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  1. I dont think any of it matters much either way when you're likely sitting stationary and asking the other guy if he will hold still so you can finally test your guns. (Sorry, couldn't resist).
  2. That's the first thing I thought too. My guess is there are a lot of sub-orgs using cores and server resources (heaven forbid.) Oh well, par for the course.
  3. So, popped in to see if anything new was released and don't find anything of real worth. No mission system. No PvP work. No nothing but a few re-colors of existing assets. Have all the programmers quit?
  4. People like you = people who choose to play PvP games and then complain about the PvP. That's what you're doing right? But then you already knew that because that's what we're talking about.
  5. So it's about T4 & T5 resources now? This game has ALWAYS been advertised as an open PvP game. It was supposed to have one small safe zone on Alioth around the markets. PvErs complained. Then they added a safe moon. PvErs complained. Then they expanded it to three whole planets and all the space in between. PvErs complained. Then they added the surrogate thing so you didn't even have to travel in space at all! PvErs complained. Now you're complaining about not bein able to mine ore that is basically
  6. I'm so tired of this discussion. You all see the state of the game right now, right? It's because of a lack of decent PvP. Carebear builders don't want to actually PLAY this game with us. They just want our adoration - of their empty, useless buildings. See, I'm not a PvP player. I am a builder. And a pretty darn good one (if I say so myself). However, I am NOT satisfied building an empty city no one will ever use, let alone visit. I don't care how many "likes" I get on Twitter for my skills. That is the ONLY end-goal in a building game without PvP; Likes, adoration, popul
  7. NQ has been quite clear since the beginning of Beta that there was no promise that they would never wipe. They have always said they might if they need to. And IMO they really, really need to at some point. Some might quit, yes, but I bet a lot who have already quit will come back as most of us quit because of the schematics and the related debacle that gave other orgs a SEVERE advantage over the rest of us.
  8. Regarding schematics... I think if you wipe then it puts everyone back on an even playing field - literally. Yes, some of the newer players will lose some work, but you already wiped out all the older players - at least the ones who were not at the market in time to grab all those super cheap schematics. The consequences of the entire .23 debacle made almost all of my org quit and put my org at a great disadvantage while others are probably STILL profiting from it. I spent three years helping to promoting this game, helping test this game and building that org up
  9. Why, exactly, will you be broadcasting asteroids that players spend time, quanta and resources to find themselves out to all the pirates so they can come take it? Wouldn't it be only fair to require pirates to spend some time, quanta and resources to find US? Please reconsider this decision.
  10. This! This kind of mentality is THE main reason we don't have the games we all thought we would have by now. Back when MMOs first came out, we were all playing UO and EQ1 while imagining how awesome games would be one day. These kinds of people made it so there was NO other option than to get investors and in-depth game play fell by the wayside because developers started working to please investors and not players. Investors are the reason we are ALL playing EA games now. And it all goes back to people griping about paying for games.
  11. Everyone here has paid to be in this game one way or another and they have the right to offer feedback, post suggestions and join in on ANY conversation they like. It is simply not your place to tell them otherwise.
  12. The whole idea of the mission system is messed up. I have (had?) a space trucking business. I wanted mission kiosks that could be put on our claims so I could put them out so that people could chose MY MISSIONS. That's really what I thought it would be. I didn't think it would be an auction house style thing where EVERYONE was on the same system. So doing it this way kind of kills all of my ideas Instead of letting us control our own mission kiosks, its now just another auction house. No relationships have to be built. No infrastructure must be built. No one even has to tal
  13. Wow, another "fix" for the markets that is just another bandaid. Why is it so hard to delete ships after a certain amount of time!?!?!?!?! I just don't get it. How about you remove the markets all together and get us our player markets and we can spread ALL that processing out across the entire game? It would at least give ME a small reason to play again. I could set up a nice little market center and rent out shops. I would have something useful to build again. Heaven forbid NQ try to turn lemons into lemonade. Yep, in case you can't tell, I'm one of those artists. I made
  14. What tech are you talking about? The server tech that was supposed to allow 100s of players and/or ships to play in one area at the same time without horrible lag? Yeah, that tech doesn't work.
  15. I spent hours, HOURS of my free time typing up responses to focus groups and the like for these guys. And there are many who spent TONS more time than I did. Most of it went ignored. Had they only listened to some of our feedback we would have been in a better spot. The way they specifically asked for and then proceeded to ignore our suggestions was rather insulting. They didn't even pretend to listen. That's what put a sour taste in my mouth. I know I'm not a "scientist" but my time is just as valuable as anyone else's. I feel they had zero respect for that.
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