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  1. Cookie

    Once again, late reply. The aspects that got me into it was the MMO qualities of a space construction game combined with the EVE online aspects introduced in a 3D environment. Or to simplify, Minecraft meets good Space Engineers with the frosting of EVE Online.
  2. Cookie

    Welcome to DU! Sorry for the late reply
  3. Introduction

    Well sorry I'm late, but welcome to the forums! If you want somewhere to hang out while you wait, there's a couple of places I'd recommend. There's the general DU discord but there's also my organization if you're interested. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dua-diverse-unified-accord If you send me a DM through the forums here too telling me what you're looking for, I'll gladly help you find somewhere to go. Once again though, welcome to DU!
  4. Hello!

    lol. I'm looking for organizations who specialize in hiring talking dogs to join us as well. Maybe we can reach an agreement Welcome though! It's great to have you in Dual Universe! If you need any assistance, there are people who you can contact. Like me~!
  5. Hello :)

    If you want some help, you can join our discord server. https://discord.gg/hq5bkC8 We're an organization that wants to help new players get started in DU. Additionally, join the general DU Discord server and you can chat with a lot of people after you authenticate. https://discord.gg/dualuniverse Or if you hate Discord, ask for help in other forum sections. Hope this helps!
  6. Laser level

    Right sorry. I'm so sorry I forgot about this rule. I actually didn't know this rule was implimented. I don't think it was originally that way but my ignorance is at fault. ______ Rereading forum rules to catch up on this again.
  7. Laser level

    AdamClapton, thank you for being reponsible as a forum user and searching for topic before making a new one. You are amazing. Also yeah. The idea of the building tool would be cool. Though there may be cheap easy workarounds like coordinates for voxels on the one construct. For different constructs is the kicker and I'm curious of methods will exist for a level or not. As long as it's not that hard to implement of course and a community made construct or script level doesn't work better
  8. Still need support or an answer

    This is an afterthought too. I've checked your previous forum thread and can understand your frustration. However I just want to assure you that NQ is going to work on your problem. They try to maintain a close connection to the community but they aren't big enough yet to have fully dedicated support staff. If you have a problem here in the future that isn't a bug, feel free to ask me or anyone else here in the community.
  9. Still need support or an answer

    Sorry for the late response here at night. So I was able to recreate your problem! However, I was not able to determine the solution to your problem or the cause. So, here's what I'll do. I'm going to ping @NQ-Nyzaltar and @NQ-Nomad so that they can get an NQ staff member to assist you. They are in France so it may take them a couple hours here to get to work and then get to you. Don't worry though. If you have a pretty good connection then you should be able to participate in the test session. In the meantime, I'm going to get to looking at determining the problem here. I'll let you know if I'm able to help your case further.
  10. Still need support or an answer

    Hello WarPig. I've taken a look at the previous topic you've made about the issue here. I encountered a similar issue to what you reported yesterday. A quick couple questions I'll ask to see if I can help diagnose it. Are you still encountering the problem? Does it happen when you enter https://dualthegame.com or just when you try to checkout? Are you logged in on the site? These will help me help you. Also, I'll try to respond as quickly as possible but I'm not at home. I hope we can get this resolved soon for you.
  11. I'm a new backer!

    Welcome and glad to see you getting your discord and other stuff up as well! Hopefully you can find a place in the community that is enjoyable!
  12. Howdy

    Welcome to the community! Glad to see you taking the leap that is stepping out of the shadows. Do enjoy your stay and if you need help, contact any one of the wonderful people in this thread.
  13. Hello all

    Glad to see you join the community! Your story is much the same of how I found DU back a couple years ago. Yeah you're right. I was thinking the same. Though we can always support the devs with our feedback to help them speed along! Once again though, welcome!
  14. Couldn't resist!

    Welcome to the community! Glad to see you moving here to enjoy the wonders of space!
  15. Welcome to the forums @Arcana! I'm glad you've take an interest in this now. It's better late than never(though we may or may not have years to release :p). Glad to see you're also interested in scripting. Once again, welcome!