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  1. But in the cases I outlined there is no refunding or lost items, no replenishment of damage etc for game some people are paying a monthly fee for. Even when logs, screens are provided. A number of times for example My ship bugged out and on re-logging I was -3000 underground. It took hours for a response and 2 days for it to be placed back on the ground. Another was post removal of fetch and the reply was get someone to help you. It isnt my fault the construct shot off into space and froze!. That said I know where you are coming from its just you cannot go down this path when the game is as bug ridden as it currently is. Should my colleague lost 8 million quanta in warp cells? Should he have to repair the ship he build costing a further several million in scrap? Some may say go mine to get that quanta back but it is the time it takes to generate money and not everyone has unlimited time to go do that form of money making.
  2. Of course I know this would be the case but closer to actual launch. In its current state there so much fustration even by your own discord theres more people complaining than are happy. Look at this video please my colleague tried to even go rescue his ship Replay 2021 01 14 - Failed Warp - YouTube this is why support is needed and why the old way worked perfectly. Dont upset your playerbase, Lets help them enjoy and bug report.
  3. Of course it would and It was responded to on Discord and in game but zero responses to either. Previously this was resolved within an hour or quicker with someone teleporting but also fixing it due to a game breaking bug. If you looked at the ticket it is not a cheap scenario to overcome. I just want the status quo back and surely you want happy players? Game breaking bugs should not make people unhappy or adversely affect them,
  4. Afternoon, This is more of a plea to return to the status Quo especially for support. Of course I do not know why powers were revoked but given the state of the game maybe it is time to improve it once again? The reason for it is as follows: Previously support could assist in teleporting you back to constructs and even fix your construct quite quickly especially if it was a game breaking bug. Yesterday for example I was helping with mining and suddenly whilst flying the core exploded but nothing else. Thankfully the ship glided down with only one engine blowing up on impact. Of course for me I was in the middle of nowhere! so to try to fix and replace the core was a nightmare. Previously a quick message to support would fix it linking to a ticket. Now it is wait days for someone to come fix it. Today a colleague of mine in my org ticket number #44617. was flying in Warp when the server died. Of course assuming that the new physics was in place so would continue with the journey it would of been fine, however in his case he logged in 2SU out from the planet he started at with all his warp cells gone. Thus slow boating was the only option. The poor guy started to do this risking PVP space but still in the 'safe zone' suddenly the whole ship blew up. He was ported to Ailoth and logged his ticket. With no response he managed to get back to see the damage only to find his construct on the actual planet!. Still he waited no reply, logged in game as well as mentioned it on discord. On the old system it would have been sorted instantly. On the new system still no response!. We need a return to how it was game breaking bugs affecting players puts them off playing. Most of us adapt to the issues but imagine losing loads and having to re-start? You only really need to look around and see people commenting on how poor support is these days to realise something is wrong. Finally I love DU the whole premise of the game is amazing and what keeps me here is being part of an Org trying to establish some form of cohesion to make it enjoyable for now and the future, what I dont want is to see unhappy players, people quitting over support issues or gamebreaking bugs. Many thanks Honvik
  5. HI, Now I know AGG was nerf'd or moved to how it is intended but did brakes too? I noticed since .23 and having the same skills it takes longer to brake and thus harder to calculate. I've had a few near 'misses' and certainly used to be more effective at braking. Cheers
  6. The alternative is allow PVP specifically to target your bases, ships etc so we can blow them up for you and thus it is hard wipe for you and your organisation problem solved. Yes I agree PVP or what we think is a world building game where players can forge alliances or go to war. Sadly those features not in.
  7. When are the changes coming in? Its almost been 2 weeks now. For example tickets dont get responded to I have had one in for ages #40129 but no reply.... perhaps it is awaiting roll backs to some changes?
  8. Oddly a few days on and some of those changes have not been rollbacked still.
  9. I still get a lot of lag but then as pointed out I have 16gb Ram. Its more busy areas and rebooting every few hours helps. That said I'm surprised the element damage has not been reversed they said they were going to but clearly it isnt anytime soon. Maybe the hope is people will forget?
  10. Because element damage in its current form is penalizing people due to game lag, bugs, clipping etc. The number of charges is far far too low. I needed to be 10/15 and still work as a form of 'decay' without costing the earth to those who get hit by those bugs. For example on day one my ship hit and blew something not loading up and ended -1000 underground!. One charge down..... In other games decay is overtime use and repairing slowly reduces overall hitpoints. They could have added a system like in Star Wars Galaxies which you can improve the hitpoints via skills etc.
  11. Hi, Let me add something to do this as I played a fantastic game called Star Wars Galaxies (Player Driven Sandbox) but of course this lacked the 'space' element with true PVP. Your rollback was needed and wanted. I agree that higher Tier crafting needed a way for a timesink and yes this was via money. However those who have millions/billions are still able to get up and running so it wont halt this element at all. What was needed was even a money wipe potentially if that was your goal? Either way it was a fundamental change and I guess it is your way to do that. In additional there is a lack of Quanta earning, you either mine or craft. Mining is boring (look at Starbase even looks cool) its a massive timesink and sure you may get lucky on those big 'ores'. Warp reduced the 'risk significantly' however Warp maybe be useful if exiting still in a PVP zone so still an element of risk? Regarding Elemental Damage it was CRAZY to have so few charges. I still think this should be increased. At least then they will still 'decay' and therefore need replacements but not to the extreme levels saw before the roll back (clip an adjuster for example). Charges like 10/15 would have saw less 'complaints'. Decay of course is important. That said how are you ever going to convince anyone to PVP based on 3/5 charges?. Let face it PVP is the timesink, the sandbox goal you want in a thriving civilization and once this is 'sorted' or even improved vast sums will be spent in this area thus reducing the need for changes elsewhere. Finally only one thought you now admit about the need for a public test server, the fact you gave a heads up to a few who were able to stockpile was shameful. This allowed them to do what they needed and benefitted. Please focus on the new player experience as this is where your $$ will come from. Cheers
  12. I'm thinking like most people that this is been put on offer because they know the core element of the game is now broke. Therefore give them something to 'toy with'. It does diminish that really it should be all on one shard and maybe in someway this will reduce who is on the 'live' server. I thought the point of DU is mine, build, design all in one server.
  13. Or increase the charges. I still think it should be 10/20. Still will die but not by gamebreaking issues. Plus PVP could continue unlike now.
  14. Yes I agree but also with Element Damage the charges should be more. This is down to server stablity more than anything else. But also they should really be looking at PVP and other PVE 3 charges is nothing it should be double this and smaller parts at least 10. Its too much punishment. Plus who is going to pvp with elements being destroyed and needing charges?
  15. With new element uses introduced (should be much more uses per part tbh). its now dead in the water
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