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  1. We have received multiple applications and the spot for Head of Exploration has been reserved until we have interviewed all applicants. The OP has been updated accordingly. Additionally, thanks to everyone who has sent in their supportive messages on the forums and Discord. We were pleasantly surprised to see this kind of encouragement from members of every corner of the DU community. ??
  2. We have a new position available for recruitment. The OP has been updated accordingly. Objective Dynamics: Head of Exploration Description Objective Driveyards is very interested in the field of exploration in different aspects. The Head of Exploration organizes the exploration missions by overseeing ship construction, selecting crew members, planning destinations, stops and routes, setting goals and managing resources. During longer exploration missions, ones to the outer planets of the system or completely new systems for example, the Head of Exploration is also tasked with establishing first outposts and becoming largely self-sufficient until the industrial fleet arrives to set up. But exploration doesn't happen just long-range, sometimes you want to know what's right in front of your door. During "social exploration" you scout for player hotspots, such as cities, markets, space stations and player bases, establish contact, revisit the locations regularly and track changes and progress of these hotspots so the corporate-state knows where economically advances areas are located. Responsibilities - Overseeing construction of exploration vessels - Planning of exploration missions to other celestial bodies - Setting up completely new bases and reaching a self-sustainable status - Coordinating regular scouting of known locations - Documenting and archiving progress of infrastructure on the ODY Management Board - Getting into contact with other organizations and territory owners Your profile - You have interest in extensive planning and long-tem management - You are a social person and have no problems engaging with strangers - You like thinking systematically - You have no problems working isolated and independent from a larger group - You enjoy the thought of being around the majr group you belong to only a limited amount of time
  3. Objective Driveyards [ODY] has a particular management structure that forsees to regularly replace members in management and leadership roles to keep up a quality standard, lessen stress on individuals selected for these roles and ensure the corresponding activites to be handled sufficiently and regularly developed further. In an evolving world and community like Dual Universe, you need to stay dynamic and adapt to situations at hand. Due to the restrictions with real life and the natural process of varying interest and motivation in a single game for most players, the vast majority of leadership roles in ODY are temporary. The active line-up of ODY members can't always fill these management roles to a satisfactory degree. For this reason, we are opening the positions in question up to people from outside our corporate-state. This means that you can be recruited into ODY and put into a leadership position right away - for many people, exactly what they want and for us an opportunity to expand our roster of talented and dedicated individuals. What you should know about Objective Driveyards What requirements do we have for leadership recruitment? What we offer you Currently available positions You can apply to the following positions: Objective Dynamics: Head of the Design Academy How to apply As you need to be recruited into ODY first, the regular recruitment process applies. Send us a written application on our website and join our Discord server and we'll move from there. Naturally, you can contact us at any point before that. Ask your questions in the topic, as personal message on the forums or on Discord. We'd love to have a chat with you. This post is updated regularly Last update: 14th February 2019
  4. Only after reading this I realized it said Australia and not Austria. Welcome from my side as well ?
  5. There will be a subscription fee for every supporter. The only exception to this rule are the people who backed the game with a Ruby pledge or higher very early on (kickstarter phase and a later pledges) and received a lifetime subscription for the price of 480€ (Which equals around 40 months or 3.3 years in subscription prices) However, for the price of 180€, you will be getting instant pre-alpha access and access beyond, so about 2 more years of free gameplay time until subscriptions are actually implemented. And even then, the Patron Pack will give you 12 DACs, which equal one year of gameplay time for no further cost, not to mention the huge list of additional stuff you get from the pack, including beta keys, territory units and vanity items. And let's also not forget that within that one year of gameplay time, you should definitely be able to earn enough money in-game to buy a DAC or two or build a business with which you can finance those subscriptions further on. And I usually assume that people who will actually still be around in three years, when you'd need to pay for subscriptions, are interested and active enough in the game to earn that amount of money. If I were you, I wouldn't think about it too much. Three years is a long time and you never know what your life might look like by then. Let's also not forget yet again that using the DACs, you can choose when to use them. "Posessing" the game doesn't cost anything. If within those five years, you were to play and pay for a subscription every single month, then yes, you'd pay about that much. Although then again, you'd probably also have enough in-game money in that case to just buy them off other players. But seeing the average gamer, I doubt the vast majority of people are interested and motivated enough to actually play the game every month. You might play for two or three months, then get interested in other games for a while until those become less interesting as well. Then you might find yourself returning to DU every now and then, but within 5 years, realistically you're more than likely to pay far less. *joins Kuritho in giggling*
  6. Welcome. Sounds you lived through the ususal EVE drama and escape with the usual EVE trauma? I wish you best of luck in DU. May your future environment be a relaxed one.
  7. Hello High Arbiter Maxim and welcome to the forums. I'd like to give you two answers for your questions, the first being the short one: Yes you can. The second one being the long version. I'd like to tell you how I as legate of a ship building corporation see the game, how the current situation in the community is and what is planned for the game in that aspect. I think that will answer all the concerns that lie beyond your questions. I'm director of the currently second largest third largest by now industrial corporation in the community, focusing in ships and hovercrafts. We have established our own internal 'hierarchy' and structure for the corporation, so there's leadership positions, different roles to fill and multiple branches and divisions. Over the past year, we have expanded this structure a lot and we're still not done. We have thought about a lot of mechanics to pay members / employees and reward them, how we track internal progression and how we delegate tasks and work. The system has become quite thorough by now and we can surely say there's a certain depth behind it. We're one of around 4, maybe 5 larger corporations that are generally known in the community. In order to rise attention, we publish advertising, we post messages on community boards and discord servers and we show presence wherever we can. Naturally, also in order to recruit more members because there's a good amount of competition. When we get applications, we usually receive them from a form on our website. We read through them and sometimes decide to invite these applicants to a voice interview on our Discord server where we explain how the corporation works and what they can do in our corporation. Logistics are one of many possibilities, we have one of three branches dedicated to logistics, production (or assembly in your case) and resources. The other branches are dedicated to military defense and research and development. As there are many organizations in the community, there's also always multiple orgs of the same kind. There are several nations, several corporations, several communities, it's rare for an org to be the only one of its kind. For this reason, it's especially difficult to establish something like a monopoly. There might me a market leader or a nation with the largest military, but there is always competition from many sides, even outside their own category. New organizations and with them new competition are created on a daily basis. Feel free to give it a shot on your own, as long as you are dedicated enough I'm content you can end up among the top few corporations as an early member of DU. The market is completely open and completely fair so far, it's a chance you can take. If you do, I wish you best of fun with it. Ultimately, it is exactly as you say or expect. NQ's vision of the game only supports this.
  8. I'm fascinated and quite relieved to see many particular things on the feature list. Shows that NQ can filter pretty well through all the suggestions and just how many they actually consider.
  9. @SirJohn85 I REALLY wish I could like that more than once. You know how to satisfy a weeb.
  10. As featured on JC's twitter, the ODS Tidepoint made a historical entry today as Objective Driveyard's first completely coordinated project, shown under construction by a large part of our over 35 alpha members. An amazing experience for all participants with lots of laughter and lots of fun.
  11. I know modular elements won't be ingame. It's almost... as if I just wrote that up as an idea for a future update For example as in a future expansion. Many years after launch... when the expansions are planned to happen I have to agree as well though, JC wants DU to be an immersive experience, he said that playable races, being alien or not, would be a step back from his vision for what DU is supposed to be. Then again, if there were enough interest in the future, they may add an alien content update similar to what Elite does. Ancient alien civs have been talked about in the early days of DU though. Sometimes linked to possible safe zones outside Alioth.
  12. All very nice points. I took the liberty to add your posts to the OP and link to your posts. I also expanded the list with another idea I had.
  13. Novaquark and JC have talked about expansions for DU coming after release in regular intervalls. One of these expansion is for example the one with which we'll get stargates and each of then has a theme or topic to it. While each of these ideas could probably fill a topic on their own, I'd like to collect a few brief descriptions of possible updates. Farming & Breeding Something that JC has reacted quite positively to when the topic was brought up during the GDC meetup. He said that if there's interest in the field, they'd seriously consider it. I can imagine growing industrial plants for certain materials like padding, bases for plastics, medicinical herbs and the likes as well. As for breeding, since there's supposed to be both primitive alien life and some kind of pet, both could be breedable. As JC said during one of the more recent interviews, food will be a thing, so harvesting meat from your breedable livestock, maybe even create fuel from fat. Pets could be breeded to sell them to other players. Dynamic elements It's something that a lot of people have been asking for, or that's at least expected by most but very difficult with the voxel and server technology DU is using. Elements that can rotate, and turn, pistons, slides and pumps could help a lot when creativity is limited by ingame possiblities. Post: Water dynamics For the beginning, water is planned to stay a texture. JC has stated numerous times, that they will add proper water dynamics though. Part of this system would then be to make underwater bases, maybe even whole cities. It would enable an ocean biom and maybe even whole ocean planets with its own ecosystem and other kinds of primitive alien life. Post: Intelligent Alien races An update that introduces other races of intelligent life. Alien races that may be native to one of the systems the players discover could become playable as an alternative to the human characters and create factions that can choose to side with each other or wage war. Multiple alien races and factions could be mplemented. Post: Modular elements In order to increase the variety in elements as there are only different sizes of them available, elements could be created out of multiple smaller sub-elements that together form a new, functional element. Turrets could be built out of bases, barrels, muzzels and other parts, fuel tanks can be split into different segments, thrusters into engines, exhausts and a turbine. The final element gets different stats depending on material and number of the sub-elements used. What are some other themes you could imagine?
  14. To be exact, Objective Driveyards is a corporate-state with the system of an oligarchic technocracy, electing using a strict meritocracy with a liberal mindset. ODY is a political entity more than a company, but as a corporate-state, it's being funded through the work of a corporation. The political system itself is not democratic indeed, there is a fixed number of oligarchs (3 directors, CEO, CFO & COO) who oversee each others activities, vote together and elect direct subordinates in a meritocratic technocracy - the people who work the most and show the best work are being prmotoed into leadership positions with stronger influence and more responsibilities. But every member is free to work the way they want and what they want and when they want while still being rewarded accordingly. All members are also still allowed to vote on every decision that will affect them in any way, very similar to a direct democracy. The reason you're unlikely to find a democratic org is because it's usually very inefficient. Whenever decisions can't be made prompty and directly, you're stuck being idle for a certain time. Every founder of an organisation will want it to be successful in the way they imagine success. That's why most orgs are either oligarchies or straight authoritarian. Not saying that democratic orgs won't ever be a thing though, just not really at the moment.
  15. Misc: "Damaged" textures - broken glass, cracky stone, dirty floors, impact craters, corroded metal, dirty metal, etc.
  16. Hello PoisonKitchen, I know the situation you're in just too well. 9 months ago, I stood exactly where you are now. I was looking for a simple programm as well, especially for DU designs. I'm gonna be straight forward and tell you: SketchUp is the tool you're looking for. It's free, it's super-easy, maybe the easiest program out there, and yet really powerful. The only downside to it is that you'll need exponentially more time for detailed art than you would with professional programs, as they are automated to a degree. SketchUp does not provide any automation, but that is one less thing to worry about since a lot of these automated functions in professional software also cause a few problems if not used 100% correctly all the time. SketchUp also only has less than 10 tools, where professional software has hundreds for everything imaginable. But that also means less to learn, and you can still do everything with those few tools provided. Maybe another, possible downside is that SketchUp does not have a built-in renderer. There are plugins for that though, some a free, some are cheap, and some will cost you 300 bucks. But rendering is a whole different topic. Have a look at my first few creations. Each of them took be between three to five hours to finish. SketchUp also has a free upload platform where you and others can 3D view your models with, I believe, umlimited storage space. Like this: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/9cf408f4-7a59-476a-872c-1878c1e2dc6a/Dual-Universe-ODY-Exploration-Crusier-Bulldog-V2 Hope I could be of help.
  17. Logistician A role especially useful on larger ships and longer travels, sorting and checking the cargo, supplying different stations, buying supplies and keeping an oversight over the overall ship inventory.
  18. First of all, welcome to the forums! I have been thinking about this as well in the past. Let's go a bit more into detail than Lethys and Shynras did. The first idea I get from reading your text would be to create a series of apartments or flats you want to open for rent and assign each building a tag. Inside a building are multiple apartments. If a player wants to rent an apartment, he can pay a fee and be granted access to that building by the owner using the same tag as the building. He will then be able to customize the building if the tag grants these permissions. That will enable the player to access and customize the whole building however. Let's say you rent an apartment in a skyscraper, that would grant you access to a lot of apartments then. If you want to rent single apartments, you'd need a static core unit for each apartment that is each assigned a single tag. That creates difficulties, as different core units currently can't be connected. If you build a normal bulding with multiple apartments, you'd only be able to place a single core unit. However, with the current system you might be able to bypass that a bit. You could create multiple apartments with their own core unit each that are floating above each other and are not connected. This would look dumb and probably nobody would want to rent that. So you can build the actual building around the apartments, kind of like a coat with its own core unit and an elevator or staircase or whatever. That would probably work and you could assign customers a tag for the building to only access and a tag for the single apartments for them to access and customize. Of course all this is only theory and I might be talking a lot of shit. But in theory, it should also work if static core units work the same as dynamic core units and can't be connected.
  19. Not sure whether that has been stated or not, but I believe that you can actually increase or decrease the radius of the mining sphere. You can see in several gameplay videos that the blue glove the player is wearing sometimes turns red and the hand starts shaking once they start digging. I always took it that during the red phase, it takes time for you to actually remove the ground and the bigger your radius is, the longer it takes for the glove to turn blue again and you'll be able to proceed mining. So basically, you could select whether you want to dig in a big area and it takes a bit longer and dig faster in a smaller area. What you see in the videos you posted is rather likely to be a dev tool as already mentioned. However, the red glow is more likely to just be an optical feedback for when you're aiming at an area that can't be mined or your Nanoformer runs out of energy or something, because it's not consistent in any video I've seen. I have zero proof if anything of what I said about the red glow actually makes any sense and thinking about it, it probably doesn't, especially if we look at this video. However, larger radius needing more time is still a thing. The mining entry on the devlog actually mentions this. So you probably just don't need much time for dirt, maybe it's different for stone, similar to how much time you need for each block in Minecraft. Maybe you'll need longer the deeper you go. But the darn red glow, I just can't get behind how it works.
  20. It is relatively sure just some kind of misconception because earlier in a press release, NQ stated "This news comes as the company is preparing to launch their Alpha version; currently expected by the end of Q4 2017." In a different topic I read, @RightBigToe mentioned they likely refered to the fiscal quartal Q4, which ends in september. The alpha being pushed back to december would make that just the interpretation of NQ's statement by JeuxOnLine.
  21. NQ really emphasizes the sandbox aspect and mentions again and again that everything is supposed to be editable. If you ask me, it would be really strange if they stopped at trees. I'd say it's more than likely trees can at least be removed as well as with practically everything, and in that case they should theoretically also land in your inventory one way or another, whether it's wood or biomass. So speaking from a common sense, they should be editable. Although nobody except NQ can guarantee you that. For them to be editable, they would then also need to be made of voxels. Since DU uses dual contouring that is well possible, but that also means that if you remove a tree chunk, you will only remove that chunk and the rest of the tree will float above, similar to Minecraft, since the servers don't check if voxels are connected to other voxels. Although that should only be the case as long as NQ doesn't implement any special behaviour for trees and they actually are made of voxels.
  22. As far as I remember, there isn't any kind of NDA in official alpha. I believe NQ even stated once they'd encourage sharing footage of the game. For ATV-members, the ATV forum and ATV-alpha, there will be a NDA however.
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    Hello and welcome to the community, happy to have you.
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