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  1. If you try and criticize me please dont quote me out of context. As I specifically said regardless of faucets and sinks in the instance you are quoting from. As a player, I dont need the isk I make to directly come from a faucet, I can still earn isk from doing things for other player that have it. This was a direct response to someone stating that if ore buyers are the only faucets the mining would be the only way to make isk. As for you method of making isk in Eve, I knew a guy who single handed did what you are talking about rose the price of plex from about 250 to 350 mil just to pay for a new station. Ofcouse typically he made his isk by spending thousands a month on the GTC to replace motherships he stupidly lost.
  2. Trust me I know what they are and how sand box economies work. I spent years in eve and my first year on this forum trying to get a better idea of their planned economy and the abuse of temoprary facuets and sinks. Unfortunatly they devs havent gone i to it further.
  3. Also I recomend you get authorized on the discord. That way you can get quick help from other players.
  4. Well regardless of faucets a player could earn money in other ways, like designing a ship and selling it. The faucets are the ways the economy as a whole would earn isk.
  5. Yeah. NDA doesnt let us say much. But as stated look at videos NQ has posted. It is still Alpha but you get whats expected from them. If you like the kinda game they say they are making its worth backing.
  6. So it seems you have your account linked and game downloaded. The next step id suggest is get discord and get confirmed there to access the NDA section there. As for getting on the game, the servers are not up atm. They dont run 24/7 yet. Lately it has been thursday - monday skipping every 4th week ish. You can see the status and schedules here.
  7. Welcome. It help if you let people know what your looking for in a group Nd a bit about your playstyle
  8. well DU is the future, thousands of years infact.
  9. This is not an NDA channel. See the getting NDA discord guide above and look under the NDA threads for play guides. Many of us on discord will help walk you through getting started.
  10. The plan is to fill them with the corpses of noobs that join the game.
  11. Speak for yourself, I tried to not let me in. But they wouldn't listen to me.
  12. Welcome. I can safely say its new, as for better? Well thats not looking good.
  13. Sorry we dont allow human beans here. Its an abomination of science and nature to to create human beans. Now get back to mining.
  14. Clearly a fake post. Can we get a mod to remove it. Theres no such things as girls on the internet. I think most of us have experienced that. Theres some simple tips and tricks. But this is non NDA. I suggust getting on discord. Its easier and many of us there wont mind helping out new people.
  15. Welcome. Get discord. Thats the best tip. This thread isnt NDA so no one can say much. But its much easier to help and answer questions on coms.
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