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  1. Here's my peace to add to this. Comrad's post brings up issues, but this is his final post. He's been here since the beginning and this is his end. So, instead of a legacy of his final post being about issues, let me recount some of what he did. He was there at the early start of the game. He was active on the forums, paving the way of discussion in the community. Comrad was invited to be apart of ATV, to be apart of this social game and the social aspects of this community. He made an org, a notch to call home for some time, before stepping up into greater aspects of t
  2. So, I am thoroughly impressed by your response. Apologies for the delay in my reply for I did not decide to look at the forums over the weekend. Now I'd like to dive into a couple counters and corrections. Overall though, you have somewhat convinced me of the economics. Though I still feel that for the meta I hope to see in combat, I prefer for ramming not to be a factor. I could see now that if someone does has a different preference, it makes sense why they could view ramming as being possible and a good thing. To start out, these are good points. The most significant one that
  3. If you're only wanting construct vs construct combat, then alpha 3 will have that. Avatar vs avatar combat won't be for a while. We're on alpha 2 right now and alpha 3 is scheduled for January this year. So you can assume construct vs construct combat will come in Q1 of this year.
  4. Addressing the main topic I like the idea of customized missiles. It's a very interesting idea to have depth in weapons customization and the implications, as have been discussed in other forum posts(linked bellow) are very fascinating. link and link On the topic of automated turrets, here is a forum topic that's been commented on recently discussing them. link And on the topic of ship ramming, there are other posts and topics that were created. This is a response from NQ explaining their reasoning in just one of them. I also comment on this in my respo
  5. I have been tracking your org with my fellow org compatriots. This is the one thing I will watch without any interest in joining it.
  6. Hey. Unofficial discord is now official.
  7. To respond directly to this, here is the purpose that example went to serve. The answer is no one took full time responsibility. However the time prior was also before the server hit 2,000 members. Thus, my example obviously an over-exaggerated case of what it would now take to replace the said bot to the full extent that it is used. Now, to address the rest of what's been said thus far. If you want to argue that you're running unspecified code when you initiate the auth process, then I'm sorry but you have a little problem going for you when you run
  8. To go back with that, I would also like to say if you feel that we should not use a bot that is now under NQ's jurisdiction effectively, fine. However we will be fine with you now personally replacing the bot for authentication purposes. We'll require you to take it as a full time job with no pay. Also, you are responsible if you make a mistake, accidentally forget who was authed, fail to account for bans, or so on so forth. My next point. I understand voicing your concerns. However as you probably have recognized, NQ has created this forum post for not just
  9. Once again, late reply. The aspects that got me into it was the MMO qualities of a space construction game combined with the EVE online aspects introduced in a 3D environment. Or to simplify, Minecraft meets good Space Engineers with the frosting of EVE Online.
  10. Welcome to DU! Sorry for the late reply
  11. Well sorry I'm late, but welcome to the forums! If you want somewhere to hang out while you wait, there's a couple of places I'd recommend. There's the general DU discord but there's also my organization if you're interested. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dua-diverse-unified-accord If you send me a DM through the forums here too telling me what you're looking for, I'll gladly help you find somewhere to go. Once again though, welcome to DU!
  12. lol. I'm looking for organizations who specialize in hiring talking dogs to join us as well. Maybe we can reach an agreement Welcome though! It's great to have you in Dual Universe! If you need any assistance, there are people who you can contact. Like me~!
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