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  1. Been a while, since i have been on here... decided to come say hello
  2. Solar Empire isn't limited to star wars fans. I'm a big WH40K fan as well I have been thinking of making a ship that is a good cross-between the 2. -For the greater good!
  3. Find people that you are actually going to get along with and have fun. I joined Solar Empire (previously the galactic empire) because I was a big star wars fan. So I knew, I would probably get along well with the people in it. We're all here to have fun riight?
  4. I asked the same thing when i first got on this forum, begging for steam!!! That is when I was more foolish and didn't realize everyone will play in the same sever... I was hoping for mods from the workshop, but realize that will never happen. Thus I don't care anymore if its on steam or not.
  5. did you check out the outfit? https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-outfit
  6. I would like to have trees, plants and shrubs. They can make buildings on planets look nicer.
  7. Xplosiv


    Diseases/viruses were wiped out in 2376 don't you remember? + nano-machines in our bodies would wipe them out anyways, geez. (I'm joking btw or am I)
  8. Hello again, now i remember this thread lol. You called some of the orgs wacky, then end up being the main firefighter for Dual Secure how interesting....
  9. Doing pretty great, besides the below zero temps, I'm sure you are experiencing the same thing over there. I'm from MN. Anyways Greetings from the DU Community, Hope you enjoy the ride.
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