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  1. Here is a swatch panel made up of Gray to Black (left to right) and Carbon Fiber, Iron, and Concrete (top to bottom)...torch on, voxel select tool selected. Anything Gray or lighter and all you see is white-out. Dark gray is hit and miss, black is fine. So for now, if you build with the torch on, build in black. Hopefully NQ will fix this. I hardly ever had this problem before 0.24, and I always build with the torch on.
  2. Yup, exactly. Have fun building...every other key press is now L.
  3. The new reflection from light sources is absolutely HORRIBLE. Most of the time when I'm building I use the torch, but now I can't see the green voxel tool outline because of the max gamma light reflections. It's ridiculous. Before the patch there were a few rare occasions where I would have to turn of the torch so see the grid/tool, but now it's pretty much any surface of gray or lighter honeycomb material (dark gray and black are fine). NQ...you just keep making it harder and harder to stick with this game , which is a shame because there is no other game with the sam
  4. For me, Texture changes = mostly a failure. The majority of changed textures look worse. The unpleasant patterning on metals like Iron and Aluminium, due to lighting, is worse than before, and the shininess on most metals is just too much. Under some lighting conditions they look like they are covered in a layer of water, or like wet paint. Galvanized Iron needs to be renamed to Shiny Iron, and the patterning on Galvanised Aluminium is so bad it might as well be Aluminium Pattern #2 πŸ˜• Matte Carbon Fiber was previously one of the best textures in the game before this update. W
  5. Hi NQ, any update? It's been two weeks now...
  6. I just logged in to the PTS and many of the holes / corrupted areas on our constructs in Live are also holes / corrupted on PTS, even though the PTS snapshot is from weeks (possibly months) ago. Strange that we see voxels reverting to old versions of constructs on Live the same week they launch an old snapshot of the game on the PTS...
  7. Well, it's a bug that stops me from playing, unfortunately... I have two statics that are corrupted both in and out of build mode, and one of them has voxel sections appearing in build mode that were deleted weeks ago. I have tickets that have not been answered yet. This is the worst voxel corruption I've seen - even throughout pre-alpha it was never this bad. Someone in the help channel said that the issue should have been fixed today, but I see no change, and no word from NQ. We really need NQ to tell us what's going on: 1) When will it be safe to build ag
  8. Shame they didn't also fix the game-breaking voxel issues πŸ˜•
  9. I've been seeing voxel errors happening a lot more in the past week, so I assumed that the maintenance was aimed at fixing them. Maybe it went the other direction. It doesn't seem to be consistent either, I have an S dynamic that is used for making voxels that is days out of date when you come out of build mode, an L static where just one area of voxels cannot be deleted, and another L static that I have been regularly working on that so far seems normal. Hopefully everyone is raising tickets to help NQ resolve it...
  10. I deployed a BP the other day and experienced the well known bug where it immediately blows up and teleports a number of SU away. It's probably a 2 minutes job to teleport it back...3 days after raising a ticket and I'm still waiting for a response. This is terrible for the 'game'. I guess NQ are really struggling. Does DU even have a future now?
  11. OK, fair enough, that makes sense. As long as the PvE areas are interesting enough for those that don't want to engage, I agree, the rest of the PvP world needs to have incentive to make the danger worthwhile. I'm not saying I won't ever engage in PvP, I just want it to be a choice not a necessity.
  12. Sanctuary moon is a shithole though. If I were stuck on that bland boring place for PvE I just wouldn't play. Why do you want to force ppl who want to play a different way into playing a lesser game? Sounds like you're a PvPer who wants to force PvE types to be victims by forcing them to play in a little corner that's so restricting and offers nothing so they cave and enter the PvP zone as fodder. Same old selfish PvP arguments.
  13. Clarification regarding Bug Exploits & Griefing - Rules & Announcements - Dual Universe (dualthegame.com) To quote NQs previous stance on exploits: "We realize this is not an exhaustive list, and we will expand upon it as time goes on. We also understand some members of our community feel that using a bug or exploit prior to acknowledgement by Novaquark is considered okay. We’d like to state that any intentional use of a bug or exploit will be treated harshly going forward. This is the one and only warning we will issue on this topic. Please just don’t DU it! "
  14. Wow, another display of complete ineptitude from NQ πŸ˜• How you can NOT roll back after such a huge market screw up is unbelievable. What about logs? You were able to refund quanta to people who had already bought schematics when the prices were dropped. Surely you have the logs to remove the schematics and / or profits of those who abused this obvious bug? If you're not going to do anything then at least have a fire sale of all schematics so everyone else can take advantage and catch up.
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