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  1. That is a nice looking website. Which company are you funded by?
  2. but if you win before him he will be the last winner .. aka the winner
  3. Why? I am genuinely curious why you think no one should see this. It is not used to log-in anywhere or for any security purposes that I am aware of. It's not a social security or credit card number, it's the order in which your account was created (I believe). Also, just so there is no confusion, the ID I am talking about is the 3-5 digit number in the URL to your forum profile. Mine is 2687. Kind of defeats the point of having the game be focused around socialization if you can't tell who anyone is. Being recognized is key to building a reputation, good or bad. Yes. I'm not sure why they are separated either. They are a manifestation of the same account, so why not link them a bit more obviously?
  4. The the Dual Universe community is growing, rapidly, and the communities within Dual Universe are growing, too. The number of people in the community can make it difficult to keep track of who is who on the various platforms: Discord, Twitter, the forums, the community site. There isn't much that can be done about people going by different names on third party services, but it would be nice if it could be easier to tell which people on the forums are which people on the community site. This is a minor but consistent annoyance when socializing and when interviewing people to join organizations. I propose a simple and minor fix: include people's DU ID in their community page profile. The ID already exists in the forum profile (look in the URL), should be easy to access since all the accounts are presumably stored in the same database, and as far as I am aware the ID cannot be used for any nefarious purpose. The ID could either be displayed in the URL on the community page or placed as a separate field on the page. Additionally, this change would allow people to create better third party tools.
  5. We can only hope ... that can be done relatively easily if they implement a proper API somewhere down the line
  6. All three of us have been a bit sporadic @Anasasi @Shockeray ... maybe we should coordinate our sporadic-ness?
  7. Greetings, human Rex. But are you Cybrex?
  8. Welcome to the community glad to have you!
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