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  1. Or better, just dig a hole underground and stay there?
  2. Core and hangar sizes are the standards for now. Other then that, if players will be needing more standards they'll automatically create them. That's what is called "meta".
  3. "With great power comes great responsabilities" cit. If you want power you'll have to work hard to get and mantain it. (Ye, this isn't really what spiderman meant) Regarding OP: You can create the organization you want now, at release or years after that. It does not matter if there's a similar one already: if yours is better you'll succed, otherwise fail. That said, that mentality you have isn't really going to work for this kind of path, you're already demoralized before even starting.
  4. Wheels: Hovers are pretty much a better version. Rotors: if we manage to create rails, we can probably make rotors. Rails: You can maybe build them with voxels? Or tunnels so that the "train" follows a path? Or script its path? Sliders: same. So, there are alternatives. They said once that wheels are a problem because they collide with ground, and that is taxing on the server, so I'd imagine that "moving parts" in general have the same issue (they move, so they can collide and that creates load on the server, like space engineers after all, collisions are always problematic).
  5. As you can see on youtube tutorials, there's tons of scripting, linking, physics and so on, even without rotors or pistons there's a lot you can do.
  6. discordauth:vQk-v-3hBnY6zEw2Nm-dWe5mUYOKpwRJoegR1JmsFCw=

  7. they said pistons and rotors will come after release
  8. you should enable multiple choices, since we don't know how the game is going to shape in details
  9. Nope: -Drug effects are not necessarily noticeable. -Many territories and orgs will have visitors and players crossing their borders, for various reasons, especially for $$$. You can't kick them from the org/territory because they provide economical benefits to you. Other than that: -Like in the real world, when someone gets caught gets punished ( pay a fine, get ejected from the org/territory, any other punishment the players decide, ...). And there's nothing wrong with that.
  10. You can create a building by using many constructs, each one is an apartment with its own core unit
  11. No, permissions for a tile come from its territorial unit, I'm talking about core units that are the elements you use to create constructs (that are smaller than the entire tile)
  12. You place a core unit and give permissions to build in the core unit zone to someone, and that's how devs intend to allow that. The discussion was about creating zones without the need of core units. While elements or constructs are not so hard to track because they're in small quantities, it's not the same for voxels.
  13. It could be easily fixed by adding a tool to select a volume (like tool 6 does) and by giving the option to define permissions for that volume (that would be a sub part of the construct, like a construct is a sub part of a territory tile). But it doesn't have to be, apartments are remunerative and not time consuming, so their owners can easily afford to buy a few small core units.
  14. I think it's a good idea to add drugs, but needs to be done properly. What makes drugs different from simple buffs? They have the downside of being illegal and the upside of being stronger. What defines an item illegal in DU? The law is made by the players, so they're the ones who decide what's illegal and what's not. NQ can't simply add an item in game and say "Hey, that item is illegal", because noone would care. Why players would want to declare an item illegal? Why it is in the real world? Because it is damaging for the player who uses it AND ALL THE OTHERS. What do we need to make an "illegal drug" be possible in the game: -A strong istantaneous positive buff on the player. -A strong negative effect that last longer, but acts only after the first effect ended (you can take more drug to interrupt that effect, but the negative effect stacks later = addiction gameplay) -An effect that damages all the other players, not physically, but economically. Example: you use drugs and the pollution on a certain tile (or group of tiles) increase, giving a debuff to all other players, elements and items in that area. If it's just a couple of people using drugs the pollution is still manageable, but if there's a lot of drug residues in the air it quickly becomes a problem, so much that can cause depopulation because that territory isn't worth living in anymore. A nation, to protect itself, will likely declare that drug illegal to prevent that from happening. Different drugs have different effects and depending on what the nation is specialized in and what's the territory purpose, they may decide to make them all illegal or just a few ( a nation specialized in military activities, may decide to let players use a drug that has as downside " x% reduction on resources mined", while a mining corp would certainly ban that drug in its territories)
  15. You can add more veins or let players craft quantas from many different resources, it's not really a problem
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