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  1. I can't wait to see all these neon signs in your bar, Geo. Going to be an awesome display.
  2. @NQ-Nyzaltar I hope you guys are having a great holiday vacation, I know you won't get this until you get back but wanted to post before I forget about it. I've been doing a bunch of research in the community area tonight and I keep having to agree to the privacy and terms pop up on every single page I visit in there even though I click both checkboxes every time. Not sure if you were aware of it, but it's really hard to do any research in there right now.
  3. Dhara

    Any LANDMARK builders here ??

    I think Jadam was one of the fastest builders too. I'd have like 2 buildings done to his 7, lol.
  4. Dhara

    Any LANDMARK builders here ??

    Hi Jadam! Nice to see you again 🙂
  5. We have another new member! Welcome to The Outfit @Pantera
  6. Hey guys! Please welcome our newest member to The Outfit, @Vasara
  7. Wow, congrats everyone!
  8. We have another new member! Welcome Serula (@Sander496)! Happy to have you with us!
  9. We're space truckers not taxi drivers, lol. Might be hired to haul ppl now and then. Depends on who's chasing them I guess.
  10. Hehe, well I wouldn't call us a "LM org", per se. We have several friends from LM in the group, but that's just 'cause so many LM players ended up here on DU. Most of the people in our org are just random nice people we have met who "get" the whole tounge-in-cheek playful thing we have going on. Despite my love for building, our main focus for this org is our transportation service.
  11. Lol, you guy crack me up!
  12. We love you too Geo 🙂
  13. Hey guys please welcome our newest member, @Geo to The Outfit! Happy to have you with us!
  14. Well you can sue anyone for anything. Doesn't mean you will win. You MUST prove a monetary loss or some kind of harm to your IP before you can win a case like that though. Sony are just being assholes. But I doubt their attorneys would ever advise actually taking something like in that post above to court. What damages can they actually prove? But I understand NQ's position. They are a new company and its probably a good idea not to poke the bears in the industry if they don't have to.
  15. Hi everyone, Please welcome @Cpt_Wires to the team! Looking forward to getting to know you better 🙂