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  1. Sorry to see someone leave the game. DU is solo friendly but to get the max joining an org would be benefit to you. Maybe return in the future? Honvik Premier of the Empire Org
  2. L cores should the the mammoth cruiser class ships (XL cores capitol ships) but currently its L core ships so tiny they more or less M core with weapons or even smaller.
  3. This. Builders have quit the game who built amazing ships because we are driven to tiny cross sections to take part in PvP. Anyway. I enjoy DU PvP occasionally it is very expensive because there is no firm goal yet ( roll on roadmap for TW) but equally I get the lean towards the past. The advantage of needing voxels and losing them means ore is used and thus industry is needed. Anyway Shield levels are fine because Shields strip very fast as NQ increased weapon damages drastically from patch to patch. Still some good thoughts there N19 and welcome back to the game. Honvik Premier of the Empire Org
  4. You do realise the main issue is that it doesnt have a playerbase ? If we had more players the demand for ore would be far greater plus removing armour from ships literally killed the need for voxels too. If we bring back for example armour, element destruction (Or decay) ore will be needed without tweaking industry significantly.
  5. PvP and element destruction provides the loop for removal of broken elements so need for them to be made etc. I agree with the safe zone area tho you are stating as that is well established but these ones around other planets seem counter productive. I just dont know what they will do!
  6. But the original vision was Sanct only and around the arc ship. Just saying!
  7. Cool does that mean we can go back to the original vision remove all SZ except Sanct?
  8. Probably shouldnt be shooting at 2SU range. Always seemed bonkers shooting via a periscope and all their cool videos everyone is shooting up close!
  9. If you grabbed the game 6 months ago there was never an indication of such. I'm merely pointing out what other companies do that enables people to come back. Sadly this change sounds great to salvage but no people may sadly be less inclined to return. Less re-subs!
  10. I dont think when I started it was ever ever indicated a territory would be removed thats the issue
  11. Just wondered on this as I'm not overly for nor against it but in many games items are usually slapped into Escrow if you go inactive and can pull it out again. I'm talking here long term people who quite a while ago. So why are not they not doing it here? Wont the fact people may rejoin only to find everything 'gone' just put them off and therefore hitting your audience ? Seems a double whammy
  12. Easy one Missions so much harder to do unless you were the ones already loading your alts and flying it around = less Quanta. Orgs did a big run for everyone not just mass alts. Secondly ore prices were hyper inflated. Ore used to be for T1 18-25 per unit. T2 60 per unit and so on so in theory its stabalizing.
  13. I'm hopeful they can fix ours but others issues before we hit the 14 day mark!
  14. Experience. The PvP at the roids do occur more depending on time zone. Not sure what time zone you are but for me its been a mixed bag with probably 50/50 split of times I've been hit (still got a good haul) compared to not being hit. Also certain places seem easier not being hit i.e dont do it so much around Alioth close to certain alliances faction bases.
  15. I think we all hoped ore prices would reduce thus things get cheaper to make and then you can do more in the game. However mining units are rubbish and are not yielding the amount of ore needed to sustain. Like I say they are pushing you to roids and more to a broken pvp system. Add in missions were nerfed for org or group runs and not hitting the big alt runs it isn't helping. My suggestion is see if you can join a larger group perhaps?
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