numbers for personal and org slots).
  8. As most have said here, the numbers are just too low. I also think that moving ALL org core assignments to player-donated slots is a huge mistake, and will cause headache for both orgs and individuals. While the idea of flexible slots you can assign to an org is interesting, I think there also needs to be some default org core assignment as well. e.g. For each member of an org the org gets X cores automatically. This way there is no pressure on individuals to decide between keeping slots for personal org use, or donating to a bigger org. Simply by joining an org the org benefits with a higher core count. (It's a similar situation to the territory story and HQ tiles)
  9. Thank you, Deckard, for the detailed response. I do look forward to trying it out, and seeing how existing voxel libraries are affected. The pseudo 1/64 grid sounds like a good idea ^^
  10. To give a simple example: If I've built a shape that uses 4 steps/voxel, but I then want to make a smaller version that is half the dimensions I can't do it...none of the Grids provided are divisible by 8. The only way to get close would be to jump up to 84 steps and use 10 or 11 to approximate an 1/8 step. This just seems crazy tbh, or am I misunderstanding how this works?
  11. The tool in action looks great, but the new numbering system seems like a solution to a technical problem at the expense of logic and usability. Using steps of 2-4-8-16-32-64 etc (which we can do with the current reactors) makes it very easy to plan shapes and just double the precision each time you need a finer line for instance. Having 3 different scales 2-4 steps, 6-12 steps, and 21-42-84 steps within the same system seems like it will be a pain to use when scaling shapes up / down. At the moment I draw everything on graph paper and just select the precision that will allow me to create the shapes I want. Usually 16 is enough. I can't imagine how I would be able to do this when it would need to show 3 different scales that aren't divisible by each other. Is there no way you can make it work with a geometric progression? It works with reactors now, so what's the problem continuing this way?
  12. Lots of very good reasons. I'm trying to stick it out, but NQ are making it harder and harder. Auto-mining is just a chore, not fun at all, plus since demeter launch the rocks spawn fails on my mining cores around 43% of the time on average. The profit is already slim as it is, but with persistent bugs like this it's very demoralising. NQ also refuse to reimburse the lost ore, worth millions, even with daily screenshot logs of calibration failures showing the lost amounts. Possibly the straw to break the camel's back...
  13. Yesterday, out of 21 machines calibrated 9 failed to give rocks with an Invalid Destination error. That's 70k ore lost in one day. I've been tracking this for a few days now, and updating a ticket with the stats, and it's regularly at least 1/3 of machines have this error every day. On top of that, the Cone tool, which seems to be the most reliable way of zeroing in on the hotspot, is often bugged and the hotspot is actually on the opposite side of the hex. See screenshots for examples. So they got rid of manual mining, which I used to enjoy, to replace it with a frustrating mini-game that half the time just doesn't work. Am I just unlucky, or other ppl seeing the same bugs?
  14. Unhappy. Tax system / auto mining is a daily chore that is not fun. On top of that it's currently buggy af - every day half of my mining units fail to produce surface ore due to bugs. I've lost more than the weekly upkeep of a tile just in lost ore. Upcoming voxel changes. The Complexity Chunk tool is very inconsistent. If they go live with this in a future, and don't give us snap-to functionality in the vertex editor, then voxelmancy will nerfed. Upcoming brake changes. I altered a bunch of ships, and built some new ones, around the brake changes on PTS. In the AMA they said they've changed it yet again, and in a more negative way from my perspective (have to face up now, rather than forward, meaning no more hiding them under voxels except for the front). More ships made useless, or ugly. Upcoming wipe. Looks more and more likely from NQs comments, and consistent economy bugs that they have ignored. We were told no wipe after beta! More wasted time and effort. In summary, not much fun left in the game, and most areas of the gameplay now feel negative due to poorly implemented 'fixes' (/future fixes) aimed at reducing their operating costs, rather than changes based on improving gameplay.
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