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  1. I'm a new backer!

    Welcome and glad to see you getting your discord and other stuff up as well! Hopefully you can find a place in the community that is enjoyable!
  2. Howdy

    Welcome to the community! Glad to see you taking the leap that is stepping out of the shadows. Do enjoy your stay and if you need help, contact any one of the wonderful people in this thread.
  3. Hello all

    Glad to see you join the community! Your story is much the same of how I found DU back a couple years ago. Yeah you're right. I was thinking the same. Though we can always support the devs with our feedback to help them speed along! Once again though, welcome!
  4. Couldn't resist!

    Welcome to the community! Glad to see you moving here to enjoy the wonders of space!
  5. Welcome to the forums @Arcana! I'm glad you've take an interest in this now. It's better late than never(though we may or may not have years to release :p). Glad to see you're also interested in scripting. Once again, welcome!
  6. Hi

    Are you real though? Welcome to the forums. Nice to meet ya!
  7. Noob in bound

    Welcome to the forums Minty! I'll cut to the chase. If you want to join me and the people who I play DU with, send me a Message on the forums or on Discord if you're there. Name and tag is M̍a̽ͪ͗sͭ͛̚tͭeͧrͦè͐d̍ͪ̑R̍e̅̉dͨͣ͊#4620. We'll be happy to play for a while if you want to. Once again, welcome to the forums.
  8. My temporary leave

    Take your time Eternal! And do enjoy yourself!
  9. Heyho people !

    Welcome to the forums! Be sure to check everything out!
  10. Hello to all space adventurer out there!

    Welcome to the game! Glad to have you! Like stoat said, feel free to ask any questions you have! We're at your service
  11. Hello Everybody!

    Welcome! Glad to have you in the game! Feel free to ask any questions if you have them!
  12. Hello World

    Welcome to DU! Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
  13. Diverse Unified Accord(DUA)

    You know, I updated the post but this comment history just feels old lol
  14. Hello - And why do buyers need moderator approval?

    I'm late, but welcome to the forums! Feel free to ask any of these wonderful people questions!
  15. Hello all

    Welcome to DU! First off, congrats on getting a pack. Second off, I'm late. Third off, feel free to ask me or anyone else here any questions you have!