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  1. Well, NQ has been clear on their vision. They want a math-based dynamic hit-chance mode. More or less, if you go faster than the enemy's weapons angular tracking speed is, you reudce the chance to be hit and i f yo uget hit, yo utake less damage (cause the proejctile is bouncing / glancing off / grazing your ship, as you go faster than the bullet itself). And yes, that means, if you fly in a spiral, the enemy will have trouble hitting you. And on top of that, NQ can easily create a virtual cone of fire for their math calculations. They already got Aerodynamic Profiles in the devdiaries, which are a base for Cross-Sections on ships. Cross-Section = your print on the base of a Cone of Fire. So, a small ship, flying in spirals, has a very VERY small chance of being hit. But... uh, yeah, if you get hit, cause it was not your lucky day, or if the person manning the ship is like, a Jedi, and they swivel the ship's around to match your motions, you may actually get shot quite easily, as the algorithm would interprete the firing ship's X,Y,Z spiral twist of the nose as evening out your movement at a distance. Talk about mad skills at that point, you got outclassed if that happens, which quite honestly, I don't got an issue with, if a person is THAT good at the game, they should murder any smaller ship with their insane levels of skills. Is there a chance of such a person doing that? Yes,. Will it be often? Not really. It's just people think Star Wars when they think space combat, AKA, World War 2 but in space. Whichi s far from how real space combat would happen.
  2. @Dorlas Well, in EVE Online, in the alliance I was, we had ranks like "Reservist" for people who are not hardcores, but are in the military as well. Reservists could gain access to many jobs, given they got the trtaining for it. So a reservist on a carrier, will of course not enjoy the same payment as a full-time pilot for example - or luxuries of course -. but they do got lots of jobs they can do - given they know how to do them and they got the neccessary training, as always. So, one day you may be a gunner on a bomber, the other, a paratrooper, the other, an engineer doing repairs, the next, running inventory on the birds the carrier carries - essentially, checking if each bird has the ncessarry munitions and fuel on it, in-case of emergency. I know of the guilds you speak of in WoW, sadly, I was a raid leader for 5 years on a hardcore guild up until Cataclysm - whichI called quits and gave up on that game. I also played games like Lineage II, where people who can live and breathe the game paly 24/7. Those two games though had limited amounts of people on the whole server. Games like EVE Online, have a 22000 capacity per star system. If you were to bring everyone on the server in WoW, on Thunderbluff, you'd be banned - as Swifty from Warrior Tricks fame was, . And DU aims to DWARF that number from EVE. So yeah, while dedicated top guns are not easy to find - and good ones at that - reservists can easily be found abundant. And everyone needs a reservist. But captains? Officers? Those are more or less, for lack of a better word, a second job - as some fleet commadnrs in EVE I know would put it. You need to know : 1) Intelligence - scouts reports on enemy movement 2) what kind of reserves you got as a backup 3) fleet tactics on your end as well as the enemy's 4) have an open schedule for some 8 hour long fleets - which are really really often. 5) more or less knowing who each enemy fleet commander is by name and by extension in DU, know what ship is a flagship of what person. Of course, if the captain is not online, the X.O (Executive Officer) is the one to take the reigns - who also has the privilege of running this literaly second job. Then you got a Tertiary Officer, who is there IN-CASE both the Captain and the X.O. are not online or are dead. And after that, you also need a dedicated Navigator who knows how to fly the ship, cause it's not a cheap fighter, this Battleship costs money, so you don't want a bad pilot flying the ship, right? And then, you also got this Flagship chain of command in-case the flagship is destroyed and the fleet needs an acting commander on site to take the reins. So, for every CAPITAL ship, you got at least 4 people who literally have to drop what they are doing and log in, who need to stay in touch with the game constantly, in order to run that mini fortress floating in space. And, of course, with the benefit of running the battleship, you also get the benefit of being the SOLE PERSON TO BLAME for anything that goes bad during a fight. i bet 99% of the people has checked off the checkbox "Battleship" by now. That's why I stick to my realistic view of a scout/stealth role for me. No responsibility, just fly around an asteroid belt, and find if there's anything fishy.
  3. You clearly didn't notice we are the only ones with a plan to build a proper city with other orgs also welcome to shape the future of Tortuga. Yes, we are actively pursuing making a freeport called Tortuga.
  4. Ultrasmurfs? O_o I'm more of a Chaos Marines guy myself.
  5. Who said the Band of Outlaws is disorganised? O_o Seems to me our Meme Factory works on the clock . And while every other org suffers from inner drama, the Band of Outlaws is just a utopia. That's cause of our Zero Drama Policy. So... yeah, we are organised and have rules. It's just our people respect the rules and we don't have to whip them every 30 seconds to remind them about the rules. Why do they respect them rules? Cause of our Zero Drama Policy The almighty banhammer is always at the ready to vanquish drama queens. Cheers.
  6. Yeah, exactly. People need to realise capital ships have capital ships logistics. What is a capital ship logistics? Crew, repairs, refuelling, protection, docking, upgrades and the fact that once the ship is out of a dock? That ship is its own little floating village, and a captain needs to manage that little village, with all its politics, annoyances, whining and constant bickering between people. People just want to be Captain Kirk, minus the inconvenience of the responsibility for the ship, just the fun stuff, always, not the logistics or being yelled at for not managing your ship right from the people who gave you the super-giant battleship cause they trusted you with it. Of course, only a battleship will satisfy some people, minus the downtime between combat. Oh, people will say "what are you talking about Twerk? If someone dares tell me, the Almighty [Irrelevant Derpson Name Space Captain Wannabe] what to do, I will mutiny and leave the org and see them cry about me stealing their ship, lol". Yeah, the moment you do that, you have a crew that can actually klll you and return the ship to reap the rewards of being loyal to the alliance - who knows, by becoming the next captain, or a reward in general ... like not losing all the money they got in the alliance bank... or their stored wealth back home. Well, people will have to realise that the bigger the ship, the more the responsibilities for it. And while I do think people don't have time for gaming 24/7, I do think everyone will have a spot in a navy's carriers. Why? Cause carriers are not near the frontline, they fight from long ranges with their fighters, so they act more like a mobile base, while their fighter groups can organise missions. And carriers' fighters, also work for scouting missions. It just pisses me to no end, seeing people wanting things to be handed to them, in a game about emergent gameplay. It's why personally, I will fly a small fighter built for maximum stealth and just work by scouting with a ship, or on the ground - hopefully with a melee weapon *croses fingers*. As I said, all carriers need people doing scouting missions. Cheers.
  7. Call yourselves Templars O.o who actually started by fighting to protect the caravan roads. And no, a crusader is not a person that fights in a name of a god. Wearing a cross on your chest doesn't amke you a holy warrior. I can see you are not familiar with actual history, so I will just let the comment "muslims had their own crusader moment" thing fly by. Those people that news dub "jihadists" are not that, same way the rapists and murderers who went on the crusades were no christians. Do not get caught on sensationalism. Middle-Eastern countries may have differences culturally, but all of them celebrate Salladin as the person who kicked the murderous crusaders off of their lands. Trust me, you don't really want to be associated with the crusaders, there is a lot of bias on that word culturally over this part of the world. As for Conan Exiles, I used to play the MMO, Age of Conan, and my class was a Herald of Xotli. So, if you like demons from dark dimensions that even Mitra is scared of, you can look that up. Just don't try to inject fantasy elements in an MMO based around science. It won't work well . Do allegories instead, like the Judge Dredd series, where Lady Justice is an idea, not an actual goddess. Cheers. P.S :Star Wars is not sci-fi FYI, it's Space Fantasy. It has as much to do with actual science as Lord of the Rings has.
  8. Yeah, see, this is the problem. You claiming you are an ex-soldier of the UMF can work. You claiming "I was the hero of the [Battle that happened between player orgs]" is not gonna fly well, you''ll only be trolled and mocked if you did so. RP has its place. And DU has its "religious fundamentalists" in the form of some nihilist terrorists who want everyone on Earth to die and are opposed to the idea of the Arkships... So, if your thing is to murder people and see the game burn to the ground, hey, you got a group you can RP as. If Captain American can get away with Hydra infiltrating a top secret organisation in the span of 70 years, anything is possible . Just don't put things like "crusaders" in your org's lore. That is asking to be messed with. Crusaders were ex-convicts who were given pardons in order to go and commit crimes against fellow christians in Constantinopole and Asia Minor territories and then go murder half a million muslims and christians in the middle-east - not to mention how much Jerusalem suffered under the crusaders. You may be american or not familiar with history, but 90% of eastern europeans and almost 100% of any Middle-Eastern players will see your "crusader" comment, as Jews see the word "Nazi". But hey, if you want to RP as something like the Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout 3, using the image of a knight, and being an Anti-PK group, sure, I don't find any issue with it, heck, you can even claim some dead - or almost dead - dogma, like Mithraism, as your worship. Yes, Tolkien was an unoriginal british fella who stole 99% of his Lore from other cultures. Mithrantir (Gandalf's real name) is based on the mth of Mithra. Of course, Tolkien's real work is on the message of his stories, not the lore itself. And take that as a guideline for your lore, the MESSAGE, not the lore. Nobody wants to hear how "badass" you are or how "divinely ordained" your group is. Make your lore about what you stand for without belittling others. Cheers.
  9. Is this a real thread? Numbers matter only if you do zerg tactics. DU is not a game where Zerg tactics pay off, if anything Zerg tactics wil lbleed your bank empty in DU. Try and fight a war without having money, I'm sure it will work just fine. Also, Youtuber communities are easily the most volatile ones. Here's a simple plan for destroying a youtuber's community. Step 1 : Record them out of context saying the N-Word, C-Word, P-Word, F-Word or any derogatory term about latinos, africans, caucassians, asians and shit, even Australians - we all know Australia is a fake country anyway, a girl on youtube said so, so it must be true. #flat-earth #NASA-is-fake Step 2 : Publish the video, wait for the Youtube Neural Network to take a whiff of that negativity and then wait for Polygon to write a clickbait piece on said youtuber, with such Pulitzer-worthy titles as "[Youtuber Name] are NAZI supporters". Step 3 : Make a catchy #hashtag and ask the youtuber's advertisement firms to shut them down. Step 4 : Make a Sub-Reddit where you parallelize the youtuber with Keemstar, so Keemstar brings them on Drama Alert so the Youtuber eventually loses their mind and starts going mental on Twitter after Keemstar is done spreading lies on how the youtuber is a Pedophile. Step 5 : Watch how the SJWs inside the youtuber's community begin a civil war that tears them apart. Step 6 : Win. Youtuber communities are a joke. Any community built around a personality is a joke.
  10. @MookMcMook It's not exactly acceleration, but angular Acceleration and Angular Velocity that determines if yo uget hit, then it's your ship's print / profile. You can have a giant mothership, with highly advanced guns, like super fast charging railguns, but the guns are still limitedby friction , mass and most importantly, the rate at which computers solve the equations invovled for the guns to "lead" the target, called a firing solution, something very real. Of course, you CAN have a ship built with smaller caliber guns, that they are lighter, thus they can turn easier on a swivel, so they can hit smaller ships, but this is the problem. Smaller guns == less effective range. The reason guns are built bigger, is so they can hit further. And this is the problem essentially, the moment a Captital ship arrives, that can OUTRANGE youy in effectiveness, you are dead. This is why you don't build a gun THEN fit it onto a ship, you got a ship, it has a purpose. Sure, you can put missiles, rockets, artillery or railguns and lasers on it, they all got their weakness. Even something like a laser, would still not be "best" since lasers lose potency over long ranges but being much more accurate. I know it sounds "impossible", since most MMOs are built around "bigger is better", but in reality, biger means just more responsibility. Any ship shpe has a place in DU. And DU follows EVE's model of combat. Battleships in EVE are nothing without frigates and destroyers around them to protect them from E-Warfare frigates that go around at 5000 m/s, making the Battleship unable to attack and essentially ,being a punchbag until it runs out of energy and explodes. You may say "buit that's a coward's way of fighting, 50 smaller ships vs 1 giant ship". Yes, and Sun Tzu, the guy who wrote the Art of War, spoken of a death by a thousand cuts. This is a clip from EVE to showcase the issue with Capital ships. The moment the ship locks onto a person, that person immediately leaves the battle, cause if they stay., they will die, while all others on that fleet keep hammerign away at the Carrier Same will go down in DU
  11. @MookMcMook You can't really fight a smaller ship with a bigger ship, for the same reason you can't easily hit a fly as it buzzes around you - tracking. Big guns, take time to turn, cause they got mass, so they can't keep up with a smaller and faster vessel. It's why Capital Ships IRL have escort ships smaller ships that can fend off equal size vessels. Will that Space Battleship have like 10000mm armor plating ? Yes. Will the smaller fleet be able to stop it alone? Most likely no. But they can destroy the battleship's weapons... or thrusters... or sensors. Enough to drive off the battleship - which is why would you even attack it with a smaller force in the first place. People should not forget, capital ships are meant to fight off other capital sihps - if you bring out a capital to fight off frigates, you might need to reconsider the logistics of your fleet
  12. Indeed. I find it funny most people think they will be 100% in Space, all the time, no hindernace. Personally, I'd spend my time hunting people, in a forest, just to build that Highscore, also known as "Bounty Pool". We all know the more the Bounty on your head, the better you are, right? In a game where no PVE quests exist, someone has to be the Quest Objective.
  13. 1) Synthesizers are the predeccessors to Midi Keyboards. 2) Jukeboxes are easy to make. And again, without the proper library, Lua is not able to do anything - that goes for any language / script.If NQ implements SOME of the Lua libraries available for Front-End Lua scripts, the same effect as that of JS for playli9sts and the such can be achieved in the DOM. 3) Sound Editing is not essential. Good physics, no broken netcode, Customer Service, developmenet, those are essentia;l. Sound eiditing is something you can do off the game and import it via HTML - which again, them sound units in-game would simply use the Audio element from HTML, cause it's easy and it's something they foresaw, that's why they went with CoherentGT for their in-game dispalys. 4) You assume you'll be the only one using the Sound Unit. 10000 players, with 271KB stored, that's 2.7 GB. And that's assuming only 1 SPU per person. Or people who just want to troll. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel in DU when it comes to making music, you can make music offline and you can have Lua in-game have a Media library for the Media in HTML. Only thing missing then, is you calling the stored song and playing via stream - which is how it's done for obvious reasons. Sure, NQ can even add a "serverClock()" function for people to synchronise the radio across the whole server - yes, there is such a thing as 24hours playlist science , math can solve any problem. But no matter what, NQ would be shooting themselves on the foot if they were to allow people to make CANCER nosies, like Brownian sounds or White Noises to annoy people. I'd much rather have them optimise CPU usage for VoIP. VoIP > In-game Synthesisers
  14. You previous described a jukebox, now you describe a synthesizer. Those two things are not the same.- even if you can save a sequence to be played on a synth as a sample. And again, Lua is limited to its library and the methods that the developers allow for you to use it with. Even if they were to add predefined 8-bit music notes, sound editing would be off the books, cause the would not want trolls to make White Noise generators that would make it a hell-hole of a game. What you ask for, is a synthesizer. And, on top of that, you ask NQ to save up songs you make on their servers - which is where the "SPU memory " is located at, theirr servers. See why they went with HTML5 now? HTML5 works with urls, NQ only has to stream the song onto a screen or possible speakers, they don't got the save anything on their servers. In-fact, you can download a midi-keyboard, make a song, upload it on G-Drive and copy paste its URL into the game on a screen.
  15. https://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_audio.asp That was the HTML5 part. This is its DOM : https://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_av_dom.asp So, unless NovaQuark turns Lua into Javascript - cause they won't allow players to use javascripts for certain - I can't see your thing happening without actually treating an object like a Jukebox, pressing a button, playign a song, then pressing another button, to play another song. You can't just "will" Lua to do what you want it to do, it has its limits.
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