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  1. Frankenstein

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome Sheev! Great having you here! The forum has a certain age already, so I'm sure you'll have your hands full trying to catch up to the current state of things Good luck from here for sure
  2. Frankenstein

    about the tile ownership

    But can you mine for ressources on ocean territory?
  3. Frankenstein

    about the tile ownership

    As we can see there are more than 50.000 TU on Alioth. But how many of those are actually ocean? We can perhaps get into a situation, where a planet is actually controlled largely by an alliance, but still only 40% of the planet is owned by them, because ocean TU's might not bring profit. That means even owned planets (those with oceans) could have international waters for example.
  4. Many times welcome cowgal! I believe most things have already been said, so do enjoy yourself
  5. Frankenstein

    Aeonian Federation [Now Recruiting]

    Sounds great Interesting to see where things will lead to.
  6. Frankenstein

    Dual Universe May 2017 DevDiary

    Our monthly thirst has been satisfied! Great video for sure. In NQ we trust
  7. Frankenstein

    What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2

    ^^^^^^ It's another draw guys Go Arkers
  8. Frankenstein

    System Requirments

    I know for a fact, that I would have to upgrade when time comes. Just to be sure at least
  9. Frankenstein

    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome GimmeMyGold! Don't forget to visit the different organisations, even though you want to be freelancing It'/ always great to know what's up! See you around
  10. Frankenstein

    Last Post Wins

    Well it is off-topic though, so you can't really blame anyone ????
  11. Frankenstein

    Golden Fox Corporation [GFC]

    Looks great Shynras, exciting days for your organisation, and it is good to see you are always trying to improve the state of things
  12. Frankenstein

    Will the may dev diary be late.

    I'm sure it is on its way. Experience tells me that to make a dev diary, they would need something to show off... they are probably working out some details that they wish to include in the video
  13. Frankenstein

    DU Politics - Current State of Affairs

    Hey Saul, I like your work with this. If you wish to learn more about political ties, discord really is the place. That's where most people hang out and where orgs and individuals communicate most with eachother Keep it up friend!
  14. Frankenstein

    Terran Union Armed Forces

    Looking good Zamarus Nice to see things are coming along!
  15. Frankenstein

    DU Memes

    Pressure is.. eh pressuring Yama... Gogo