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  1. Can't say I am surprised by the Dev's statement, but it does kill any remaining hope I had for this game rising from the ashes.
  2. What about using research to kill 2 birds with one stone... Research requires (the resources of) creating and destroying many copies that items as part of the process. That would create an ore sink not directly tied to ship destruction.
  3. I addressed that two sentence later in that post, but I will lay it out more clearly.. A grind shouldn't feel like a grind. A grind needs to feel rewarding.
  4. Yes, because the Devs lack a fundamental understanding of MMOs and human psychology. MMOs = Grind. That is a near universal fact. The key is it shouldn't feel like a grind to players, or the payoff needs to feel worth it. If you remove too much of the grind players will say "There is no end game" and stop playing. As to autominers exclusively in PVP areas, that is equally as tone deaf. PVP contested resources already have an innate sense of tension and excitement built in(with popular games with active PVP) and is a matter of balancing risk vs reward to make it wort
  5. Yes, prices are determined by supply and demand. But supply is also determined by supply and demand, as well as effort. In other words if demand for ore is low, fewer people will mine, which leads to a decrease in supply, which leads to prices stabilizing and possibly rising. People don't want to waste their time for little profit. But automated mining is automated. A one time expense. Once there, it will continue to supply with zero effort. So ore if prices drop, it just takes a little longer to recoup expenses but still no effort. No reason not to spam them. And unless there is some
  6. Yes, correct, this game needs gameplay to encourage the building of civilizations or other creative endeavors. But the idea that the motivation comes from PVP is where your point collapses. PVP is analogous to war or crime, depending on the type. Neither of those things is what leads to growth of cities. Walls, sure, cities not so much. You even referenced Rust which works against you. What do people build in Rust? Meta designed clusters of crap designed solely to make raids more expensive at the cost of functionality, appearance, and creativity. The only exceptions are when a clan/org
  7. Sense of danger is good, though I prefer it to come from PVE, not PvP as that generally devolves to griefing. Getting randomly murdered or robbed is not really a fun game mechanic. In order for it to be PvP and not just griefing, there would have to be risks/rewards on both sides and that is never the case. Sure, I could catch and kill a thief (if avatar combat was in the game) then loot their corpse, but you and I both know they would have nothing on them when they go on a griefing spree. Now, if you add in a prison system where if I catch a criminal/scammer then they get locke
  8. Every person you see will be a human player - Todd Howard, Fallout 76. Sometimes blindly adhering to a 'vision' bites you in the ass. Sometimes you need to read the writing on the wall and adapt. As to NPCs, something like 99% of games in existence have them, even when developed by a one man team working part time. They could easily have a prototype in a week. It would take longer to flesh out but they could even involve the community in the process. Major parts of NPCs development are AI, pathfinding and encounter design. Lets focus on the last one. In this game the m
  9. Someone built a small city (including monorail) in this game, it is not as different from Second Life as one would imagine. It just has a bit more focus on actual gameplay (which feels odd to say considering the state of this game). You are right about the territory claiming, we just disagree about the solution. There are Safe Zones in this game, so all that will happen regardless. Safe Zones will sprawl or have no vacancies for new players. (This is often addressed with instancing or additional servers but... single shard). The solution in this game should be Rent/Taxes with
  10. Copying EVE is like trying to make a viral video. A fools errand. What is good/special about this game? Voxels/Ship Building/Civilization Building - Basically the Creative aspect Industry - which they destroyed, and intend to keep destroyed in the name of 'longevity' So, they can either embrace its strength, the creative side, and develop gameplay loops around that, or they can focus on things this game does poorly (PVP, etc), redesign them and then build game around that. What they can't do is keep pretending they can do all of it without going bankrupt or
  11. "Care to share say 12 of them? I doubt you can give me that many successful open world persistent single shard MMO titles that do not have PVP or where PVP plays a minor part." That is a lot of words to say Eve Online. I couldn't name a dozen single shard open world MMOs, never mind successful ones, even without factoring in type or existence of PVP. Which is unsurprising because they are massively problematic (and not just on the technical side), but that is another discussion.
  12. There are tons of MMOs either without (OPEN WORLD) PVP or where it plays a small part. Consensual PVP with very limited death penalties is pretty much the norm these days, most people don't want to go back to the early days of WOW where there was true open world PVP. Turns out getting randomly one-shotted by high level players wasn't all that popular. And Games like ESO have a fenced in PVP zone. Fallout 76 had to quickly nerf their PVP even with small instanced servers. Sure they can keep safe zones but if they have resources exclusive to PVP, non-pvp players won't be happy, and if they
  13. Personally I think (open world) PVP is bad for this game. PVP brings along baggage that is incompatible with some games. PVP games come with heavy game balancing requirements. PVP comes with a strong need to squash 'exploits'. PVP comes with more strictly imposed limits. Sure, these are true of all games to a degree, but the scope of them in PVP that is vastly different, as well as the impact (In single player/PVE you are not targeting players with exploits, just NPCs). Ever look at the patch notes of a PVP MMO? Constant miniscule tweaks years after launc
  14. Not sure exactly how they are finding the fun. Surface mining is currently tedious as hell, and an ugly blight on the planet) that feels like a mobile mini-game without the game part. Nearly featureless ground spammed with a sea of various colored rocks you have to click on, with no creatures or threats of any kind. Doubling down on that seems an odd choice unless you completely rework how it is done, and not simply making it more lucrative. It is currently a gameplay loop nobody wants or uses beyond the first few hours. Ground mining is tedious as hell and feels li
  15. Yea, once your player base is hydrated, it's time to throw in the towel. (Aw, you edited it now my post won't make any sense)
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