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  1. Evening, I've been a alpha member for sometime just never pulled the trigger until Beta kicked in but from what was advertised to what we have gone is not quite what I expected. Now with another certain other space building MMO going live this week (one I'm trying) I felt perhaps some feedback maybe worth giving. Putting my Alpha/Beta hat on that I usually do for games. Organizations Originally said these would be the seeds to create alliances, civilization building etc but its been a long road to even get wallets. We recently had a potential 'lets limit
  2. Doubt they would really say. One can assume there is a large PvP group so the PvP'ers banding without the rest. No real change from it being AC tbh. Honvik
  3. Me? I have so dont know where your coming from with that one lol
  4. Nowhere near 90% chance to be hit in PVP space. I've been caught 2 times and guess what I had an armoured hauler and escaped (even fired back). Its made of steel not Carbon. Rest of the time not been hit at all...
  5. Did I read shady 'orgs'. Probably not the best word to use. Anyway good luck on your PvP
  6. Evening, So as by far the largest Org in-game (yes I know actual numbers playing are far less) i'm a bit concerned with assets all over the place as well as sub orgs for different wings of how we run the org. For example a lot of this was done to avoid 'theft' which of course many know we had but ironically as a result we split stuff up to make this more difficult to do!. So now we are looking at trying to find every core item to visit it to transfer it into one org and trying to find ever tile claimed. There is NO list of who owns what core, there is NO list of every tile owned
  7. Buffing engines yes but you need 'decay' thus more you use something and then repair it. Eventually it slowly loves HP permamently and thus need to go buy a new one. This would help the economy massively. Likewise remove 'safe zones' that are excessive and bring that element of 'risk' back into the game. In regards to doubling engines speed etc it would help with making more shapes/ships etc and reduce lag too. They need to buff adjusters too and brakes. ultimatley what we are asking for is buff components, reduce need for components, add decay and maybe just maybe you'll have
  8. exactly but at least there was an upkeep system unlike in DU
  9. Except they got removed due to decay if left too long out there?
  10. I'm looking forward to the day that PvP is worth doing and is important. Everywhere is so safe and warp is just so cheap to do. Does it mean my Org will get whacked? Yes it will as we are not part of any alliance. What it will do is we will adapt and force to form alliances and group up more. Its so solo mode now and the common goals get clouded. Honvik Premier of the Empire
  11. Star Wars Galaxies was amazing. Auto mining was ace but you needed to put it on ore concentrations to yeild more. Ore also had 'stats' so better qualities improved end product. DU could in theory do this. I.e higher element damaged, better decay rate etc. Bots should also be removed and go back to a player driven market since we will also have Missions too! Thanks Honvik Premier of the Empire.
  12. Cheaper Ore means cheaper ships and maybe in one way means more will take some risks. Bots should vanish with the mission system IMO since there are other ways to make Quanta then. Honvik Premier of the Empire
  13. I actually think its a good change. Currently its far too safe with warp here and passive mining units will help everyone even if they are in an org or not. Most just mine for Quanta more than using the ore for something. Maybe they may also reduce safe zones to shake it up a bit who knows! Honvik Premier of the Empire
  14. Mining Units = Good. Plus talents needed to use more shows maybe everyone can get 1 so thats handy. Steady stream of gold? Rest sounds ok. I think for obvious reasons a timed roadmap helps a lot. Honvik Premier of the Empire
  15. It was very bugged and people lost money due to the bugs in PTS. It was more a promise to pay XYZ than anything else. Needs a full re-think tbh. Honvik Premier of the Empire
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