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    hi Geo that Gif sign is only small in its original size being only 400*240 px but here it is. 




  2. Thank you Geo for your advice here is the sign we did, its simple but we like it. ?
  3. Hi my name is Brimor and i am so happy to be finally part of the DU family. My Brother and i are identicle in real life and are both ex Landmarkians. We are looking forward to catching up with our old friends from Landmark again and also making new ones here in DU. My Landmark name was Angelsheart and my brothers and my guild name was BiA and we now have an org called BiA as well in DU,  this is why i have the tag (BiA) in my game name. I am looking forward to seeing all the amazing things that i know people are going to create in this wonderful game. Peace to you all, happy building and safe travels always.

  4. Hey everyone, my name on Landmark was Angelsheart and i was one half of (BiA). Below is one of the builds we did on Landmark that ended up in the safe hands of LadyKathrine. The build took us a while to make and was HUGE. Hello to all our friends who may remember me and hopefully we will meet in you all in DU.
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