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  1. Could not like this post enough times! Sanctuary tiles should have an even amount of all ores so builders can retreat there and avoid the territory tax tedium that is demeter.
  2. The mining mini-game such bad gameplay. Apart from the fact that the mini-game is just tedious, it's also completely RNG so sometimes we get 4k rocks and sometimes 1k, and on top of that half the time is flat out doesn't work and gives no rocks. Please fix the bugs, and re-work the gameplay so it's not so demoralising. I'm really getting fed up of logging in to just be disappointed by the randomness of it all. Ideally, get rid of the mini game and the RNG completely - make calibrate a button you press to keep efficiency up and spawn surface rocks at 100% each time. It's frustrating enough to make a profit the way things are atm, never mind farm enough ore to actually build something. - The previous manual mining system worked on positive reinforcement: time put in = amount of ore gained, and finding the ore was a predictable and rewarding mini-game. - Current mining unit is an RNG mini-game, that is time gated, and only rewards small amounts of ore (if it actually works!), which is more along the lines of negative reinforcement. It just annoys me every time I do it because it's not optimal, and no amount of extra effort/time can change that. A real step backwards in core DU gameplay.
  3. I have the same problem. - Territory is owned by me - Territory has full perms for my org - Core is owned by org - Core also has full perms for my org (even tho it has them implicitly anyway) - I am also a Legate I just get Unauthorized Request when trying to start mining units with any user from my org. This is a shambles. NQ, didn't you test this?
  4. Yup, the first thing I thought about when taxes were suggested was current Retail WoW. I only played the expansion for a few weeks before the daily to-do list just got too tedious. The problem was that the to-do list was tied to progression. Classic TBC is much more fun as whilst there are lots of daily things you CAN do, you don't have to do them in order to progress. Auto-mining and taxes are directly linked to progression, as you need ore to do anything in-game and you need tiles to build on. So we are now forced into certain gameplay in order to keep our tiles and gather resources to actually play. Ppl should want to login to a game, not be forced to on fear of losing their stuff, or not progressing. It might work for mobile games, but not for a sandbox mmo. I guess we'll see how it pans out, but it seems like a short-sighted change to force ppl to keep playing (i.e. paying subs).
  5. I don't see what game is actually left after Demeter, except an auto-mining-tax-simulator. From what they have been saying in the dev blogs "you should be able to make a profit from auto-mining", it certainly doesn't sound like there will be enough ore to actually build anything one you'e paid your taxes. How are you supposed to gather the 1m ore needed for even a small base worth of voxels? Login every two days and play the auto-mine mini-game...for a few years...until you have enough ore to actually build something?
  6. Except you may not be able to use reactors, once the complexity limit actually stops you adding more.
  7. If there isn't a snap option where we can set the resolution (1/2, 4, 8,16, etc.) then this will be a major headache for building tetras and similar shapes, and ultimately a nerf from the current reactor system.
  8. Yes, I second this, the sun looks terrible without any effects. but most of the effects are too strong in general. It also varies from one effect to another. An strength slider would be nice, then we can set it to preference.
  9. I'm seeing a very high frequency of game crashes after the update, mostly in build mode, and repeatable. Is this acknowledged by NQ, and can we get an estimate on a fix please?
  10. This ^ As much as I don't like schematics at all, if we have to have them then at least make it easy to use. At the moment it's just needless and annoying inventory management.
  11. Totally. The slouched, off-centered pilot view is infuriating. Most of my ships have 1st person cockpit designs, and I spend a lot of time adjusting the position of the glass / screens / chair to get the best, unobstructed view. Now the view in all my ships is skewed 😕 This is one reason why I think DU will ultimately fail as a game, not because of this one issue, but because this just demonstrates how out of touch NQ are with their target audience. Building with voxels takes a lot of effort, and I would guess that most people that spend large amounts of time building ships have some perfectionist / OCD leanings. For NQ to only provide one Command Chair, and then off-set its 1st person view for the sake of copying a famous seating position from a popular franchise shows that they don't understand the players, in my view. I've raise a number of bug reports about this, but nothing has changed. They could easily just make Command Chair #2 with the original, symmetrical, centered, seating position. Instead we get a completely useless Chair Surface 😕 The attached image was sent in with my last bug report. There is no way to get this screen centered on the target (unless ofc you use a hover seat, which doesn't have the same functionality as the Command Chair).
  12. The external view for the new Chair Surface is pretty unusable. See The new Chair Surface...great idea, terrible implementation. - General Discussions - Dual Universe (dualthegame.com) for a full explanation.
  13. Back in Alpha the external view for all chair units was focused directly on the players character, something like this: This was great. You would spend weeks building a ship and then fly for a few hours to another planet (before warp), but it was OK, because with the camera pointed directly at your character you could zoom in/out/through the ship and view it from any angle. This was perfect for taking screenshots of your ships in flight, you could get close ups directly in front of the cockpit, or behind the engine stacks, etc. I would post some Alpha examples, but that's not allowed 😕 With the introduction of PvP NQ decided to change this external view and give the current 'periscope' view instead: Now, the camera is directly above the construct, and as you zoom in the construct disappears from your view. There is no way to zoom in directly on your character/chair. (Unless I'm missing some hidden keybind??) I had assumed that with the new Chair Surface NQ would have implemented a view similar to the old Alpha chair views, where the zoom is focused on the character. Unfortunately, the external view is just a copy/paste of the periscope view 🤦‍♂️ If you put a Chair Surface on an L Static, you get a camera way up in the air above the center of the construct, with no relation to the position of the Chair Surface, and no way to zoom in on your character. This is such a bad implementation 😕 The original Alpha external camera zoom view would be so much better, and would allow you to place Chair Surfaces in different locations, so ppl could zoom in on different sections of the construct to admire the building work. 1) Please NQ, add an option to change the zoom view on Chair Surfaces to the old Alpha style zoom, so we can actually use them to view constructs, rather than some nebulous empty space in the air above them. and, more importantly... 2) PLEASE also add an option to change to the Alpha zoom view to all other chairs, (Command Chair, Hovercraft Seat, etc.). Not everyone PvPs and needs the 'periscope' view. As a ship builder I really want to be able to view my actual ship while flying it, and zoom in/through to my character. This would increase the enjoyment of ship building/flying no end. It would probably take someone a couple of hours to implement, heck, you probably still have the old code in there somewhere
  14. Here is a swatch panel made up of Gray to Black (left to right) and Carbon Fiber, Iron, and Concrete (top to bottom)...torch on, voxel select tool selected. Anything Gray or lighter and all you see is white-out. Dark gray is hit and miss, black is fine. So for now, if you build with the torch on, build in black. Hopefully NQ will fix this. I hardly ever had this problem before 0.24, and I always build with the torch on.
  15. Yup, exactly. Have fun building...every other key press is now L.
  16. The new reflection from light sources is absolutely HORRIBLE. Most of the time when I'm building I use the torch, but now I can't see the green voxel tool outline because of the max gamma light reflections. It's ridiculous. Before the patch there were a few rare occasions where I would have to turn of the torch so see the grid/tool, but now it's pretty much any surface of gray or lighter honeycomb material (dark gray and black are fine). NQ...you just keep making it harder and harder to stick with this game , which is a shame because there is no other game with the same creative aspect 😕 Please, do something to tone this down.
  17. For me, Texture changes = mostly a failure. The majority of changed textures look worse. The unpleasant patterning on metals like Iron and Aluminium, due to lighting, is worse than before, and the shininess on most metals is just too much. Under some lighting conditions they look like they are covered in a layer of water, or like wet paint. Galvanized Iron needs to be renamed to Shiny Iron, and the patterning on Galvanised Aluminium is so bad it might as well be Aluminium Pattern #2 😕 Matte Carbon Fiber was previously one of the best textures in the game before this update. Why couldn't they just add another Carbon Fiber option, rather than replacing the texture we had which worked great for things like ship interiors. The new texture is OK I guess, but now it's more patterned than matte and it doesn't work in the same places that the old one did. There is no subtlety-patterned alternative, so I guess it's plastic (too flat) or concrete (unrealistic) for light ship interior materials. The one texture that does look slightly better is matte concrete, which doesn't seem to pattern up as much as it did before, and the shades seem to have been improved. Lighting. Supposedly the game is now brighter and prettier. It looks like all they did was crank up the gamma on light sources, so now instead of subtle light splashes on voxels we now have a completely blinding, over saturated mess. It doesn't look good. The general, un-lit lighting has not changed. You still can't see much at night when working with dark textures, and the Gamma setting in the graphics options still does absolutely nothing. Also, I can't believe they said the game should look less grey, when many of the textures just look more grey. I really don't understand updates like this. Maybe my eyes are defective or something ^^ But hey, trees look great, apparently 😕
  18. Hi NQ, any update? It's been two weeks now...
  19. I just logged in to the PTS and many of the holes / corrupted areas on our constructs in Live are also holes / corrupted on PTS, even though the PTS snapshot is from weeks (possibly months) ago. Strange that we see voxels reverting to old versions of constructs on Live the same week they launch an old snapshot of the game on the PTS...
  20. Well, it's a bug that stops me from playing, unfortunately... I have two statics that are corrupted both in and out of build mode, and one of them has voxel sections appearing in build mode that were deleted weeks ago. I have tickets that have not been answered yet. This is the worst voxel corruption I've seen - even throughout pre-alpha it was never this bad. Someone in the help channel said that the issue should have been fixed today, but I see no change, and no word from NQ. We really need NQ to tell us what's going on: 1) When will it be safe to build again without risking corruption? 2) What about corrupted constructs? Will they be fixed? Or do we have to try and fix them ourselves by adding/deleting voxels? I'd also like to know, but doubt they will tell us... 3) How did this happen? Why are voxel elements that were deleted weeks ago re-appearing? Come on NQ, pls be open about this, it's a game-breaking issue for some of us.
  21. Shame they didn't also fix the game-breaking voxel issues 😕
  22. I've been seeing voxel errors happening a lot more in the past week, so I assumed that the maintenance was aimed at fixing them. Maybe it went the other direction. It doesn't seem to be consistent either, I have an S dynamic that is used for making voxels that is days out of date when you come out of build mode, an L static where just one area of voxels cannot be deleted, and another L static that I have been regularly working on that so far seems normal. Hopefully everyone is raising tickets to help NQ resolve it...
  23. I deployed a BP the other day and experienced the well known bug where it immediately blows up and teleports a number of SU away. It's probably a 2 minutes job to teleport it back...3 days after raising a ticket and I'm still waiting for a response. This is terrible for the 'game'. I guess NQ are really struggling. Does DU even have a future now?
  24. OK, fair enough, that makes sense. As long as the PvE areas are interesting enough for those that don't want to engage, I agree, the rest of the PvP world needs to have incentive to make the danger worthwhile. I'm not saying I won't ever engage in PvP, I just want it to be a choice not a necessity.
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