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  1. As Shynras says RDMS are just tags that give you "ability" to interact with the items scripted with that tag. But at the moment I think we can't know how far can we go with that system until, at least, alpha release. And if you are talking about having like a share of those organizations...I think it won't be doable without give you too much power over it, so it will remain in verbal contracts. Although I guess that there are plenty of choices in that case.
  2. wow, thanks for the last aclaration. I began to think that everyone were getting mad welcoming a imaginary member. Welcome and enjoy the forums!
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    I read that decisions are taken by a comity of legates, but this system may lead you to diplomatic problems or, even worse, bad economic decisions when the wrong person acces to the legate power... I mean, everyone who want to rule/take decisions is not capable of done it. And even if you expelled them at this moment, the damage is already done. I think you need at least that the randomized choice may be corrected by other legates or the previous one. or how are you going to work against that?
  4. Welcome to the forums! If you want a bigger picture about the ORGs remember you can see them in this forum and into the community web
  5. As stated, they intend to make the players move when they harvested the resources and go into far away expedition becomes economically inviable. Also, once moved far from spawn we will discover new spawn locations (new arkships).
  6. ATMLVE I just love your comment about middle ages, and it is just that. I don't see benefit on owning a planet by little groups when they are not even be capable to defend it (by its size mainly). Because if you say the benefit is to have right over the terrain exploitation it have no sense when the group interested in said exploitation can just remove you from the planet. I hope it will works like @Hades said.
  7. Of course to a specific info about EVE we have CaptainTwerkmotor, and he has already manifested himself but in case of that my experience in other games could be relevant,I played some games in big and/or top factions/alliances/whatever and when they reached their end there were a common point in almost everyone of them: the active guys leading the group lost their interest or their availability to play the game in full time and that evolved into a inability to maintain the group working together. With that i want to say that large groups needs active people to manage them properly and even if you delegated part of this work, people involved in this kind of management needs to be able to spend some time attending this and be very communicative. When you lost one of these people and you need to replace it its not common to find a ideal candidate, and your community starts to not feeling confortable. If you add to this some questionable decisions from the leaders and some economic stabilty problems (or wars lost) and you probably have lost almost your entire group. But, overall , it really depends of the development of the game. If the game is able to dont let the people loss their interest in the game with a proper risk-benefit ratio and enough things to do (or time spent-benefit ratio), this kind of things happen less.
  8. The idea sounds cool. I know I'm late but, welcome to the community and good luck!
  9. +1 to the awesome logo. And the avatar is nice too, you have skilled hands (at least compared to mine). Good luck!
  10. Have you considered where the attack hits? I dont know if it is in chapter 2 or I missed the point. My suggestion here are to have 3 differenciated zones with some extras when hit: - Head: extra damage - Chest: the victim loss some stamina - Legs: probability of fall to the ground or interrupt an action
  11. @kuritho Well, at the moment I dont think they implement that kind of particularities to the storages, I think you just have like stable units of your item i.e. a stable unit of gas into a container. That kind of things are really interesting but we can not make too much plans about it until release. Also your modular scheme really likes me (seems like we can really be more efficient in land use and help in case of hacking others storage was a reality), but again if ships are not able to do vertical landing could be a problem. About your comment of the safety I have to say you could have a more safe container but I can answer with 3 easy points: discreetness, privacy and logistics. The first two points are about you having a personal stash out of your main base/ORG/city...and the reasons for that are just for you. The last point is just for little crew ships/nomade ORGs and great ORGs who need a place to stop in the long travel they are making. I really think it is going to be useful. @lethys Here seems I could not have explained myself well, sorry for that. In my last post when I refer to I will deal with any problem with profesionality Im talking about that, so im going to expand this point: The only way to get your trust is making a great job what in this case is when your storage is stolen we can act in 2 different ways: If you have a storage unit in a lower level, you get a stablished amount of money per unit just becasue we dont know what is inside (and dont want to). In the case you have a higher level (in the core complex in this case) AND we know what have you depositated into (you have informed and so) we are going to indemnify you. That means we replace what you get stolen cause I imagine that if you stored here something probably you does not want just money for it. Also we are going to compensate you for every day you dont have access to your item until we replace it. And now looking at it... yeah, it seems like a insurace work. I know I dont have stated this before, just because I think it is still early to make this kind of statements that may change with release of the game but when I talk about professionality I mean we will work hard to make it real and create a gameplay around it. @CaptainTwerkmotor Its just for marketing purposes, I hope we get enough reputation that everyone knows where we are. @shynras The reasons to use it have been stated before in this same post, and about the location of the warehouse is clear that it must be near enough of big ORGs to be efficient but also far to not get harmed in case of a war. it is of course a point to work at. Your idea about the big cargo ship is interesting but I dont see it viable. The point for this are mainly protection bubbles what makes the static buildings way more safer in my opinion. Also I have to say that waht you say about that ship reminds me when in Ogame you send your cargo ships away when you are being attacked Thanks for your thoughts, and if you still have any thought about it as scam please let me know.
  12. to be realistic I play with 2 thing about how to work if the money is stolen. - Obviously first, dont let them to stole the money. I am going to work with the confidence of the customers, and I will win their trust so, working on that, I will prove that the warehouse is safe enough and I will deal with any problem with profesionality. - In other matter I really dont think ppl will let me their money. We are not a bank, nor a loan or insurance company. We are just renting storage units. what you put into is your business; not mine. As you have read we have different defense levels, so if your item, or whatever, is valuable better take a high defense one. extra: If the things are going well, probably we will include some kind of insurance over determinated storage units. But this is something we are not thinking at the moment. After clarificate what I think was the most importante part, I know its probably not the most efficient structure but I see it affordable to be built once we reach the space, and I have to say that this sketches are what people would see once they came closer enough, or come to see the facilities we offer. I have determinated where the defense structures and defense points will be, but Im not going to upload these To the destroyers: I really appreciate all your sugestions on how to blow up the complex (thanks for make me think in collision physics @Kuritho). And I really hope people try to blow up the complex. But I expect more originality if someone is going to try that because as I stated that is just the outside, and the surveillance post is just a place to have panoramic vision of the complex, and the hexagonal complex have nearly zero defense systems. We could say that almost everything that is outside the main complex is likely... expendable. As you see in the descriptions its a low security area. The hexagonal complex is not intended to work as a "wall" (what a useless wall if you can surpass it flying, or dropping inside no?). About the hexagonal shape, it is polygonal just to simplifycate the work when we receive people from different places or different ideologies. We can in this way have them in a oposite sides of the polygon. To make more clear a point I think you are focusing into: The hexagonal complex is like the public complex. I expect that the hex complex will be a very populated area so we really cant have control at all over every person who is into. It is going to be like a bay port located in the best zone you could imagine, where you can dock your ship and make your bussines but if you want something important you have to enter in the mayor fort and ask him. Have a nice night!
  13. Good news everyone ! The Unnamed Warehouse has opened his services offered ! Im going to show the sketch of our warehouse and the services we intend to provide to our customers. To the people who dont know who are we, and dont want to go to the original thread (First post) I will explain short : we are a safe depot, with some more services, where we grant your anonymity and we ask nothing about you, your reputation or what are you going to deposit. Our ORG also pretends to offer all the static services (like storage units and workshops) to all those nomadic ORGs and little crews. Everything into a pure neutral zone. It will explain the basics of the different places where you enjoy our services, but it is not the complete complex, its only the structure you can see from outside of course. We difference our warehouse in 2 zones : The hexagonal complex The core complex Storage services Level 1 : You get a storage unit into a hexagonal complex, at the external ring, at Xquark/storage unit. This warehouse will count with entrance control via RDMS and will have a medium-small size ship entrance. You will get a personal storage unit inside. This package will be intended to store your low value assets or to store your raw materials/unrefined ores until you place it in a bigger ship. To say it short it would be a fast access place were you can come to take your heavy-weight tool you cant carry or to unload your charge and keep working. The security of this place would be mainly with light point defense auto-weapons to ensure people dont destroy the place and will not have a middle man involved into the movements inside this warehouse nor the security guys. Level 2: Inside the hexagonal complex, into a inner ring. The facilities of the complex grants medium security enviroment, take care of the privacy of our customers and the security guys will take care of the place. If you need to, we can schedule the visit to your depot so no one will see you. level 3: In the core complex with human supervision. That means: you have to surpass a employee who will give you access to the storage unit, it grants you have something like 1 soldier taking care of your storage; and higher priority defense in case of attack. This package also includes that we can bring your storage, or the items you want to take from the depot, to your ship so you dont have to enter (You dont need to get out of the ship) and vice versa. *This service must be scheduled* Level X: The supervision was made by one of the partners. That means only the partners have acces to your storage unit and will be in the more safe zone of the core complex. This wont be implemented until others were functional Work places services Work room 1: Access to a room with all the workshops you may need. There will be more people and if they are cheap ( I mean if they are just too big to be into a ship, but not so expensive) this work room will just be at the hexagonal complex between the 2 storage rings; if not this work room will be into the complex without direct acces from outside. Work room X: Just private rooms with designated workshops. You can schedule your visit to have the room reserved and with the storage unit you need ready in the room. Again it depends on how workshops works, so the dynamic of this service may vary. Hangar services Hangar 1 and fuel unit dispenser: Situated at the roof of the hexagonal complex there are a place to store your ships. . This service is intended to work like a meeting point where the individuals of a crew could park their ships to take part of a crew in a larger one at the space hangar; or to rent faster ships. If needed we grant transport to space hangar. Hangar S: Situated in the space, over the warehouse complex. Inteded to dock the larger ships, refuel them, or get the crew ready to the haul services. We provide here light transport to travel to the warehouse complex. Here you are able to rent light/faster ships. this service may vary when we see how this kind of stations works at release. Hangar X: This hangar were situated at the top of the core complex, supposed to be a high security individual hangar. Meeting room: private meeting room inside the main complex with special access. Is conected to a cargo dock, probably situated at the bottom level of Hangar X. Intended to scheduled meetings with cargo involved (or not) into a neutral zone. _______ We are going to get this thread to update the services we are going to offer. Enjoy! P.D.: In this thread we are looking for partners. Feel free to take a look.
  14. This ORG is not hiring, is looking for some more partners. If you are interested to take part in it just PM me. Some aclarations : - We are only a few partners taking care of this ORG, every service we offer who involved human beings will be subcontracted. That also means we all have the same level of power to make decisions - Due to the neutral aspect of this ORG you must dont be part of any other ORG - In the same way as the last, you need to have always in mind your actions never can hurt the neutrality of this ORG - Available sections : o The chess bishop (Finance and accounting) o The chess Knight (Human resources) o The chess rook (security) For more information about this ORG check this links : Post 1, Post 2
  15. I really dont have tested this game, but here we go because it is a space game and it is free for some days. maybe someone manage to appease his cravings for DU. The game is Starpoint Gemini 2 A copy-paste from Steam: Captain your own space ship and roam the galaxy in 3D in this tactical space simulator with tons of RPG depth And the friend who told me about the give away, calls it is like Freelancer so lets see, I'm downloading. Regards.
  16. @Lethys I totally forgot about the protection bubble of static cores, so yes maybe not so efficient. But about the portables, since I consider myself as one of those who always keep in mind that it is a MMO and the constant need of socialize , I see the portable cams more like: "I'm mining or building with my pals and we doesnt have gear or ships to face a confrontation, better we put some cams to give us time to run away in case of danger". I want to say, to little crews who needs resources from every player of the crew probably they increase their income using this cams and not having a guy watching for danger. @Shynras Thanks to your point about RAM consumption.
  17. What about having static video cameras? I made a fast check on forums and dont see anything about that; I saw some post that talks about use cameras to control gunturrets and so but I dont refer to that. First of all I have to say that I dont know if it already exists in other games or how hard would it be to implement it so I will throw some ideas: - The core of this idea is to have a static device that bring you images or vision of a zone. Not recording video, just real time video. - There would be a pure device who would be linked to a static core and drain energy and computing power from it to work, just like a surveillance closed camera system. Only could be linked to Static cores, not to Dinamic cores. Intended to have vision of a gate or your own base when it is attacked and you are far away. - The other would be a portable system that works with batteries, they are stationary once installed and have a limited radio fo emision. They are intended to bring you info for example meanwhile you are focused mining an asteroid in a dangerous zone bringing you time to run away. These devices, and mainly the portables ones, may be easily spotted and vulnerable to any kind of atack. I see that idea could derivate in George Orwell's planets or be used to make mechs driven from a secure spot. Cause of that I will make enphasis in the static part But my idea is to keep it stick to this 2 devices. If it is so hard to achieve I thought that a device who send you reports when someone go through his action radius would be enough. Ideas and/or thoughts? Regards and have a nice day.
  18. As expected the first page is only reserved for the best, so here is my try to stand there. Is just a draft of a manifesto to the ORG and hope you enjoy it: Unnamed Warehouse manifesto Today, we show the opening the Unnamed Warehouse safe depot. Today, we can announce there is a safe place out of the starting zone. You can trust on our services. We are safe. With that on mind, we want to share with us our economic model, where we are only care about the place where you are depositing your valuables and we will never focus on your status or your job meanwhile you are able to pay your storage units. And dont forget our premises: Logistics. Privacy. Security. This place will be spotted at a strategic point probably far away from the starting area, in that way we are going to be the next safe area where you can save your items. No worries if they are the rarest metal you found and you want to have it in a high security place until you can refine it to use in your new starships, to place your ship when your partner comes to transport you somewhere or if it Is only some ores you are saving until your security charge to take; We guarantee the security of your deposit. With our security. With this protection. With your trust. Because we think all of these things worth our time, we will grow big enough to offer you our services as soon as the ships begin colonizating new areas. We will offer more than a place, a feeling maybe, we offer security off the markets and politics. We are the Unnamed Warehouse.
  19. As you could imagine i'm not a EVE player, and taht "collateral" system seems very refined and efficient. But, i'm not referring to that part when I talk about steal a cargo. I was referring to that I can't use the things I stole cause of tags, and also the thing of repeat the cycle of hacking infinite times. Maybe my example aren't the clearer, and my english not the best. Also i'm going to state about that when you hack a container you unlock the items inside but you were faster and stills up the shit on corpse items. Maybe a solution could be that RDMS may tag permanently the members of the ORG(temporally to anyone outside the ORG) as an infractor/thief but keep his functionality up. As @kurock said, Interesting discussion. Carry on.
  20. Well, I have feelings faced about this. We have pretty RDMS that put some troubles on people to piss you but it could be overextended in terms of armours and/or ores. What if I want to take a slice when I am moving a huge cargo? or more simply, if I want to scam people as a cheap trucker... About the pirate thing, I really don't see hard problems here. They just will need to have a crew member specializated in hacking those items the same way they need someone capable of repair the ship when it is damaged.
  21. Hello everyone! With the recent updates at the devblog about RDMS I can now update also some services we will offer: We know that tags may be used as keys to grant access and also may be scheduled to expire, so we plan to rent from offices to simple storage units with your only tag. NEW! We grant high tech security systems to our doors and devices plus a real guy to identificate you, we will take care no one will play with your tags with us.**this kind of services may have special clauses in the contract and would have a higher price.** I have received some questions about prices and rates. In the way we dont know what are you going to stock we are going to generate prices in concordance to the storage units you need and the protection level you want. We have to make clear at this point that our facilities will need time to be up and running, probably a little bit more than city ORGs, and we will make public our openning. I'm polishing a kind of contract (probably just verbal, or via message) where one point will be that prices / rates will not change in twice the time you have paid. NEW! We now will offer workshops rental! If you are member of an org that is only a crew at a capital ship, still dont have acces to them or just want to create your favourite *insert here your weird item* without any track in your ORG registry. we will offer our workbench for a reasonable price. I want to end my post saying I still need a serious partner to manage this. If someone are interested just PM me. Regards.
  22. Only want to add that you can have "blue-prints" of your ships/constructions, so once they are destroyed you will be able to rebuild it again. And about hiring people to protect your hanger, there are plenty of "trustworthy" mercenary ORGs. Welcome to the forums
  23. I hope so, the same way I hope LUA scripts are able to recognize and act according to the tags. For example an outsider come to your base and a scripts tag him as a visitant but if the outsider have a tag from an enemy ORG it tags him as invasor and activate alarms and defense systems.
  24. nah, there is no reasons to ignore anyone. Your kind of interests help making the game more deep
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