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  1. discordauth:Jhpi6OcSZAZ1Wg1Ztke5zWNxwJw0fYZeVu8AAGrW5pw=

  2. Cool but yea too much Illuminati lol
  3. You are doing a good job, keep up the great work!
  4. so what is actually going on here? I am a bit confused lol
  5. Welcome, hope you have a great time here
  6. I think I agree with the fact that NQ should work on making blueprints as safe as possible and in case where people actually do manage to copy the design, by breaking it apart voxel by voxel(which I doubt unless there will be tools to cut things voxel by voxel) then it should be left to players to deal with how to deal with such things
  7. Welcome to the forums , interesting idea for the org, will love to see it grow!
  8. It is an interesting topic that is for sure, and I am sure "free press" would certainly be a thing when it comes to DU, I am quite neutral towards the topic right now, it has its advantages and disadvantages, but if an organisation which is entirely focused on media/journalism part in DU can be good for PR in cases, like advertising products and organisations. But as you mentioned, trust is a big part of this game and the personnel who will be getting in will need to be very carefully monitored. But its an interesting topic none the less and can become something more if worked on properly.
  9. Oh man the possibilities, can't wait for the game to come out and having lots and lots of fun Btw, welcome to the forums nice to have you here with us.
  10. Welcome to the forums Happy to have you here
  11. I mean it doesn't really matter, its just a title with no real effect other than it being a cosmetic title and I don't think this can be used to discriminate other people, but code's idea is also good to use Senior or Veteran instead if the title of Novark Citizen is really a problem to a lot of people which I don't think it will be, still if you wanna go with pattern then yes Veteran or Senior member can be used.
  12. I would like to know if RDMS will allow us the concept of Holding Organisations and Subsidiary Organisations. Case 1: When a single person owns both the holding organisation and subsidiary organisation. Case 2: When the owner of both the holding organisation and subsidiary organisation are different.
  13. I agree, its not the amount of territory control units you have placed but how you excercise the control on a planet or a certain amount of land mass, you can as Void said for all accounts have TU's all over the planet but not being able to control the area, then those TU's are no use at all, obviously the application of TU's also pertains to permission rights as well so its not like they are not necessary but controlling a whole planet is not needed according to me, unless ofcourse setting up shields to make them semi-safe zones require one to place a territory unit before hand.
  14. Well there we have the solution! But yea, its a paid theme and probably both the sites just edited the content which was on the theme so its not a big matter.
  15. Glad to see the game get more support and more people who believe in the vision, High-Five! to all the backers
  16. Welcome to the community Glad to have you here with us
  17. First of all congratz on getting the Sapphire and yes you will get all the rewards which are mentioned in your Pledge Level
  18. I don't think its possible right now but hopefully in future
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