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  1. As Shynras says RDMS are just tags that give you "ability" to interact with the items scripted with that tag. But at the moment I think we can't know how far can we go with that system until, at least, alpha release. And if you are talking about having like a share of those organizations...I think it won't be doable without give you too much power over it, so it will remain in verbal contracts. Although I guess that there are plenty of choices in that case.
  2. wow, thanks for the last aclaration. I began to think that everyone were getting mad welcoming a imaginary member. Welcome and enjoy the forums!
  3. I read that decisions are taken by a comity of legates, but this system may lead you to diplomatic problems or, even worse, bad economic decisions when the wrong person acces to the legate power... I mean, everyone who want to rule/take decisions is not capable of done it. And even if you expelled them at this moment, the damage is already done. I think you need at least that the randomized choice may be corrected by other legates or the previous one. or how are you going to work against that?
  4. Welcome to the forums! If you want a bigger picture about the ORGs remember you can see them in this forum and into the community web
  5. As stated, they intend to make the players move when they harvested the resources and go into far away expedition becomes economically inviable. Also, once moved far from spawn we will discover new spawn locations (new arkships).
  6. ATMLVE I just love your comment about middle ages, and it is just that. I don't see benefit on owning a planet by little groups when they are not even be capable to defend it (by its size mainly). Because if you say the benefit is to have right over the terrain exploitation it have no sense when the group interested in said exploitation can just remove you from the planet. I hope it will works like @Hades said.
  7. Of course to a specific info about EVE we have CaptainTwerkmotor, and he has already manifested himself but in case of that my experience in other games could be relevant,I played some games in big and/or top factions/alliances/whatever and when they reached their end there were a common point in almost everyone of them: the active guys leading the group lost their interest or their availability to play the game in full time and that evolved into a inability to maintain the group working together. With that i want to say that large groups needs active people to manage them properly and ev
  8. The idea sounds cool. I know I'm late but, welcome to the community and good luck!
  9. +1 to the awesome logo. And the avatar is nice too, you have skilled hands (at least compared to mine). Good luck!
  10. Have you considered where the attack hits? I dont know if it is in chapter 2 or I missed the point. My suggestion here are to have 3 differenciated zones with some extras when hit: - Head: extra damage - Chest: the victim loss some stamina - Legs: probability of fall to the ground or interrupt an action
  11. @kuritho Well, at the moment I dont think they implement that kind of particularities to the storages, I think you just have like stable units of your item i.e. a stable unit of gas into a container. That kind of things are really interesting but we can not make too much plans about it until release. Also your modular scheme really likes me (seems like we can really be more efficient in land use and help in case of hacking others storage was a reality), but again if ships are not able to do vertical landing could be a problem. About your comment of the safety I have to say you could have a m
  12. to be realistic I play with 2 thing about how to work if the money is stolen. - Obviously first, dont let them to stole the money. I am going to work with the confidence of the customers, and I will win their trust so, working on that, I will prove that the warehouse is safe enough and I will deal with any problem with profesionality. - In other matter I really dont think ppl will let me their money. We are not a bank, nor a loan or insurance company. We are just renting storage units. what you put into is your business; not mine. As you have read we have different defense levels, so if your
  13. Good news everyone ! The Unnamed Warehouse has opened his services offered ! Im going to show the sketch of our warehouse and the services we intend to provide to our customers. To the people who dont know who are we, and dont want to go to the original thread (First post) I will explain short : we are a safe depot, with some more services, where we grant your anonymity and we ask nothing about you, your reputation or what are you going to deposit. Our ORG also pretends to offer all the static services (like storage units and workshops) to all those nomadic ORGs and little crews. Everything i
  14. This ORG is not hiring, is looking for some more partners. If you are interested to take part in it just PM me. Some aclarations : - We are only a few partners taking care of this ORG, every service we offer who involved human beings will be subcontracted. That also means we all have the same level of power to make decisions - Due to the neutral aspect of this ORG you must dont be part of any other ORG - In the same way as the last, you need to have always in mind your actions never can hurt the neutrality of this ORG - Available sections : o The chess bishop (Finance a
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