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  1. I think it's a patch that 's better to happen now than later, we can't wait for the game to be feature complete before we do these drastic changes. I understand that for some people this patch brings some of the fun away, making them feel as there isn't much left for them to do, but in that case I'd suggest to just take a break and come back when they add more content.
  2. DU was meant from the beginning to be EVE + Minecraft, so it makes sense for it to have that kind of economy system. The economy will find its new balance and the game will work better than before. I understand that in a way these limits can be annoying, but it's the price to pay to have the economy and the emergent gameplay running. Without specialization the economy simply doesn't work. True, the problem aren't the changes themselves but the fact that there are a lot of features missing and players are left with very few choices
  3. Just wait for tomorrow's patch notes, there could be more, not everything is mentioned during streams or on devblogs
  4. This is a mmorpg, so it makes sense for players to have a need for others to achieve things in the game, otherwise we would be playing a survival singleplayer which is not what DU wants to be, nor was ever marketed as such. "Large organizations will have an advantage"... I've heard this so many times, and again it's a baseless claim. The economy has and will have producers of different sizes, from the solo player to the largest organization. An organization with 100 players may end up producing 100 different elements earning 100 mlns, the solo player will simply produce 1 element e
  5. Yes it is easy, it may take a long time, be tedious, still remains an easy activity that only require you to follow the scanner and click a button. Open a dictionary and go look what "easy" means because you still don't get it
  6. I'm not sure you understand what "easy" means, it has nothing to do with tediousness. The opposite of "easy" is "hard", the opposite of "tedious" is "fun". Mining is currently both easy (literally clicking a button) and tedious
  7. Genoma è un'organizzazione italiana con l'obbiettivo di compattare e rappresentare la nostra community nella scena internazionale, per favorire cooperazione e dare supporto ai giocatori indipendenti ed ai piccoli gruppi. Il nostro orientamento è PvX, in modo da dare ad ognuno la possibilità di specializzarsi nel ramo che preferisce e offrire un gran numero di attività di diverso tipo ai propri membri; ciò ci aiuterà inoltre nello sviluppo di un'economia interna, la quale creerà ricchezza e ci garantirà indipendenza da altre organizzazioni su diversi fronti. Reclutiamo
  8. it was stated a long time ago, in many occasions, I don't remember where. They said something along those lines lately, maybe in the last podcast.
  9. No it's not planned, markets for ships are intended as large zones where they are physically placed.
  10. Ingame money is not generated from the shop, but it's grinded by another player, so: -Buying and selling DACs doesn't cause inflation (which would make products more expensive for everyone and adds grind). -The seller is limited by market availability and the law of supply and demand. This means that he can't sell DACs istantly, nor where he wants, nor for the amount he wants. This system is the same as eve online, wow, and other games which were never considered p2w, so don't worry, it'll be fine.
  11. Or better, just dig a hole underground and stay there?
  12. Core and hangar sizes are the standards for now. Other then that, if players will be needing more standards they'll automatically create them. That's what is called "meta".
  13. "With great power comes great responsabilities" cit. If you want power you'll have to work hard to get and mantain it. (Ye, this isn't really what spiderman meant) Regarding OP: You can create the organization you want now, at release or years after that. It does not matter if there's a similar one already: if yours is better you'll succed, otherwise fail. That said, that mentality you have isn't really going to work for this kind of path, you're already demoralized before even starting.
  14. Wheels: Hovers are pretty much a better version. Rotors: if we manage to create rails, we can probably make rotors. Rails: You can maybe build them with voxels? Or tunnels so that the "train" follows a path? Or script its path? Sliders: same. So, there are alternatives. They said once that wheels are a problem because they collide with ground, and that is taxing on the server, so I'd imagine that "moving parts" in general have the same issue (they move, so they can collide and that creates load on the server, like space engineers after all, collisions are always prob
  15. As you can see on youtube tutorials, there's tons of scripting, linking, physics and so on, even without rotors or pistons there's a lot you can do.
  16. discordauth:vQk-v-3hBnY6zEw2Nm-dWe5mUYOKpwRJoegR1JmsFCw=

  17. they said pistons and rotors will come after release
  18. you should enable multiple choices, since we don't know how the game is going to shape in details
  19. Nope: -Drug effects are not necessarily noticeable. -Many territories and orgs will have visitors and players crossing their borders, for various reasons, especially for $$$. You can't kick them from the org/territory because they provide economical benefits to you. Other than that: -Like in the real world, when someone gets caught gets punished ( pay a fine, get ejected from the org/territory, any other punishment the players decide, ...). And there's nothing wrong with that.
  20. I think it's a good idea to add drugs, but needs to be done properly. What makes drugs different from simple buffs? They have the downside of being illegal and the upside of being stronger. What defines an item illegal in DU? The law is made by the players, so they're the ones who decide what's illegal and what's not. NQ can't simply add an item in game and say "Hey, that item is illegal", because noone would care. Why players would want to declare an item illegal? Why it is in the real world? Because it is damaging for the player who uses it AND ALL THE OTHERS.
  21. You can add more veins or let players craft quantas from many different resources, it's not really a problem
  22. Not really, the economy is more stable and fair without external interventions and more balanced towards the effort/reward ratio. To make things mroe easy to understand: NQ will add bots that will buy/sell stuff effectively transforming resources into quantas (credits), and the prices those bots will be offering will change depending on the request/offer ratio Being able to transform raw resources into quantas with crafting is actually the same thing: 1)you exchange resources for quantas, 2)the value of the resource/quanta depends on the request/offer ratio. The only difference
  23. It doesn't have to regenerate, planets are huge and the universe is infinite, there'll be enough
  24. The best way to balance an economy is by using time, because it's a natural and limited "resource" for everyone and for that reason it has a value. 1) You grind a rare resource (that you can use to print money), you spend time by doing so, your time has value = the rare resource you mine has value. 2)When there's too much of that rare resource on the market its price decrease, less people will mine that (because it's less convenient and gives you a lower reward for your time) and this will naturally reduce the amount of that resource on the market, rising its price again. 3
  25. If people move in or out, causing deflation/inflation, that's still emergent gameplay. Inflation or deflation caused by NQ using bots is not. The idea is that you can transform that rare resource into credits and back
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