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  1. We have received multiple applications and the spot for Head of Exploration has been reserved until we have interviewed all applicants. The OP has been updated accordingly. Additionally, thanks to everyone who has sent in their supportive messages on the forums and Discord. We were pleasantly surprised to see this kind of encouragement from members of every corner of the DU community. ??
  2. We have a new position available for recruitment. The OP has been updated accordingly. Objective Dynamics: Head of Exploration Description Objective Driveyards is very interested in the field of exploration in different aspects. The Head of Exploration organizes the exploration missions by overseeing ship construction, selecting crew members, planning destinations, stops and routes, setting goals and managing resources. During longer exploration missions, ones to the outer planets of the system or completely new systems for example, the Head of Exploration is also tasked with e
  3. Objective Driveyards [ODY] has a particular management structure that forsees to regularly replace members in management and leadership roles to keep up a quality standard, lessen stress on individuals selected for these roles and ensure the corresponding activites to be handled sufficiently and regularly developed further. In an evolving world and community like Dual Universe, you need to stay dynamic and adapt to situations at hand. Due to the restrictions with real life and the natural process of varying interest and motivation in a single game for most players, the vast majority of leade
  4. Only after reading this I realized it said Australia and not Austria. Welcome from my side as well ?
  5. There will be a subscription fee for every supporter. The only exception to this rule are the people who backed the game with a Ruby pledge or higher very early on (kickstarter phase and a later pledges) and received a lifetime subscription for the price of 480€ (Which equals around 40 months or 3.3 years in subscription prices) However, for the price of 180€, you will be getting instant pre-alpha access and access beyond, so about 2 more years of free gameplay time until subscriptions are actually implemented. And even then, the Patron Pack will give you 12 DACs, which equal one year of ga
  6. Welcome. Sounds you lived through the ususal EVE drama and escape with the usual EVE trauma? I wish you best of luck in DU. May your future environment be a relaxed one.
  7. Hello High Arbiter Maxim and welcome to the forums. I'd like to give you two answers for your questions, the first being the short one: Yes you can. The second one being the long version. I'd like to tell you how I as legate of a ship building corporation see the game, how the current situation in the community is and what is planned for the game in that aspect. I think that will answer all the concerns that lie beyond your questions. I'm director of the currently second largest third largest by now industrial corporation in the community, focusing in sh
  8. I'm fascinated and quite relieved to see many particular things on the feature list. Shows that NQ can filter pretty well through all the suggestions and just how many they actually consider.
  9. @SirJohn85 I REALLY wish I could like that more than once. You know how to satisfy a weeb.
  10. As featured on JC's twitter, the ODS Tidepoint made a historical entry today as Objective Driveyard's first completely coordinated project, shown under construction by a large part of our over 35 alpha members. An amazing experience for all participants with lots of laughter and lots of fun.
  11. I know modular elements won't be ingame. It's almost... as if I just wrote that up as an idea for a future update For example as in a future expansion. Many years after launch... when the expansions are planned to happen I have to agree as well though, JC wants DU to be an immersive experience, he said that playable races, being alien or not, would be a step back from his vision for what DU is supposed to be. Then again, if there were enough interest in the future, they may add an alien content update similar to what Elite does. Ancient alien civs have been talked about in the early d
  12. All very nice points. I took the liberty to add your posts to the OP and link to your posts. I also expanded the list with another idea I had.
  13. Novaquark and JC have talked about expansions for DU coming after release in regular intervalls. One of these expansion is for example the one with which we'll get stargates and each of then has a theme or topic to it. While each of these ideas could probably fill a topic on their own, I'd like to collect a few brief descriptions of possible updates. Farming & Breeding Something that JC has reacted quite positively to when the topic was brought up during the GDC meetup. He said that if there's interest in the field, they'd seriously conside
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