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  1. Well, NQ has been clear on their vision. They want a math-based dynamic hit-chance mode. More or less, if you go faster than the enemy's weapons angular tracking speed is, you reudce the chance to be hit and i f yo uget hit, yo utake less damage (cause the proejctile is bouncing / glancing off / grazing your ship, as you go faster than the bullet itself). And yes, that means, if you fly in a spiral, the enemy will have trouble hitting you. And on top of that, NQ can easily create a virtual cone of fire for their math calculations. They already got Aerodynamic Profiles in the devdiaries,
  2. @Dorlas Well, in EVE Online, in the alliance I was, we had ranks like "Reservist" for people who are not hardcores, but are in the military as well. Reservists could gain access to many jobs, given they got the trtaining for it. So a reservist on a carrier, will of course not enjoy the same payment as a full-time pilot for example - or luxuries of course -. but they do got lots of jobs they can do - given they know how to do them and they got the neccessary training, as always. So, one day you may be a gunner on a bomber, the other, a paratrooper, the other, an engineer doing rep
  3. You clearly didn't notice we are the only ones with a plan to build a proper city with other orgs also welcome to shape the future of Tortuga. Yes, we are actively pursuing making a freeport called Tortuga.
  4. Ultrasmurfs? O_o I'm more of a Chaos Marines guy myself.
  5. Who said the Band of Outlaws is disorganised? O_o Seems to me our Meme Factory works on the clock . And while every other org suffers from inner drama, the Band of Outlaws is just a utopia. That's cause of our Zero Drama Policy. So... yeah, we are organised and have rules. It's just our people respect the rules and we don't have to whip them every 30 seconds to remind them about the rules. Why do they respect them rules? Cause of our Zero Drama Policy The almighty banhammer is always at the ready to vanquish drama queens. Cheers.
  6. Yeah, exactly. People need to realise capital ships have capital ships logistics. What is a capital ship logistics? Crew, repairs, refuelling, protection, docking, upgrades and the fact that once the ship is out of a dock? That ship is its own little floating village, and a captain needs to manage that little village, with all its politics, annoyances, whining and constant bickering between people. People just want to be Captain Kirk, minus the inconvenience of the responsibility for the ship, just the fun stuff, always, not the logistics or being yelled at for not managing your shi
  7. Call yourselves Templars O.o who actually started by fighting to protect the caravan roads. And no, a crusader is not a person that fights in a name of a god. Wearing a cross on your chest doesn't amke you a holy warrior. I can see you are not familiar with actual history, so I will just let the comment "muslims had their own crusader moment" thing fly by. Those people that news dub "jihadists" are not that, same way the rapists and murderers who went on the crusades were no christians. Do not get caught on sensationalism. Middle-Eastern countries may have differences culturally, but all
  8. Yeah, see, this is the problem. You claiming you are an ex-soldier of the UMF can work. You claiming "I was the hero of the [Battle that happened between player orgs]" is not gonna fly well, you''ll only be trolled and mocked if you did so. RP has its place. And DU has its "religious fundamentalists" in the form of some nihilist terrorists who want everyone on Earth to die and are opposed to the idea of the Arkships... So, if your thing is to murder people and see the game burn to the ground, hey, you got a group you can RP as. If Captain American can get away with Hydra infiltrating
  9. Is this a real thread? Numbers matter only if you do zerg tactics. DU is not a game where Zerg tactics pay off, if anything Zerg tactics wil lbleed your bank empty in DU. Try and fight a war without having money, I'm sure it will work just fine. Also, Youtuber communities are easily the most volatile ones. Here's a simple plan for destroying a youtuber's community. Step 1 : Record them out of context saying the N-Word, C-Word, P-Word, F-Word or any derogatory term about latinos, africans, caucassians, asians and shit, even Australians - we all know Australia is a fake country anywa
  10. @MookMcMook It's not exactly acceleration, but angular Acceleration and Angular Velocity that determines if yo uget hit, then it's your ship's print / profile. You can have a giant mothership, with highly advanced guns, like super fast charging railguns, but the guns are still limitedby friction , mass and most importantly, the rate at which computers solve the equations invovled for the guns to "lead" the target, called a firing solution, something very real. Of course, you CAN have a ship built with smaller caliber guns, that they are lighter, thus they can turn ea
  11. @MookMcMook You can't really fight a smaller ship with a bigger ship, for the same reason you can't easily hit a fly as it buzzes around you - tracking. Big guns, take time to turn, cause they got mass, so they can't keep up with a smaller and faster vessel. It's why Capital Ships IRL have escort ships smaller ships that can fend off equal size vessels. Will that Space Battleship have like 10000mm armor plating ? Yes. Will the smaller fleet be able to stop it alone? Most likely no. But they can destroy the battleship's weapons... or thrusters... or sensors. Enough to drive o
  12. Indeed. I find it funny most people think they will be 100% in Space, all the time, no hindernace. Personally, I'd spend my time hunting people, in a forest, just to build that Highscore, also known as "Bounty Pool". We all know the more the Bounty on your head, the better you are, right? In a game where no PVE quests exist, someone has to be the Quest Objective.
  13. 1) Synthesizers are the predeccessors to Midi Keyboards. 2) Jukeboxes are easy to make. And again, without the proper library, Lua is not able to do anything - that goes for any language / script.If NQ implements SOME of the Lua libraries available for Front-End Lua scripts, the same effect as that of JS for playli9sts and the such can be achieved in the DOM. 3) Sound Editing is not essential. Good physics, no broken netcode, Customer Service, developmenet, those are essentia;l. Sound eiditing is something you can do off the game and import it via HTML - which again, them sound units in-
  14. You previous described a jukebox, now you describe a synthesizer. Those two things are not the same.- even if you can save a sequence to be played on a synth as a sample. And again, Lua is limited to its library and the methods that the developers allow for you to use it with. Even if they were to add predefined 8-bit music notes, sound editing would be off the books, cause the would not want trolls to make White Noise generators that would make it a hell-hole of a game. What you ask for, is a synthesizer. And, on top of that, you ask NQ to save up songs you make on their servers - which
  15. https://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_audio.asp That was the HTML5 part. This is its DOM : https://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_av_dom.asp So, unless NovaQuark turns Lua into Javascript - cause they won't allow players to use javascripts for certain - I can't see your thing happening without actually treating an object like a Jukebox, pressing a button, playign a song, then pressing another button, to play another song. You can't just "will" Lua to do what you want it to do, it has its limits.
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