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  1. We are Bounties R Us, a simple, no nonsense bounty contracting organization. We are the bridge between our clients and the Bounty Hunters registered with us. Our client's requests are private and only available to Hunters registered with Bounties R Us. The clients identity remains anonymous to the Hunters and their target. We offer our clients highly customizable options tailored to their desires. We help you deliver your own brand of justice in a lawless universe. Interested individual(s) that wish to inquire about becoming a client or registered Hunter should DM Novarkian o
  2. Supporter packs are out and The Cluster wants any new players that are interested in joining our project.
  3. Of course, there can only be one active Master ship. You have to be set to Slave in order to dock, once docked you cannot change your status to Master, the system simply won't allow a change.
  4. I guess you didn't read my suggestion because I explained who would have control. As for physics all you have to do is add each ships mass and thats how the the connected ships will behave.
  5. This is something I strongly want in game, docking ship to ship. I don't think it would be that complicated. You could simply have a toggle switch for docking that sets your ship to either Master or Slave mode. In order to dock to another ships docking port, just set your ships docking mode to Slave, the target ship must have theirs set to Master mode. This will allow you to dock and surrender all physics, controls, etc to the Master ship. If you don't want intruders to dock just turn off docking altogether and then nothing can dock to your ship. Of course Pirates can hail you on comms
  6. Welcome Tharanatos, our newest member.
  7. The Cluster welcomes you, we are a nomadic Organization ourselves.
  8. If you can ony train one character at a time, doing this neut alt thing is just going to hold back anyone that cares about doing more than just observing.
  9. Definitely no, I value my privacy. I would trust no one, every alt has a main tied to some Org. Besides who is gona waste valuable training and building time just recording random stuff.
  10. The Cluster Welcomes you, enjoy your travels.
  11. That's it! No hologames for a week!
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