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  1. I still exist. Don't worry.

  2. We can compete with larger organizations in different ways. They may win in sheer numbers, but smaller organizations have the advantage of being more close knit and friendly. Most of us will play Dual Universe for fun, not for maximizing efficiency. Would you rather have a handcrafted ship from, let's say, Objective Driveyards (wink wink sponser me), or a generic ship from Generic Corp? To answer your question about raiding: raiding is hard, but some EVE players can tell you about how they 1v8'd due to specialized tactics. Good luck!
  3. Depending on your budget, definitely the BenQ. It has every single advantage apart from a rather unwieldy size. Your GPU, however, may not be able to run it as its fullest potential.
  4. If you enjoy working a lot, you should try joining one of the many manufacturing corporations like Objective Driveyards or Vultures. See you on the battlegrounds!
  5. -TRY 1 "Don't touch that," the merchant warned as my hand neared the intricately designed sphere, with the cobalt-blue metal reflecting everything. "A priceless artifact from Earth," he continued, slightly annoyed that I didn't ask why. Obviously, I tried to grab it. Even inches away and through my gloved hands, I could feel the cold of the metal. The merchant, with all of his bionics and computer systems wired into him, knew this before I even came here. His gun was already in his hand under the counter and shot a slug of superheated plasma. -TRY 7 "Don't touch that,"
  6. Hey Azure, you don't post much. Everything okay?

  7. Corvus tells some great points. You can travel the planet's 60km circumference in less than 15 minutes with just ordinary airplane speeds. You can create high-powered ore detectors that will strip a planet of all its natural resources in a short amount of time. But let's face it, DU wants to mimic reality a bit. We will create massive farms for renewable resources such as bioplastics and mine asteroids for resources instead, and organizations will protect the land's natural beauty or do massive terraforming projects that will be heavily defended. Until DU adds these mecha
  8. If I need to explain this, I'm concerned.
  9. An arctic planet that used to be an ocean planet; the only place you can even think about inhabiting are the interesting caves formed because of the lunar tides pushing and shifting the ice over millennia, with the geothermal vents occasionally cracking the planet with bubbles of gas under extreme pressure.. It teems with alien organic life in these caves, with the few weak geothermal vents allowing these things to grow around. These spots are an oasis for life. On the surface, raging and frigid winds force anybody who was brave enough to not immediately go to the caves to reconsider. The
  10. You got my investments. Edit: You better have the DitF 02's giant ship thing.
  11. Don't say you're a musical expert unless you've listened to Ram Ranch :angry_nose_exhale:

  12. If you're a new player, you'd know this would be cherry picked (and it is). This type of game with an alpha NDA creates a very bad kind of hype. It shrouds it in negative energy and makes people wonder what is going on in development. The dev logs (something made from the devs) look awesome and so does the Alpha features showcase. From an outside perspective, it makes you wonder what the hell is going on and why is there an NDA when the game already looks great and seemingly functions. We (the "in-the-know" community) know why there is an NDA, and we know it's beginning t
  13. You probably shouldn't link stuff that associates you with mislabeling.
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