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  1. That's just the thing though. I didn't support this game to become "game rich". I joined to make friends, build, craft and work towards a common goal with my org mates. But now this game is nothing BUT about making tons and tons of money even before you get to do anything else at all. I already have a real job, thank you very much. I don't need a game job too. Like a previous poster, I suffered through all the grind we had before. I did end up building some cool things since pre-alpha. But now I am told that's not how we play this game. Instead, I am to choose one or two parts, spend millions of quanta to make them and hope that I don't choose something that gets saturated in the market. And sell, sell, sell. Or mine, mine, mine and then sell, sell, sell. THEN maybe I can build something or fix something. Meh. I also did not sign up for Eve Online here. I signed up for a sandbox where I could build anything I wanted. That promise has been revoked. No way in hell my small group of guys will be able to build what we have planned on now. All we can do is try to make money just to keep the ships flying and the market making money for the rich guys. I have not logged in for two weeks now. I have cancelled all DU notifications. I may or my not come back depending on how the next few updates are handled. If you guys wanna play "space billionaire," feel free and have fun. That's not what I signed up for.
  2. Well, NQ believes that too I guess. Tedium is not fun. I have enough of that kind of work IRL. Look if there are enough players who think sitting inside of user interfaces and clicking buttons and searching for stuff is challenging, then good luck to you all. I want a game that challenges my mind, not my patience.
  3. Yeah its just plain boring now. I tried to login and play the other day and spent hours trying to find recipes since it's such a PAIN to search for them. I can't believe how rudimentary the search features are in this game. Three hours later and four marketplace trips that still are so laggy it makes the game crash every time and I realize I have to go to another planet for three of the schematics. So that means I now have to build up my skills again. Nope. I don't want to spend another hour or two clicking those damn skills buttons and trying to drag them into order with the most un-user-friendly ordering feature I have ever seen. So that's like four hours of game play and nothing, whatsoever, fun about any of it. I can't even bring myself to spend 30 minutes logging in and crashing several times just to claim my daily money. This game might sound good on paper, but its just not fun at all for me anymore. Most of my org has quit playing too. Everyone playing different games now. I dont know if NQ can fix it, so idk if I'll play again. Have to wait and see if any of their new features add a little more fun, or if its just more sitting inside a menu and clicking stuff or not.
  4. These are ALL excellent ideas! This is what we want; actual challenges, not just mind-numbing excessive time-sinks.
  5. Probably, we're trying to set up a transport company and were "just" about to start taking orders. But it does require a LOT of industry, I am just not certain if we can pull it off anymore with all the new changes and being a smaller org. I am uncertain if there is a place in this game for small businesses like ours since it will be next to impossible to compete with the giant orgs now. And the last thing I need is another "job" by running a large org. It seems that being a small org is just not good enough for what the developers of this game want. Idk. We'll just have to wait and see 🤷‍♀️
  6. I really liked industry. It was challenging to see how many machines I could get going at once, how far ahead of my queue I could get and so on. I would tweak on it for hours. That fun is now gone and I am to be nerfed down to a refiner and honeycomb maker. So everyone in my org will now have to ask me to make all their honeycomb for them. This is not fun game play. Not ALL of us are here ONLY for the giant PVP battles that JC clearly wants to force us into. He does not seem to want a universe full of diversity of game-play (like in most sandboxes) in any way shape or form. We are ALL to join the three of four giant orgs in the game and become cogs in their machines. I wanted a sandbox where I could help build a civilization, not be a slave for giant orgs that may or may not even want to get to know me as a person at all. I am still hanging on, but ONLY for the sake of the players in my org. I only have a few left and I love them to death, but I suspect that the ones who don't just outright quit will be forced to join larger orgs if they too want to engage in any PVP at all. I doubt we will be able to build the modest sized transport company I have dreamed of anymore. I dont have time IRL to do all that mining. So, we'll see what happens, but I can tell you this. I am REALLY going to miss playing with my factories.
  7. That is a great concern of mine too. One of my guys is a week into crafting a warp beacon. Do we lose all that work and resources now?
  8. Well, maybe if you let the guys in Montreal do the job every now and then it would be in the day time for those of us in the US. I really wish you would consider it.
  9. I didn't know about this until it was over. And I'm fairly active checking their discord a couple times a week, these forums a couple times a week and the ATV discord every so often as well. Plus I follow them on two different twitter accounts, lol. I guess that's just not enough attention, obviously, but I normally like to spend the majority of my game-time playing the game instead of reading about it.
  10. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. Considering this could actually be a soft launch of the game itself, it would really be nice to have some documentation.
  11. Ok, I've been playing with the RDMS since it was put out on the ATV server. So I am familiar with how it's supposed to work. However I am having issue after issue with these permissions. An org mate and I have been building close together. One day we can place cores next to each other and the next day we can't. I've tried adding the right to disregard the building bounds limits so many times. I get it working for one member and then the other member can't use it, despite both members being in the same policy. I've tried setting it up on both personal rdms and org rdms. Ive tried tokenizing and not tokenizing the cores. But no matter what he still cannot place a core anywhere near any of mine. So we changed our plans and this time he had to add ME to be able to build next to his and that didn't work until he tokenized it. But he did the same thing as I do and mine is not working. So... Before I start over and set ALL my perms for the 5th time, can someone please, please tell me the exact step-by-step method for adding rights to another member, be it just being able to place a core or to override the build zone or whatever. I've had trouble with all of them at one point or another. It's been a nightmare. So I MUST be doing something wrong on a consistent basis. I have a personal TU down. And all my cores are being given to my Org. Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. On another note... It is curious to find out that having a core that is placed on another TU can block building space in mine though. Does that mean that you can grief someone by putting up cores on the edge of your TU so you can keep them from using your own land? I only tested this with a player who is in my org and we allow each other access to each other's TUs to mine and stuff, but how would that work if no perms were set up at all?
  12. Define, control? What kind of game features are you looking for? I don't think we need any coded feature for that though. I would say you can control a planet as soon as you can defend it.
  13. I am also having issues with blueprints. I tried to do a test last night on a large static blueprint. I made a blueprint and then tried to place it. It placed, but then disappeared and I did not get my mats back. I did get the core back. I dont care about the mats, it was a test BP, but I have SO many bps that I spent over a year building and I cannot place any of them now. And even when I did try, there are no placement tools whatsoever! I have to drop it and hope it lands in the right spot. Its been weeks and this is still happening 😞 This has shut down my game play atm and I dont' even want to login anymore.
  14. Please welcome our newest member @IamSleyr ! Happy to have you aboard!
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