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  1. The Only Down Side I See, The AI

    The way I see it is even if we did have such an AI available, the big orgs will also be able to use it. So even though you can run a larger business (or empire) than before, so will the larger orgs. You would be in the exact same place. But you CAN be rich and live comfortably on your own, if you want. Just come up with an idea, product, service, etc that is so good that everyone has to have it. Then you don't have to sell everything like a general store would. Specialize on one special thing and you can keep up with the big guys if you want. I still bet you'll have to hire security. But you don't necessarily have to buddy up to them or let them in on your secrets Just hire a team, let them do their thing and pay them well. Good luck :-)
  2. Hey everyone, we have set up a new Conan Exiles server for the new launch. Everyone here is welcome to come join us! Reborn 5/8 PVP 2.5x XP, 3x Harv/Craft https://topconanservers.com/server/ Join our discord for rules and such in the #conan-exiles channel: https://discord.gg/BeX5Wbn
  3. Hi everyone, please welcome @Cross_Forth and @Knoober to the Outfit!! Happy to have you guys aboard!
  4. Another great video from PrinceChawmin! Honk, honk, lol
  5. Hey everyone, we have three new members! Please welcome @Esauce. Happy to have you with us. Make yourself at home :-)
  6. Hey guys. We have a new member! Welcome @kirito ! Glad to have you aboard!
  7. We would like to present a video made by one of our Outfit Settler Members, PrinceChawmin! Join Us!! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-outfit
  8. Hey everyone! We have a new recruiting video! We hope you guys like it! Click here to learn more and submit your application: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-outfit#tab-description
  9. Any LANDMARK builders here ??

    Lol, I just realized I had already posted on here when I posted the other day, oops
  10. Any LANDMARK builders here ??

    Hey, yeah, fellow LM player here :-) There are lots of us here. I have a few guys in my org, The Outfit and then the Brew Crew has an org named Profit Rocket Foundry. You should look us up in the community organization area and get in touch!
  11. Sure, it's going to be possible by some of the larger Orgs, but then that's part of the game. I doubt most of them will be making it a living hell for anyone else who wants to live there though. They would probably be inviting people to move in, set up towns and cities and all of that. Now if a really big pirate org (not naming any names, mind you) controls an entire planet, it might not be as friendly to outsiders. But then that might end up being one of the more fun planets to visit when you're bored. Nothing is quite as fun as poking a sleeping bear sometimes, lol. Regardless, relax and let the universe take the shape it will. It is going to be so interesting to watch it evolve. Besides, it would be pretty boring if the Devs start telling people where they can live and what territories they can control. That's what I hate about traditional MMOs; you get one little "plot" and you're done. Some of us want more ... much, much more.
  12. Any LANDMARK builders here ??

    nah, this is the only game forum I visit, atm
  13. Any LANDMARK builders here ??

    Hey there, fellow LM player here. Nice to see another one of us here! I have not had a lot of time to play yet but once the servers are up full time i'll be hitting this game pretty hard. So far I'm in love with what they have done.
  14. I don't think it's going to be a problem. A large ship with a large crew won't be as nimble as a smaller ship. If its one gun per person, then the crew also needs to be pretty good at working together to be effective. I can foresee many instances where a smaller, tighter crew might be more effective. It will all depend on strategy at that point.