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  1. Problem is not just not listening to players but when they do, which happens I give them that. They tend to cather to select types of players. One being big spenders and the other being people who pretend that the game would be unplayable and paint up doomsday scenarios if their mining runs had even a slight chance of being hijacked/shot at. Now at least they have thought about the subject to a minor degree looking at Spreeezys interview. Its not just ignoring PvP and letting the world be dangerous in favour of creative mode players. But its also the hesitation, lack of knowing whe
  2. Spoken like a true person who hasnt PvPd ingame much. The large part of PvP atm from orgs like NG and DSI is either arranged for the fun of it or people hunting whatever they can find because the space is SO limited. Ask a hundred PvPers. Most will tell you they care less about the loot itself and more about the thrill of fighting. Absolutely bottom tier take on the matter. Also a bland old take on the subject matter. There's a balance and the game is not even 1% PvP right now. And why should it not be easy to destroy such work? Instead of having people organically learn how to
  3. I am glad you posted the topic tho, Cubes really do need to be dealt with somehow. From what i've seen there are challengers in terms of design out there, but its extra effort vs the easy and cheap performance with cubes.
  4. Most of your suggestions as of how are pretty ba, I dont think it would work out with targeting the design by identification. The only good suggestion imo is core size locking weapon size. And also as Olmeca wrote, make thinner ships harder to hit by proxy of voxel width on the different axises from the shooters perspective. Together it would keep small ships able to exist in a battle with larger ships but also big weapons being exclusive to larger cores would make bigger crewed ships worthwhile more than just flexing.
  5. Catering to both sides is not only difficult but in practise pretty impossible and non-organic. Its wagering between "do we force PvPers to look for scraps of battle" or "do we force carebears to learn how to play safe and build their own protected hubs". Imo theres nothing interactive with safezones completely blocking out any risk whatsoever. But on the other hand having people band together to protect common hubs and have player-made player-curated "safe-zones" that still run the risk of being infiltrated or sieged at some point I think is going to be valuable experience for al
  6. The whole thing about raiding and base protection is a topic discussed since old. The devs originally planned for claimed territories to have a timed shield triggered upon attack (territory warfare) that leaves a 24 or 48h window, whichever they said back then before you could actually touch anything inside, giving time for the defenders to plan their defense and father personnel. Anyways why shouldnt you be able to be camped out of warp? Warp locations are wide and you can approach from many angles. Easy solution is for people to not be lazy and warp the birds path between planet
  7. You pretty much ignored what he was actually saying. Warping is way too low risk right now, completely eliminates PvP from the game. But instead you shove one thing into the other and say stealth should be applied ON TOP of the warp. That makes the 0,0001% risk of being caught a dead 0. I think its ridicilous with the idea of as much carebearery as we have right now, safe planets, new space, warp, stealth, it piles up to a game with a glorified arena space where parties have to orchestrate PvP battles on their own behalf, and even then the servers cant take a 50 ship battle as it stands right
  8. If you are looking for a nation to fight for. A military to enlist in, or just to run your civilian business under the protection of a proper military? Then you should consider joining us.
  9. Greetings from your North-Eastern neighbour
  10. Super legate and a broader permissions system has been planned for a long time. The creator of an org can delete it yes but right now you need to get everyone else out of the org to get the option. Regarding alliances, just use your org page, thread, other mediums, etc to tell the world about it
  11. If German is all you are looking for have you considered joining Hyperion? Not part of their org but i know they are all Germans and pretty into the game
  12. I don't see why its not on topic Kuritho, general should be a good place to help people out about game related info. Now its easy to just google a UTC to PST time converter tho (-8)
  13. It's not off topic but yes that is correct
  14. Didn't say you specifically were scared, however plenty of people will play risky, plenty will play less risky. Why would you downplay and laugh at other people for preferring other playstyles?
  15. Sure some people will be spawning naked, but some will overcome that possibility and laugh at the scaredy cats still at the Arkship Zone while they are colonising new worlds
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