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  1. Too bad the Lua slaves are keeping the best uses for this to themselves
  2. More people is good for business, both in terms of NQ getting more subs, and me lining my pockets with the pretend quanta money of the witless masses :3
  3. Well since HTML is already a thing in the game, if it allows gifs and videos, I would assume it can also allow audio if NQ decides to code that into the game. Setting up audio to play from the monitor that has HTML for an audio player on it shouldn't be hard to code. However, then in order to get your music to play in the game, you would have to be hosting it outside of the game in a playable format (wav, mp3, etc.) as opposed to doing something like what Archeage did where you would make the music in the game using MML (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_Macro_Language), or rather make the music outside of the game using a program, convert it to MML, then paste it into a music sheet in the game. imo they should just let HTML do it's thing and make the sound play from the monitor. Maybe they can add a "speaker" module that you can hook up to the monitor as a sound output.
  4. It's a meme XD lol why are you taking this seriously http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/to-be-fair-you-have-to-have-a-very-high-iq-to-understand-rick-and-morty
  5. Veln

    Go to Jail!!!!

    Well think of it this way, if you want to play, you can kill yourself and drop your stuff, which is what would happen if they just killed you anyway. This isn't really a mandatory jail system like in Archeage, where going to jail means you can't do anything for 45 minutes even if you die (which imo is stupid). There arn't any mechanics implemented by NQ to make this work like a jail at all. In the original post I was just pointing out that using force field mechanics, you could trap players so they couldn't leave.
  6. Veln

    Go to Jail!!!!

    But who gets to choose the price? If that's the method of handling the suicide mechanic, imo the price should be based on how much their inventory is worth, and the distance to the spawn. We want to make sure people can't exploit that to move goods around faster than they would be able to with a ship. Personally I think normal "suicide and drop all your stuff" would be a sufficient game play solution for getting out of jail. Otherwise you can pay/beg them to let you go, or wait to get rescued and hope they don't get bored and kill you XD
  7. Veln

    Go to Jail!!!!

    I'd like to bring up in the interactive elements tutorial at about 8:22, there's the force field element. Whats stopping someone from making a trap, or jail, and keeping players in that area? If you get stuck there, what could you even do to get out? It seems like you'd have to either get killed or beg the owner to let you out. I'd also be interested to see what the force fields can do when attached to a moving vehicle. What if you made a flying cage made out of force fields to capture people, and then drag them back to your base? What do you think? Is this the new police system? Is this the new pirate ransom system? Or should this be balanced so people can't do it.
  8. Why do you care about the reputation points? XD They don't mean anything
  9. Veln


    imo the only 'intelligent' aliens (as in npcs that would do combat with you) should be mysterious and extremely rare. Maybe there's a secret 1/10000 chance that when you use a warpgate while holding rare materials, the aliens intercept you and try to steal it or something (pretty much what they did in Elite Dangerous) I don't think there should be a whole ton of aliens running around as cannon fodder, and I don't think fighting them off all the time should be a thing. As for alien creatures, I think having a farm sounds like a kool idea, maybe NQ will make a goat that poops silk and you can use it to make clothing (or just sell it).
  10. But it's supposed to do that XD Psychological Warfare!!!
  11. imo if they're going to have a skill que system that gives you skills on a timer, they should do this: Have cryopods with foggy glass so you can't tell if there's a player model inside or not (because there won't be, to go easy on the server). If you log off by getting into a cryopod, you're safe and your skill que continues to count down while you're offline. If you log out or disconnect without using a cryopod, you'll remain in the game world for 15 minutes, and then disappear from the game world. Logging out like this will cause your skill que to training skills while you're offline. This way players arn't brutally penalized, but are incentivized to use cryopods, creating an immersion friendly way of logging in and out. Rules to still iron out: -What happens if the cryopod you're in gets destroyed/removed while you're offline? -What happens if you log out without using a cryopod, and someone builds on top of where you logged out? -What happens if someone builds around your cryopod, and there's no room for your character to get out?
  12. Yes but can it spin as fast? I'll probably try making both XD thanks for the suggestions!
  13. I think you're seriously underestimating how big the planet is XD Even if you had 10,000 people digging 8 hours a day nonstop (which is pretty unrealistic), you'd still only dig out a measly 10% of the planet after 19 years of daily grueling mining. Not to mention, you'll also have to move the ore and sell it/use it, and move the ore around. It's not like you can just dig forever, I doubt they'll give us an infinite inventory. Also there are going to be a lot of planets in the starting solar system, not to mention the moons and asteroids. They'll probably introduce new solar systems later too. Also, it's not like everyone is going to be mining all the time. A lot of people are going to be traders/pirates/military personnel/governors/builders/planners.
  14. Minecraft doesn't have resources that regenerate, and they seem to be doing fine. Considering Alioth is going to be much deeper than a minecraft world, I can't imagine that running out of ore in the game would become a problem.
  15. It's good that the poll seems to have a nice spread. We won't have 500 people mass producing 7 ships a week each and like 5 people doing pvp XD
  16. Some players in the community have already said they want their gameplay to be like this. imo you should be able to spend days flying through space to get to a far off planet, but that doesn't mean everyone's going to do it. Most people won't do it unless there's a good reason to. You can't make up other people's minds for them. If that type of game play isn't fun for you, don't do it. But you can't tell people what is or isn't fun to them. And if there's a super ultra-rare ore that you need for crafting and it's only in the Korpadorp galaxy that's 5000000 SU away, then pay someone to go get it for you, because someone is going to be willing to go get it.
  17. Thanks for the suggestions, but I assure you the WhirlyDoopTM will work fine the way it is designed. Regardless I will take your suggestions into consideration, and if people want it to move faster I'll add a single rocket in the center so it can stop spinning and move forward.
  18. Well that would just mean you'd have to outmatch the territory you're trying to claim. That's pretty standard for pvp in any game. Regardless, I don't think NQ said anything about needing to have an adjacent TCU in order to claim a territory; but there was a discussion on the forums about it (which I'm having trouble finding) My personal opinion on whether or not you should need a TCU in an adjacent territory in order to attack someone, depends on what the rules of engagement (or lack of rules) are, which have also not being specified by NQ yet.
  19. In the script, there will be two modes for the WhirlyDooptm. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Move Mode The rockets will turn on and off dynamically to move in the desired direction. The rockets will follow this behavior: 1. Check which direction the controller wants to go in. 2. If this (the rocket) is within 90 degrees of that direction, turn on. 3. When this (the rocket) isn't within 90 degrees of that direction, turn off. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE Just turn on all the rockets at once ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But even in Move Mode, the WhirlyDooptm isn't designed to travel long distances. For that reason, we are developing a WhirlyDooptm Deployment System, that will bring the WhirlyDooptm to your enemies in record time
  20. I don't think CCP (the owners of Eve) could sue over that XD it's too hard to claim copyright infringement over an aspect of a story like that. A similar case happened way back when Hollywood tried to sue Nintendo because Donkey Kong kidnapping a girl and climbing up a building, was too similar to King Kong kidnapping a girl and climbing up a building.
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