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  1. Kuritho

    This could be the big one!

    I also love No Man's Sky!
  2. Kuritho

    Artical 13 and 11

    So we can't have a Hall of Waifus? Okay guys, turn it to DEFCON 4. We got a problem.
  3. Kuritho

    How Would You Train your Armies and Fleets?

    How 2 train arms: gotta work out everyday bro gotta pumps those numbers up How 2 train armies: Murder everything else.
  4. Kuritho

    Hello DU

    OwO What's this?
  5. Kuritho


    They want people to mine by hand.
  6. Remember what happened to High Charity?
  7. Kuritho

    screenshots as pictures

    Totally random, but that means somebody could make a "Hall of Waifus"?
  8. if you have an anime profile pic, your opinion doesn't matter.


  9. Kuritho

    General Relativistic Time

    So basically, you want traveling to be as big as a nuance as possible? Plus, if time were to "speed" up/down by any multipliers bigger than 0, we would most likely still experience time the same way, since our synapses (haha buzzwords baybe!) will also be sped up/down. You just want production elements to produce slower? I genuinely have no idea. Space Engineers already has this- just blow up stuff the faster you go.
  10. Kuritho

    General Relativistic Time

    You get like, 1 or 2 science nerds.
  11. Kuritho

    Ready to Launch

    Welcome to Tri Galaxy! Everybody wonders what it's called that. Well here's the thing. Tri Galaxy is actually a sequel to both hit games Call of Duty Ghosts and The Holy Crusades, in conjunction with Swaggersouls. Father - Jay Cee Son - Us, obviously The Holy Spirit - BOO If you ever need to ask a question or start another crusades against people who don't respect the "Airplane-Armchair" treaty. luv u, -kuritho
  12. Kuritho

    General Relativistic Time

    I wish people knew how this stuff would work inside a game. You'd have to save every voxel modification with a timestamp if you wanted time travel if we're really going to add the whole Einstein stuff I ignored in school. Also, from a gameplay perspective, "moving faster makes you time move slower" basically opens a whole can of worms of pointless problems. If I wanted to play a physics simulator, I'd go outside. Verdict: Just because Star Kek has it doesn't mean Dual Galaxy should.
  13. Kuritho

    Hello Everyone. Potential Pledger

    If NQ does legal action against button size, I would have lost all faith in them. Luckily, they won't do that. Imagine the media fallout of someone being banned over a button not working because of its size. Verdict: size does matter.
  14. Kuritho

    New Genesis Creation Lore

    FATE / Grand Architect