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  1. Sorry NQ but this is terribly disappointing once again - centralized by AI, run by inexistent NQ ingame - going against the player base civilisation building - killing all the efforts and time put by some orgs to do such markets Should have put more time developing some tools and interfaces, to achieve such type of markets driven by players! but instead, once again, over and over, laziness and urge to get that game released as soon as possible drove you! PS: with a wipe coming, who dares selling anything recently? are we keeping quantas?
  2. feels like you were not here on first days of last PTS tests, where radars were detecting the entire universe of constructs Oups! thats not more data than we ve been uploading in normal times, and couple thousands of vec3, we are talking here of kilobytes of data not gigabytes why pretending would need to load anything at that distance, thats absurd that also works for distant communication, and distant script activation... why pretexting the area loading, when everything is locally ran
  3. guys sop focusing on multi account!!!! 1) its pay to win "time", pay to progess faster 2) it doesnt hurt anyone 3) this is uncontrollable by NQ, and it brings them more sub/money, so there is no chance they regulate it 4) in so many other mmo out there its also the case so main problem there is dual client for multi account users dual client = 1 player can play 2 accounts at same time on same PC using regular client + a geforcenow client and where does that hurt DU the most? in PVP because in pvp give those players advantage to control 1 ship with 2 pvp seats, so double number of guns, so double fire power, controled with 1 single hand so there is no chance to remove geforcenow, too many regular players rely only on that PVP mechanics must be improved by NQ to rebalance dual clients and give EVERYONE same chance in PVP
  4. 100 is not even what it is in reality, small elements despawn after 25m, including databanks, receptors, emitters, buttons, screens etc... no matter there is someone else standing beside it lua is 100% dealt by your own computer and elements that are rendered by your client its not 1km what we need, now they adding MU api, we need cross universe communication api, so we could centralize datas for our screens! MU api is totaly useless if we cant trigger a programming board while using VR, or cant gather its data with a real communication api
  5. why are you so enthusiastic Tordan, they announced a release before the end of the year!!! of a game in alpha stage we ve been playing for 6 years, ending with a wipe including all the hard work of all creators that made 100% of the content for the game advertisements till now They havent discussed or listened to anything, any ideas we ve been developing here in this same forum but just building a game for screens thats what lua in DU is about today, looking at your computer screen to watch an other ingame screen, and for yourself, because they arent able to give us an acceptable synchronisation for everyone see the same thing at same time on those screens
  6. when will the json disapear for good for a better formal table returned? how about slots removal too? core.getData(uid) etc... feels like when ever there are 3 functions added in the game, dev feels completely free of any current lua problematics when will this game start to be refined instead of adding more incomplete content???????????? when are we going to see lua exchange and copyright integrated in the game? when does lua will really allow us to communicate between players/constructs, instead of beeing nerfed for personal use where you have to explicitly press F on a control unit? why the hell adding a MU api when ppl in VR cannot start a programming board? feels like dev really think 100% of players are owning 30 territories and moving personally to them for calibration??????????????????? When is GD team going to really play their game for god sake?????????
  7. multi accounts is not pay 2 win its pay to progress faster, and does not hurt anyone, its common and no one cares about it multi accounts + dual clients is real actual pay to win when we talk about PVP you are alone or in small group facing dual client single player or group you cannot not win, but you ll 100% loose everything you spent long long time to build and gather no matter you are full pvp talents + t5 grade voxels they will always have double of your fire power dual client = double fire power per player = pay 2 win
  8. you didnt really need to explain we all know this, but ppl like him are just trolling...
  9. it will be impossible for them to control accounts, but yes gives huge progression advantage to players owning multiple accounts Its like that we have to do with it, other games are same, and NQ will never say no to more sub/money But other games allow multiple characters per account They just have to do things right for that doesn't disadvantage in any case single account players And right now is the PVP the most affected/unbalanced by geforcenow or other PCoIP, more than the economy itself
  10. active accounts are said to be around 3000 by NQ active accounts includes active players with all their alts hopes at release are to be around 95k subs if there is couple of the alpha tester i never ever encountered in game, you are one first you come play the game, and you ll se how dead it is, join big orgs and see how many active players are in compare to total members if active players are ready to pay for 8 accounts, 30$ more for a shadow play is nothing, and shadow Pc is nothing else but a PC over IP, so can even be used to play with a tablet pc there were also a bunch whiling to pay more than 1000$ for playing this game so dont say there arent players that will do everything to dominate at all costs if a dozen players abuse of this dual client out of 3000 today, it will be couple hundreds out of 95k players tomorow
  11. all mmos are skilled based and unless having 4 arms and 2 pairs of eyes, dual client is unpraticable DU is lock and fire, where you only press couple buttons then it does the job for you, with only 1 hand can handle easily 2 clients we are no more than 500 active players, i personally dont have other account, but i m surrounded by others who have up to 8 accounts to be able to cover all talents the more time will go after release the more players will join the more this exploit will be abused if nothing is done! punishing them is stupid, prooves that you didnt adventure that much in space, pvp is obviously awaiting around asteroids, but not only, it can be anywhere around the corner space is large. and i know no one around me or in my orgs whiling to loose hours doing nothing in space but looking for a needle in a haystack and what i want is a fair fight when i want to do a mission alone and not ask 10 of my mates to company me for such task
  12. multiple accounts will be impossible to control, unless they let us build multiple characters with 1 account (what 100% of mmos do btw) but having normal client plus running DU on shadow PC on same computer is common place for lot of PVP users gives them enormous advantages, the first 1 is to double their fire power and be only 1 person out there, they dont need to move with friends and orgs, they are fully equiped for taking and having 100% of chance against any other single player even with full talents and max tier elements is that cheating? not really, because NQ allows it, and did nothing to counter it. so its pay to win
  13. The planets need a wipe This game officially called in beta stage, is in reality still in alpha stage Planets are same since 5years ago, fast designed placeholders that have been worked on for years but never replaced We have experiences in pre alpha and alpha stages dozen of wipes, and there were different goals for those wipes and solutions given for better transitions The best solutions that was adopted once was that we were given magic blueprints, tokens of our previous constructs that we could spawn at no cost after the wipe this is something players should fight for, aswell as keeping our quantas and talent points But planets MUST be wiped and replaced with new one As a reminder an old dev blog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAqa-miWhxg&t=92s
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