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  1. If you are looking for a nation to fight for. A military to enlist in, or just to run your civilian business under the protection of a proper military? Then you should consider joining us.
  2. Greetings from your North-Eastern neighbour
  3. Super legate and a broader permissions system has been planned for a long time. The creator of an org can delete it yes but right now you need to get everyone else out of the org to get the option. Regarding alliances, just use your org page, thread, other mediums, etc to tell the world about it
  4. If German is all you are looking for have you considered joining Hyperion? Not part of their org but i know they are all Germans and pretty into the game
  5. I don't see why its not on topic Kuritho, general should be a good place to help people out about game related info. Now its easy to just google a UTC to PST time converter tho (-8)
  6. It's not off topic but yes that is correct
  7. Didn't say you specifically were scared, however plenty of people will play risky, plenty will play less risky. Why would you downplay and laugh at other people for preferring other playstyles?
  8. Sure some people will be spawning naked, but some will overcome that possibility and laugh at the scaredy cats still at the Arkship Zone while they are colonising new worlds
  9. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-eldritch-nation#tab-posts Announcing our participation in a common exodus project with DSI and TU
  10. Who says you can't do the same as someone but better? Or the same as someone but your own touch? Or just the same as someone but for YOUR friends/community? Just because someone has done a thing already doesn't mean they are entitled to be the biggest in the field. People will be able to start their new things regardless of what already exist because it will ultimately depend on people
  11. I doubt most are thinking the same thing. In fact i expect most orgs to have vastly different procedures in a bunch of fields
  12. They answered the question but i am not talking to NQ now am i? I was not even asking any questions demanding answers, i'm literally just giving my opinion, which most of my comment actually says i am and wish for others to get to. Whether NQ answered or not is not gonna magically delete peoples opinions
  13. Only because there's not been any other choice since it was implemented. As i said in the exchange i had asked for manual confirmation WHICH WAS how it was done prior and is still done on many discords. The concern about human error is to me a poor argument for lack of engagement, MUST we go by automated functions only? I remain sceptic. Also i don't believe it would create a "second class of privileged users" because it is just an arbitrary label. This is honestly just a argument of concern and is not that realistic. Who took responsibility or worked full time prior to the existance of the bot? I don't know exactly Red what you are trying to say here. Please expand and enlighten me on what the exact point with this comment is, i am of course willfully listening. Sure, they can do that, but then they should not be surprised when some people have scepticism. By no means should people get told off, locked out or shunned (which i am not saying they are but it can easily happen) for questioning.
  14. Agreeing with Lethys first post in this thread
  15. ᚨᚢᛘ ᚢᛅ ᛅᛁᛚᚦᚱᛁᚴ

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