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I am new and wanted to give hugs cookies and say hello to everyone ^,...,^

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Welcome to the forums! Awesome to see you're a gold founder, thanks for supporting the game!


If you have any interest for discussion, go ahead and search the forums, it's pretty compact right now. If you want to post a topic, be sure to do a search to see if anyone else has posted something similar before.


Also, if you want to look into something specific, check out the wiki; the link below will take you to a random wiki page.


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A pic of Kanna in the very first post you make?
Way to lure out the Otakus in the community. I know for a fact that there's quite the amount of them hiding here.

As the others, I welcome you to the community, hope you have a nice stay and find some people to play and talk with.

But please tell me more about "Dolphin Waxing".

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