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  1. discordauth:jx16tMdiNuXPIjVbZUSOnaqJ_Nl8Pn6mG_4aBN9O_bs=

  2. Heres what you do. 1. Get frontline Fuel of War 2. Play a single player skirmish on a map with aircraft. 3. Steal aircraft 4. Crash 5. Play for hours repeating steps 3 and 4 until 4 doesnt happen again. And this is how I learned to fly on keyboard and mouse.
  3. Dammit, why? I for one welcome my robot overlords.
  4. Hmm, I feel I've posted this before. For the sake of keeping it 'short' I'll only list PC games I've played a lot of, lets say 50hrs +. EVE, by far the most, I'm sure I've logged a year online time when I played. Minecraft, some vanilla but mostly FTB Runescape Nexus The Jupiter Incident (first space game I played and I was hooked) Gunz WOW (maybe 51 hrs tops, it went through some dark times dont judge) Sup Com FA Starcraft DOTA LOL Overwatch COD: Modern Warfare Warframe Terreria 7 Days Empyrion (really early access) Space Engineers Starmade Cracktorio... I mean Factorio Rise of Nations Avorion KSP X3 Osiris Ark Homeworld Garrys Mod Doom Creeper World 3 Planetside Frontlines Fuel of War Dig or Die Dungeon Defenders Global Agenda Sins of a solar Empire C&C Boarderlands Portal 1&2 Robocraft FortressCraft Beseige Rift Banished Im sure I missed a few but I'll stop there to keep it short. And there are many more I've played for shoet peroids.
  5. Hey, I wouldnt sat I dont like you at all, I only despise 98% of you. Glad to see while I've been gone you've still been here as dedicated as always. Great work. Now if only people use discord for actual voice coms. I get lonely talking to myself.
  6. Im guessing divorce lawyers are being called.
  7. Well I was considering finally joining a group after seeing this. If we get groupies with daddy issues, where do I sign up.
  8. I support this. I have asked about the ability to buy DAC a few times, but never got a yes or no. I would like to have some more DACs for in game, and for me to support at a higher tier would cost a lot. Ive considered pledging under a new name, but thats giving me another game access I dont need. No, I am not sure if NQ will go for buyi g alpha for another, certainly not stage 1. While you may intend to give it to someone who cares, others wont always do the same. But I would think beta wouldnt be a problem.
  9. In response to those with scinerios where you log back in at the ark, this is a bad idea. Unless it acts as if you died and cleared your inventory in the same manner as death, this would be abused. Say Im off in another system and need to trade at the ark. I just have somone delete the construct Im on after I log and appear there. Cuts my travel time in half. And having people kicked from a construct when ownership changes, logged off or not, is immersion breaking. Remove their access, sure. but whatever happens to your physical body shouldnt care how permissions change.
  10. This is inaccurate. Most of us would dive i head first.
  11. My thoughts on this, a partial response to vorengard, is we need variety, not complexity. It doesnt have to go into detail of each fuel having 20 stats to monitor. But, have more than 2 types which 1 is a clear winner, like the eve example. I did like how you relate it to factorio and some of its systems, and mods bring this out even more. Also Minecraft FTB mods. Look at the varity of fuel types available. some more complex than others and most times there wasnt a clear best for all players. there should be some fuels that are cheap and easy to make but poor performance, Tier 1 This could be in terms of energy density or burn rates for isp, depending how DU will design it. these could include renewable forms like a fuel made from biomass and easy to find like unrefines coal or oil equavilents. Then there should be step ups,T2 , an obvious way to go once established. pretty much any alliance will wanna produce these asap. And could be a specilazation for someone to resel. Refined oil and biofuel is an example. More setup required to make but higher emergy density, better burn rates, etc. Then theres the high end high setup line. Weather it be some exotic fuel specific to DU or compact fusion reactors for electric engines like an EM drive. Note there could be several fuel types of each tier with different processes to produce. This gives a tier for noobs to use when starting out so they arent forced to rely on existing players to get started. Then a good balance fuel for established players and corps to go for once established. The a top tier that requires high investment to get that little bit extra out of. Something the larger corps and alliances may wanna invest into. I look at it similar to eve as the top tier meta, T2, and faction/officer mods. Now I didnt mention solar as it is a power source not a fuel. But if we have electric engines these could be used to. And solar could stretch to every tier, just better quality solar panels as you have better tech. Also for pure power, wind and hydro are obvious choices. Fission reactors for nuclear I would put in a T2 level. Not to complex but requires infrastructure for maintaining a safe reaction. From this, thermo electric RTG devices could be produced. And for a T3 power, fusion reactors are complex to get a net power output but safe and can be compacted in size more. And if we want to go further, quantium taps, or ZPM as many may know them from stargate, could produce enormous amounts of power but also extremly dangerous as current theories require 2 micro singularities to extract power from them. One slipup and you destroy yourself.
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