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  1. Hey guys, our new website is online! https://dualtheoutfit.com Learn more about our org, our members and our business! (Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress.)
  2. I am not sure what you are talking about or why you post a wall of text about not posting walls of text I think walls of text without proper grammar and punctuation are fine especially if i put tldr in there somewhere i also like reading the same thing over and over very much and so do all of my friends from forever and many times they complain that they have to go back to a post to see if it still says what the little quote said and that takes time and is no fun so please dont tell me what to quote because i like the way i quote and so does everyone else in the universe if you are not sure what im talking about just reread your own post and let me know what you think might be irrelevant and i will happily clarify with another quote of your entire post along with the last one so you are not confused because it can be very confusing unless youre smart so i hop you are as smart as everyone else and will know what i am talking about if not HERE ARE SOME CAPS SO YOU KNOW IM SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TLDR: lol.
  3. I love both of these, but I have to say that I think that one for Grim is the best one you've ever done! You're getting really, really good at this!
  4. I'm sorry, this is one of my hot-button issues. For the life of me, I will just never understand why people think that MMO games should be free. I just don't get it. Programmers spend years and years to learn their trade and then years and years to make a game and in the case of games like this, they then pay years and years of sever costs, maintenance and updates to continue providing access. Not to mention the innovation, risk taking and passion game devs have is unlike any other service that I have ever paid for. But people still want them to be free?! On the other hand, these very same people will buy a $600 phone and agree up front to pay anywhere from $50 -$100 or more per month to use the darn thing for at least two years or they are in breach of contract. They seem to have no problem paying places like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon $10 a month forever to see reruns of movies that they have, most likely, already seen that took a fraction of the time and money to make and are not near as entertaining as a good MMO. But no one seems to have a problem with that. There are tons of similar examples that i won't go into, but I'm sure you get the gist. So what is it about games that makes people like you believe that its ok to even suggest that other people work for free and even cover any costs they have to pay to provide you untold hours of free entertainment? How does anyone think that's a reasonable request?
  5. I'm so tired of the shallow game play that comes with ftp and b2p with their cash shops. I want a game I can sink my teeth into long-term. Without subs, the whole game is then designed to bring in cash shop sales, NOT into creating great game play. There are several MMOs out there with subs and most of them have been around for years because they work for the subscribers and do what makes US happy to keep us coming back. f2p and cash shops make the devs work for the money men and their cash shop/lootbox scams.
  6. Hi everyone! Please welcome the newest Outfit Member, @Wadis14! Looking forward to getting to know you ?
  7. For some reason, I never considered that NQ would have some kind of a courier system running a delivery service for everyone. I was under the understanding we players were to set up our own businesses and determine how they were run ourselves. Did they ever say they were actually going to add that kind of system in anywhere? I'd love to read more about their plans. Also, I never got into EVE so if ya'll think that's how it will be, can someone tell me more about how it worked?
  8. Hey guys, please welcome our newest member @FU3GO to The Outfit! Happy to have you aboard ?
  9. I think @_Anime_ already found Infinity Corp, right? If not, or for anyone else interested, these orgs all have some LM players. Some more than others. There might be other orgs out there, but these are the three I am aware of. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/prophet-rocket-foundry https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-outfit https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/infinity-corporation
  10. Well you rubbed it all in his face! I think you should stick to sprinkles ?
  11. Dammit, Aaron, you got awesome sauce all over poor pad01! He's literally glowing now. You are no longer allowed to rubitydubdub the sauce around here.
  12. I don't like the idea of the markers being visible on the map either, but PVP isn't in yet. Maybe that is already in their plans? Either way, I will build with TUs whenever possible just to keep people from building near me if that's what I need in that particular spot. But I am already planning on it to not change. People who see my marker for my "hidden" underground base are still going to have to weigh the costs of attacking such a protected base. Even if there is a flashing light with a giant arrow pointing towards it, the way I'm planning on building will probably (hopefully) make what's inside cost way to much to take. I am actually looking forward to building for defense. That is going to be a very exciting part of the game, and one of the main reasons I remain a strong advocate for PVP in general.
  13. Hey guys, please welcome our newest member, @pad01_ to the Outfit. Happy to have you on board ?
  14. Thank you for the rub-a-dub! As promised...
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