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  1. ShinyMagnemite


    Hello there~
  2. ShinyMagnemite

    WIP DUA Forum Signatures

    Let's make this bread.
  3. ShinyMagnemite

    Void League

    I fully agree with you moco, welcome back mm. On that note.
  4. Yes, more mod appreciation. lol but give users, like me, a warning before maximum punishment. Until the other day I had no idea what this was. ;D
  5. ShinyMagnemite

    DU in real life

    Ah, well thank you for the reminder. Tbh I don't pay too much attention to the dates of these topics, the art section isn't all that lively...
  6. Please stop necroing a lot.

    XOXO, -Kuritho

  7. ShinyMagnemite

    DU in real life

    When does something become necro to a game still in pre-alpha?
  8. Very noble goals and ideas there, @Alsan Teamaro. I hope Tilo prospers in the community!
  9. ShinyMagnemite

    Hi there

    Greetings there Scout! Just in case that ~forumauth didn't work, try posting it in your profile: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/profile/7476-scout/
  10. ShinyMagnemite

    Hi, im Ever_green

    Heyo~ Can't wait to play along side you and your org when Alpha 2 starts up early 2019. Enjoy what DU has to offer in the mean time and don't be a stranger!
  11. ShinyMagnemite

    Greetings, Zerrox here

    Hey, nice to meet someone coming into the community with such passion! Be sure to check out the videos NQ have posted on YouTube to get a quick sense of progress so far. https://www.youtube.com/user/dualthegame o7
  12. ShinyMagnemite

    Show your banner, emblem or the like

    I agree with you, simple is good! Ideally you would want to be able to recreate your logo/banner in-game after all. Here's a little something that I've been working on. The original logo was made by @Zralster, I've just been changing it up and playing around with it.
  13. ShinyMagnemite

    DU in real life

    This is perfect!
  14. ShinyMagnemite

    Inspirational Architecture

    Greatest thread in the forums.
  15. discordauth:FT5RNxka0fds8F-zzAstBwvo-krsTy_wlWh9Fldqn7k=