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  1. Does this release include mining automation units? Desperately waiting for the auto miners so I can rejoin the game.
  2. I heard about the schematics but I haven't used them yet. I've also got about 20 warp cells/units left, assuming I didn't lose them due to an update. I could head back to a market and buy the schematics. I updated my client today (5.8GB) when I saw the 0.25 patch but it doesn't bring any new content. Hopefully it delivers the performance outcomes you're looking for. I'll wait at least for the mission system before I come back. I check the news every month and can't wait for auto miners (I get not everyone wants these but its the main reason I left the game). I spent endless hours searching for rare ore even with the mining detection device telling me it was on my quadrant/sector - I forget all the lingo from the game. Auto miners will get me back and planetary PVP will keep me. There's not many other MMO space games that I can find coming that could battle it out with DU, maybe Starbase,
  3. I feel like you might be trying to make a point, but I can't quite put my finger on it ? All my stuff is floating in space far from any seriously populated planets and is only accessible by ship. You'd also need to know exactly where it is. All that other stuff you listed sounds like a lot of work (which is the main reason I bailed on the game/work simulator), although Rick Astley on loop would be cool.
  4. I stopped playing DU a few months after Beta, due to all the bugs and quite frankly it got boring. The game just felt like a mining simulator. I built a space station and a couple of ships, will they still be there when I rejoin? I'll come back when mining units are ready.
  5. I was in the same situation. I had massive industry orbiting Thades but little cash. I was playing largely in isolation, other than when I sold direct to orgs, but that's the play style Solo players choose. I was building a launch pad for planetary PVP on the edge of safe space. NQ just announced mining units and planetary PVP are coming next year which will probably bring me back, but having 90% of my industry now effecitvely bankrupt I'm not sure how long I'll last even when I come back next year. Definitely won't be buying more than a months sub to try it out.
  6. Hey guys, these coords go to Alioth from my current position, is that correct?
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