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  1. I'm personally not quite sure at this point, although hopefully soon. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hello all, a new interview is up earlier than expected on Outpost Zebra! This time it is the friendly @Kurock having a nice chat with the leaders of The Federation Alpha: President Ginger and Prime Minister Chrissi. Have a read, and leave a comment if you feel so inclined! Interview can be found here.
  3. Welcome to the forums, glad to have you here! What programming languages are your favorite?
  4. Yes, previous backers get some of the new rewards based on backer level. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/07/supporter-rewards-for-founder-backers/
  5. @Elkay I have two pieces of advice for you, and I don't mean this in a sarcastic manner but in a truly helpful manner to leave you better off. The first is that on the internet, anyone can be anyone. And if you are mean, rude, sarcastic, etc. (I'm not saying you intended to be any or all of those things, but think about how others may interpret your words), people will be heavily inclined to oppose you, regardless of your stance, because that's all they know you for right then and there. You don't need to be all kind and sweet, but everything goes a lot better for both parties if you are at least passive about it. Second, pro tip for anyone, not just you: 7:00 can be morning or night. It's America, it's 7:00, is it time to wake up for work, or is the late game in the 4th quarter? AM or PM matters here of course. But if a time is listed as 07:00, that 0 at the start usually means it's on a 24 hour clock- usually said out loud as "oh seven hundred". The 0 is a placeholder because it could be a 1 or a 2. You don't need AM or PM, because 7:00PM is actually 19:00.
  6. Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you here. How did you hear about Dual Universe, and what part are you most exicted about?
  7. Welcome to the forums and the community! What interests you about Dual Universe the most? If you have any questions, be sure to search around to see if it has been asked before before making a new topic. Hope to see you around!
  8. Heat isn't really something that been discussed in too much depth yet. It's a niche feature that isn't needed for server tech or the core gameplay loop, which is their current focus. If you watch some of the videos they've produced, like the atmospheric ship one around the end, you'll see that air drag is already a factor, which though it doesn't do damage right now can really affect how you fly.
  9. They've never shared them before though, except the little orange guy. But there are five tiers, and I only see three potential ones in the picture.
  10. The site looks awesome and it's well designed. My only suggestion would be to keep the words of the tabs on the right side out all the time, my first thought on them was an altitude indicator. This line in the warfare section has me intrigued... Have we heard anything about dome tech before? Is it just referring to safe zones, or a new mechanic altogether?
  11. He knows about this though, he says in his second paragraph that he is looking for something different from this radio station. As for that specifically, a news station with live news broadcasts and information... Yeah, that'd be awesome! I'm sure people will pick it up in due time, when it becomes applicable. There are a lot of people with ideas to document and observe DU society as it progresses. The issue is that right now, the actual game is under NDA so no one can talk about it. Right now you CAN talk about what different organizations are doing and how they're progressing, and people are doing that currently. When the time comes to do that for the actual game, there will be many active journalists.
  12. Well there has already been a lot of discussion about whether allowing videos to be played on screen is a good idea. That is still up for debate. It has already been shown that static images can be displayed on screens, so propaganda and advertisements will definitely be a thing, and people will pay others to advertise for them. As for journalists, there are already awesome people that are documenting DU history; some of them call themselves the Dual Universe Historical Society. As for cameras, broadcasting people live onto screens, well that is probably more likely to happen than uploaded videos. I could see cameras being added one day, and giving screens the ability to display the camera view on them. Nothing is confirmed at this point of course, but its a neat idea!
  13. I would be happy to accept any credits or materials you are looking to deposit. Don't worry, I p͘r̶o͘m̢i͢s͘e all transactions are safe with me!
  14. Sparing the philosophy that's already been said, it just wouldn't be fun, and this is a game that's supposed to be fun. Let's say there does happen to be a group that are total jerks to everyone, by anyone's standards; they even proclaim it themselves, but it is just a game after all. They still like themselves, they're having fun, and if they are strong enough to get to a point where they can conquer poor innocents, why does the other side deserve a handicap? That's not fun for the jerk bandits, because they worked for their position, they achieved it, and it wouldn't be fun to just take that away. In lots of games, yes, I see your point supermasternico, you'd want to prevent people like that. I definitely agree that in many cases, having jerks roam free is bad. But DU is a sandbox, simulating real world interactions, except at it's core its a game, and no one really gets hurt in the end, so all's fair and all's fun. If someone needs aid, then they better find a way to get it legit. There will always be people that think the "good guys" should receive an advantage, but in the end I feel the general majority wouldn't like things that way. You gotta play legit, just like the jerks did, to destroy them... Or you can join them.
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