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    Dual Universe on the Radio!

    Good catch, thanks for sharing (would have never found out about it myself).
  2. ForlornFoe


    Hello, and welcome. Appreciating the will to acquire info on your own at first, saves some repetition from the forums. Though not everything is properly documented (and some things are still mysteries), so ask away when you feel like it.
  3. ForlornFoe

    Diplomatic Relations

    True, forming alliances and other relations is not very easy yet (though NQ intends to improve that part of community page significantly). But there are quite a bit of alliances and even a couple of wars already declared, via the old-school method of organisations talking to each other. And some alliances have already been broken too. This site (thanks Evil, Inc.) may provide some insight into org relations, but other than that one needs to scour orgs' announcements to find publicly formed alliances. And this site (thanks, Peregrin) has short summaries of some orgs to get you started. Visiting org Discord servers is very useful too.
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    Sup everybody

    Appreciating the introduction, hello there. I will reserve an empty crate in my ship for you just in case And since so many have been wondering about your avatar, I take a wild guess and say it is inspired by Undertale.
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    Should have done this a while ago.

    Thanks for the introduction, nice to meet you. I too have been around since Kickstarter and still not really introduced myself... and I love strategy games. Something tells we might get along just fine.
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    bronze backer cracking the ice

    Welcome! Being "only bronze backer" is absolutely no problem, rather I applaud you for supporting DU even before there is any real content. As Kurock pointed out, there is quite a lot of player groups already. To his link I will add a couple of community-made sites that may help with getting to know the community better: DU Sleepers, a general archive of DU's events and some organisations DU Community map, shows pretty much every community member and organisation Outpost Zebra, site with fan-made DU content (mainly articles) Hopefully you will enjoy your time here.
  7. I like the idea and would love to see the tavern built in-game. Maybe superbly fittingly named Blue Moon Crew will also stop by on its travels. Cheers!
  8. ForlornFoe

    Like to introduce myself.

    Welcome aboard, hopefully you enjoy your stay.
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    What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2

    So I decided to finally cast my vote and... weeelll... It's a tie again. Welp.
  10. ForlornFoe

    The Outpost called Zebra

    Truly impressive, bookmarked and on the checklist. I think Oz will flourish, the idea and progress so far are strong indicators of that. I know very well how punctual your writing is (beats mine for sure), but this sentence at the beginning of your post bugs me. Minor typo at the end? "A goal not driven by the reward of money or the promise a fame" Thanks to you and the team for creating another quality DU community tool.
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forum side, Sheev.
  12. ForlornFoe

    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome, hopefully you will enjoy your stay. Also looking forward to seeing you around.
  13. ForlornFoe

    Members selected for the Alpha Team Vanguard

    I am honoured to find my name on the list. And also feel bad for being very inactive lately... I shall do my best to be worthy.
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    Welcome to the community. hopefully you enjoy your stay. Your concerns have already been addressed and potential info sources pointed out, but I will also throw in fan-made DU wiki. It has plenty of links to quite interesting video interviews about DU, in case that is your preferred way to gather info: http://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Archive
  15. ForlornFoe

    Arctic Logistics

    Looks fairly well thought out, welcome to the community and safe travels.
  16. ForlornFoe

    Hello everyone! I'm excited to be here!

    Welcome to the community, you are not alone in being more experienced in RTS than MMO games. NQ will let us know beforehand when this current pledging campaign ends, after that the pledge options might very well change. There is still plenty of time to fit into the community, go at your own pace. I will list some community-related links to places I personally think as useful, maybe they will be of use. Or you can just ignore them, which is usually smart when dealing with unknown links. Regardless, a good day to you. http://dusleepers.fr/index.html <-- A fan-made site listing Dual Universe's main happenings and info about some of the organisations. DU Explorers <-- Organisation that works as a smaller community, especially active in Discord and a good way to chat with various fellows. http://www.du-stats.com/cmap/ <-- DU community's personnel and organisations visually interpreted.
  17. ForlornFoe

    Will Mechas be possible?

    As far as my limited understanding goes, big reason there will be no wheeled vehicles is due to physics calculating ground contact being very taxing for server. Mobile mech contructs requiring some ground contact would probably have that same problem, though on a smaller scale. Tech-savvy fellows, please correct. And as many have mentioned, no rotating or such elements in release version... But it is not completely shut off (yet?) as an option to have those later on. I Would love to see some walking machines.
  18. Welcome aboard, starting strong I see. Recommending a link to the org page, it might bring in some more visitors too lazy/busy to use search at the moment. I like the description, nice take on the usually elusive morality questions and about taking sides. Does your art of war also include support roles, like logistics (and maybe medical)?
  19. ForlornFoe

    Introducing the DU Search Engine

    Awe-inspiring work, handy and interesting data in a simple visual format. Many thanks for your efforts. (What, 'friend map'? Did not even know there was such a forum mechanic... Ignorance is bliss?) EDIT: Seeing as the colour scheme is red-green I would imagine colourblind fellows have really hard time reading the community map.
  20. ForlornFoe

    Hi, twoshell

    Welcome aboard, looks like you have already found a place for yourself. The website is glorious, though I agree with Ryzekanzler that it might be too good (=taxing) for a frequented site. Regardless, all the best to you and maybe see you in the alpha test.
  21. ForlornFoe

    What time is the live stream, GDC Q&A with JC

    Yamamushi just notified that the stream is up. https://www.facebook.com/dualuniverse/
  22. ForlornFoe

    The Nexus - A home to everyone

    Orgs devoid of big personal commitments but abundant in companionship are the best (personal opinion), nicely done putting this together.
  23. ForlornFoe

    Who else cant wait till the alpha release!

    Welcome aboard, hopefully your interest keeps up for a couple of months more until we get to even test the game. Seems like you made this topic in slightly wrong subforum, the Arkship Pub is the preferred meet & greet place. But that is an honest mistake and even easier to make when excited. Ask away if there is a need, thought I bet most questions already have an answer if you have the patience to look for them. Dual Universe FAQ/Sources and DU wiki are excellent starting points.
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    Lock-on system should allow at least homing bombs (SALH and the such systems), which would be much cheaper than missiles. I would love to see some good old bombing runs, and Twerk's examples sound really fabulous for spicing things up. Slightly off-topic when talking about aerial bombs, but hey: How about explosive charges (=bombs too)? Would be pretty nice to have a placeable (lock-on with extremely limited range) explosives so breaching parties don't need to haul a missile launcher just for wrecking doors and walls.