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  1. You got my investments. Edit: You better have the DitF 02's giant ship thing.
  2. Don't say you're a musical expert unless you've listened to Ram Ranch :angry_nose_exhale:

  3. Kuritho

    Can we stream it?

    If you're a new player, you'd know this would be cherry picked (and it is). This type of game with an alpha NDA creates a very bad kind of hype. It shrouds it in negative energy and makes people wonder what is going on in development. The dev logs (something made from the devs) look awesome and so does the Alpha features showcase. From an outside perspective, it makes you wonder what the hell is going on and why is there an NDA when the game already looks great and seemingly functions. We (the "in-the-know" community) know why there is an NDA, and we know it's beginning to hurt the game. I love Dual Universe, but this just seems like a really strange move. Still love you, JC ❤️
  4. You probably shouldn't link stuff that associates you with mislabeling.
  5. I'mma still blow it up. The only thing that can deter me are a lot of turrets, waifus, or no loot.
  6. I wanna blow it up. I can to blow it up. I would blow it up. I should blow it up. I could blow it up. I may blow it up. I have to blow it up. I will want to blow it up. I need to blow it up. I desire to blow it up. I believe I can blow it up. I truely want to blow it up. I will blow it up. -A Poem by Kuritho
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  8. Kuritho

    Can we stream it?

    My hope in DU is fading each day. Not streaming it is killing it rather quickly, as seen by forum activity differences and quality. I want to feel happy for the game, but the only reason they have the NDA is to make sure the game's current quality isn't shown.
  9. Kuritho

    What would the 7 Greatest Wonders of DU be?

    I'd give the video a solid 1/10.
  10. Kuritho

    What would the 7 Greatest Wonders of DU be?

    Please don't make fun of Marvin.
  11. Kuritho

    What would the 7 Greatest Wonders of DU be?

    The numbers, Mason! What do they mean?
  12. Kuritho

    What would the 7 Greatest Wonders of DU be?

    Wherever there is a Wonder, there is at least a dozen people who want to crave their need to blow it up. They'd need to be protected heavily.
  13. Can we get an F in chat for H***** Haven?

  14. What if you wanted to die in DU, but...

    Actually, quantum mechanics forbid this.

  15. Kuritho


    Hewwo! Wewcome to Duaw Unyivewse, that'ww sewve aww youw cutie patootie nyeeds! If you evew nyeed hewp, just contact a modewatow ow a fowum membew! UwU
  16. Kuritho

    Just checking to be clear.

    You'd post this in off-topic. While it technically is about DU, it's more about dates.
  17. Is that a Poland Ball reference? Also, please live up to your name and make Terran Onion have another coup.
  18. Kuritho

    Sector Protectorate

    So SP is basically a defensive alliance pact?
  19. Kuritho

    Sector Protectorate

    I have a dumb question: how does somebody being a protectorate translate into DU?
  20. Kuritho

    hi to all peojle

    Here's a funny cat video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ