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  1. Perhaps discovering an asteroid should have a timer and a timeout? Once the process has started you need to discover the said round within the hour? Currently people can track to final point, wait for someone to discover and pounce therefore circumventing your system for the broadcast timer. Just a tought!
  2. IS NQ goin to fix the constant crashes caused by the update? Going into market, Looking at inventory constant crash for me. CSS yes has brought a new dynamic but once again ill thought out. For PVP your looking at smaller voxel ships (Save Quanta) as bigger means little. So still no need for multi-gun ships. At least previously when totally outnumbered you had a 50% chance to escape even hitting the voxels. Are you looking to revise more the viability of radar. Ranges so weak for lower cores so forced to go L. Need wider range to even give basic info like X ship is nearby etc. Scaled up to more info when closer to lock range. Where are autominers economy needs that passive ore for building. Where are player shops? Org tax, More Org ranks (to reduce theft)
  3. You said based on player 'feedback' which players? Where what players? I can certainly say most of my Org never requested a slower warp!. Also you are literally helping people Warp Stop by slowing it down its easier not to overshoot your target thus easier to get attacked. mmmmm
  4. Just remember and I think people forget that newbies really struggle to make a lot of quanta fast. It is us vets that have it a bit easier as we are amassing assets. There has to be a happy middle point Honvik Premier of the Empire
  5. What org invests 500m into their L core? I presume your talking all exotic weapons 4 seater massive ship not the general single seater L cores people are flying? Also cost is subjective its only costing more due to ore prices. What I am suggesting is in a 'normal' space game the biggest ships are always vulnerable to smaller craft thats why they have a counter against it or forced to add flack weapon's to help combat it. I never said a bomber will be cheap. You mentioned M core's viable they are to a point (they still use L core shields or L shield) but if NQ goes down to limit shields to core size they suddenly are not viable. I dont envy NQ trying to balance all of this. It is just a shame PvP is so poor in DU it needs a complete overall. Lastly in the 'other game' PVP is a breath of fresh air, close action (so its not all via a periscope) and certainly more skilled. If only DU could move that way.... not 1SU out not 100's KM away etc but thats just my opinon.
  6. Core sizes seem pointless in PvP. Theres no mechanic for 'Fighters or bombers' that make an L carrier with lots of XS nor a 'flack weapon' to brush off those pesky XS cores. Everyone flies L cores for weapons and even saying it is 'endgame' is mute point as everyone has L cores for ages. They need to come up with viable smaller cores. O to have an XS core with 'Plasma Bomb' single gun swarm shop and that poor L needing 'flack weapons' to brush them off.
  7. Feedback. Asteroids - Fun little mini game but the discover/broadcast needs tweaking or alternative method so if you discover the roid it is locked to you and not broadcast. It should in turn be locked for anyone else to try to discover it until the time ends perhaps? Ore numbers are nice and it is nice to see not too many are in safezone. I do wish mining them were quicker ha Weapons - You buffed weapon damage but reduced capacity why? Is this to reduce lag/bugs? All our ships needed extensive reworks as a result and with only a few guys doing it, its taking ages. In addition as you reduced capacity it means the combos cannot be done like we used to. Also weapons look UGLY its like a cartoon comic book with bright blue colours. It feels i'm playing a game of Fortnite Voxels/Shields - The sad fact is people are flying ships with stacked elements with zero voxels to get those 'G's' in. They'll fight but flee when shields go down and of course if you have an armoured ship you cannot chase them. It has zero logic to have ships or anything with zero voxels that tie them all together in a building game no? You also need to remove the expliots reported in this area its ruining PvP Core Exploit PvP - Reported a number of times where something is logged off on the ship the core keeps at the previous speed and is indestructible. There are a few posts and I know bug reports mentioned on this bug plus videos. If your going to let PVP in DU then least remove exploits fast. Misses in PVP - Too many misses still. Involves relog when server 'gunks out'
  8. No wipe is planned. What you do now will be saved. Honvik
  9. Players are everywhere. I always get this from new people who join our org 'Empire'. As I tell them so many people are mining offworld, running around hunting asterioids or doing group mining operations its best to communicate via Discord to find where people are at. I avoid Alioth as much as possible as it lags (especially market 6). Sanctuary is defunct as originally Sanctuary was supposed to be the only SAFE zone out there. They may as well take that world out of the game. Honvik
  10. I think they can as they are tracking the same asteroid as you or perhaps more or less discovered it but were laying in wait. I noticed when doing some asteroids the tracking gets closer and closer to it and therefore narrows down to less than 1 SU away. That means someone could track to level 4 and 'wait' It's certainly a system that needs refining for sure.
  11. Slowly graphics have altered and improved. For example they did a pass at the terrain to make it more pretty and then noticing how much it loads up especially in space they reduced the load to help with FPS drops. I noticed every patch there are improvements in some areas.
  12. I noticed this too Sneaky. It makes Market 6 even worse and I even upgraded to 32GB ram.........
  13. There is also a exploit that was reported with shields and no voxels hence why they are done that way and why some people are making ships like that. Its been reported but no fix. I always found it odd that you do not need voxels to make a craft. Well another nail in the coffin :). Although I hear without those voxels ships can go super fast before a shield dies
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