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  1. DICE is the Dual Universe gaming commission. We are made up of individuals from a variety of different DU organizations all with one common goal: to organize and officiate gaming and sporting events within Dual Universe. Events we will be organizing include but are not limited to: Hovercraft racing and leagues Star ship racing and leagues Arena sports and battles (player vs player- imagine halo or counter strike) (Construct vs Construct- Hovertanks?) (1v1, Teams, Free for all) Treasure hunts Mazes Gambling hall games DICE will not own its own land but intends to use facilities (tracks, arenas, Etc.) built by other organizations. Entry fees for the events will pay for using the facilities and go towards the prize money for the winner of the event. Events will be further subsidized by sponsors. DICE members may not participate in DICE events. Do you have an idea for a gaming event you would like to see in DU? Then feel free to drop us a message. **DICE used to be Interstellar Hovercraft Racing Committee(IHRC), but has now expanded to cover all organized sporting events in Dual Universe.** Here is the link to our community page. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/dice#tab-description Here is the link to our Discord (Open to all Refs, racers, fans) https://discord.gg/DSqKRjj Thanks for checking us out!
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    <Recruiting> The Solar Empire

    Been a while, since i have been on here... decided to come say hello
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome aboard
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    Introducing the DU Search Engine

    very nice job!
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    Solar Empire isn't limited to star wars fans. I'm a big WH40K fan as well I have been thinking of making a ship that is a good cross-between the 2. -For the greater good!
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    Discord Banners and Other Misc. Animations

    Awesome job!!! Very well made!
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    Find people that you are actually going to get along with and have fun. I joined Solar Empire (previously the galactic empire) because I was a big star wars fan. So I knew, I would probably get along well with the people in it. We're all here to have fun riight?
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    I asked the same thing when i first got on this forum, begging for steam!!! That is when I was more foolish and didn't realize everyone will play in the same sever... I was hoping for mods from the workshop, but realize that will never happen. Thus I don't care anymore if its on steam or not.
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    Why aren't there more crews?

    did you check out the outfit? https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-outfit
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    Decorative Elements

    I would like to have trees, plants and shrubs. They can make buildings on planets look nicer.
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    Diseases/viruses were wiped out in 2376 don't you remember? + nano-machines in our bodies would wipe them out anyways, geez. (I'm joking btw or am I)
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    Last Post Wins

    might as well do this
  13. Just trying to see what kind of community this will be. Are the majority of players wanting to live a live of peace, or do they have a lust for blood?
  14. Hello again, now i remember this thread lol. You called some of the orgs wacky, then end up being the main firefighter for Dual Secure how interesting....
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    hello to everyone :)

    Doing pretty great, besides the below zero temps, I'm sure you are experiencing the same thing over there. I'm from MN. Anyways Greetings from the DU Community, Hope you enjoy the ride.
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    What kind of Community is this?

    100 members have voted!! both is winning with literally 50% at 50 votes. Thanks everyone for voting, and helping show what kind of community this will be!
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    Hey Everyone!

    Greetings SkippyG! Yes the possibilities of the game are very exciting! You should know that unless you paid for a alpha key, you will sadly have to wait a while until you are unable to play it. In the meantime I would suggest joining a organization of your liking, or create one yourself! Im usually more of a hermit player myself, keeping to myself. But have decided to join a organization that interested me this time.
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    Ahh another passenger aboard the hype train, Welcome! Yes a lot of people have joined up already, take a look around on the DU community page, maybe you will see a org you like. Im usually the type to only be in a small group of friends, but have opted to join a larger organization for this game.
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    Solar Secure :: Shame On Both Sides

    Spam? Where?(looks around actually looking for spam)
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    DICE (DU Gaming Commission)

    If this person is truly interested they should jump on our discord and discuss it with us
  21. Xplosiv

    What will you be playing until DU launch ?

    Titanfall 2, hit me up if you wanna play! I have it on the xbox one