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  1. Wow, congrats everyone!
  2. We have another new member! Welcome Serula (@Sander496)! Happy to have you with us!
  3. We're space truckers not taxi drivers, lol. Might be hired to haul ppl now and then. Depends on who's chasing them I guess.
  4. Hehe, well I wouldn't call us a "LM org", per se. We have several friends from LM in the group, but that's just 'cause so many LM players ended up here on DU. Most of the people in our org are just random nice people we have met who "get" the whole tounge-in-cheek playful thing we have going on. Despite my love for building, our main focus for this org is our transportation service.
  5. Lol, you guy crack me up!
  6. We love you too Geo 🙂
  7. Hey guys please welcome our newest member, @Geo to The Outfit! Happy to have you with us!
  8. Well you can sue anyone for anything. Doesn't mean you will win. You MUST prove a monetary loss or some kind of harm to your IP before you can win a case like that though. Sony are just being assholes. But I doubt their attorneys would ever advise actually taking something like in that post above to court. What damages can they actually prove? But I understand NQ's position. They are a new company and its probably a good idea not to poke the bears in the industry if they don't have to.
  9. Hi everyone, Please welcome @Cpt_Wires to the team! Looking forward to getting to know you better 🙂
  10. Hi guys, We've just started a new D&D campaign using the Table Top Sim game. We already have 2 players and our DM. We're looking for about 2-4 people to join us. We're basing everything on the 5e version. We'll be using Discord for voice, so you have to have a mic. If interested, roll up a new level 1 character (using the points system) and pop on in! Time Friday nights from 12am EST to 2-3am EST. We also have a brand new DM who is starting up for the same time on Thursday nights. He doesn't have anythign set up yet but will have that going soon. Please join our discord for more details: https://discord.gg/RJErqKH
  11. Please welcome our newest member @Narodweas to the Outfit! Welcome aboard dude, happy to have you 🙂
  12. Dhara

    Any LANDMARK builders here ??

    Hey Brimor! It's about time! Welcome aboard 😊
  13. Dhara

    General Relativistic Time

    Lol, no worries. I would want to make this topic be about something else by now too.
  14. Dhara

    General Relativistic Time

    What happens if you travel back to your point of origin though? You should be hundreds of years into the future compared to the people who never left that planet. And the game won't be able to facilitate that. How will they make a planet look that much more developed for only YOU? Who is going to build it up from what it was before? You would REALLY have to travel in time to make it work. Well there is one way I could see this working. If DU ever finds they need to limit the amount of players playing at one time b/c of server load, then they could implement separate shards. Then when someone time travels, the timeline could split off and port them over to another shard. It would still be full of complications though. It would have to be a one way trip and they would have to limit the number of times you could to it to the number of shards they implement. But it would be a totally different reality when you got there and you would loose all communication and connection to the old shard forever. If you travel back in time from there, the past would be different too. I doubt we'll ever see DU address time travel. Heck, even the most talented physicists in the world cant agree on what time actually is and how it works. So its really asking too much for game developers to deal with it in a game like this. We'll get FTL one day through in the way of star gates and maybe natural wormholes or something like that instead. Then they can skirt around the issue of time travel all together.
  15. Dhara

    General Relativistic Time

    Lol, yeah, they would have to. Not sure how I could build fast enough to keep up with that kind of time dilation if its only an illusion.