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  1. Dhara

    General Relativistic Time

    Lol, yeah, they would have to. Not sure how I could build fast enough to keep up with that kind of time dilation if its only an illusion.
  2. I think the only implications come from whether or not the creator is making money off of someone else's IP. So while it might be OK for us to make them, I doubt we could sell them for actual money or that NQ would be able to use them in any promotional materials for the game. Otherwise, I don't think the law can stop people from making stuff like that just for fun. If so then Twitter would have been shut down a long time ago.
  3. Dhara

    Artical 13 and 11

    Hmm, not sure if it would. DU isn't an ISP that charges money for data storage. At least that's how I read it. Now whomever they rent their servers from might have to comply though, but that wouldn't be DU's problem unless they have to pay more for the servers than before. They could also opt out by simply renting servers outside of the EU. Looks like it could be open for interpretation though. Interested to see just how it its implemented.
  4. Dhara


    I like this idea.
  5. Dhara

    Hello DU

    Welcome to the community Wolfe!
  6. Too much watching star wars you have been. @Alayna There are lots of Landmark players in the game and there are no official DU rules as to who can or can't join any organization (unless the org itself has such rules). I have several LM friends in my org. Some are going rouge and haven't joined any org at all. Some set up their own org. And afaik you don't have to be a Landmark player to join Pantera's org either (correct me if I'm wrong Pantera).
  7. Dhara

    Feedback on the Official Discord FAQ

    Me? Don't have any personal issues with anyone here. Sorry if it came off that way.
  8. Dhara

    Feedback on the Official Discord FAQ

    Well, the way I see it is that it's NQ's game, NQ's data, NQ's website, and now it's NQ's discord. They should feel free to purchase/use any scripts that they find that they feel necessary to complete their job. If they find one that is free to serve some time-saving purpose, even better. More money for the game itself. They do not need permission to use - or to even tell us - what programming is behind everything they use. For all we know this very site and forum itself could be using open source that someone else coded. They might even be DU players too. (gasp!) IMO it's just not smart to re-create the wheel. Almost everything I use for my own stuff and for my clients is open source. Lord only knows who originally coded it. But if something is wrong with it, the community will darn well make it known, asap. It's the proprietary stuff that no one ever gets to see that should cause issues (if you must have issues, that is.)
  9. Dhara

    Blocking follower

    LOL, Twerk, it wasn't you I was concerned about, but thanks for the follow.
  10. Dhara

    Blocking follower

    Thanks Nyzaltar but that would block everyone and I don't want to do that. Warden, Twitter does it and to be honest, I do like the option. Thought it might be available here too and thought I'd ask. Nothing more or less to it.
  11. Dhara

    Blocking follower

    Thanks. That's pretty annoying though. In order to block him from knowing about my every little post here, I have to block everyone from following me. Maybe they can add that in some day? @NQ-Nyzaltar
  12. Dhara

    Blocking follower

    How do I block a particular member from following me?
  13. discordauth:2f93PD0bBKIzxc80ooj0TgJYp1R_CpDcC2-qpoUxPzc=

  14. Dhara

    Organisation in profile?

    I always thought that information should be totally private. I think it would be OK to show the legates just so ppl can contact them, and maybe show the number of members in the org, but listing every member publicly is going to effect politics and subterfuge. I hope they change it.