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  1. "Scrap Mechanic" style, unfortunatly it has already been asked couple times, and strongly refused by NQ
  2. isnt using the selection tool, then CTRL + C, then mouse scroll to change the material, then CTRL + V, doing exactly the same?
  3. Honeycomb is the Major game content of DU which pretend to let players build what ever we want But as it is now, it is tooooooo constrained and limited, buggy, and never looking as we wished, specially in between updates where dev dont know which numbers to tweak for better render results The resources needed for making honeycomb: Some honeycombs such as concrete / brick / wood / glass(panels) should require more simple recipes, not requiring mined and refined ores, but raw stone, sand or wood, directly from the planets grounds and trees Those could be conside
  4. how old is that trello, for that nobody remembers it? https://trello.com/b/Y6WNMd2S/dual-universe-community-suggestions
  5. @Demlockwe are not in Landmark, how is any economy is going to happen if everything is open source or donated we have experienced multiple wipes in the past, some with alternatives so that players dont loose everything, such as "magic blueprints", blueprints that can be spawned without requiring any material from the players this will therefor need a little work on the blueprint deployment gameplay, like being able to see the ghost of the mesh and being able to snap static core blueprints but to be honest, Helios planets, including Alioth are ugly as hell, and have
  6. Three years and half after pre alpha launch, the best period ever for DU, everything got overcomplicated, heavy and excruciatingly laggy, especially at the introduction of industry 2.O which has changed till now fps, lag and loading times for everyone, but since the developers aren't testing nor playing their own game, very little have been done concerning the content and game mechanics. Since the beginning JC pretends that he wants to control the visual aspect of the game, but look at the thousands of player made atrocities and piles of elements scattered everywhere For th
  7. Hi Naunet! Since you guys are working on the line tool, which is a great thing, its the right time to fix it for real and make it finally a great tool only 3 things: so that shouldnt be too much work - fix the huge fps drop when making large lines - the rotation of the selection should not happen around the center of the selection, but it should rotate around one of the corners, so a rotated line can finally be aligned with the voxel grid!!! (rotated line been hazardous and dirty for too long) - implement maybe tubular and triangular li
  8. I dlike react about the new lua parameters panel. First of all, very very very nice addition, a big step forward copyrights protection i feel For having already played with it, first thing is obvious, and can be noticed on the panel announcement rendering picture the panel isnt large enough and long parameter names step over the changeable parameters line Then, - exported parameters like true / false arent supported - exported parameters are randomly displayed in the panel, not following the order they are in the script - some parameters are mis
  9. discordauth:WJfIzC8fX5H9QEiuD9FbKYJSpGYezfLfpvhzGrNRtBE=

  10. but here guys are 2 examples of 3rd person lock and fire, not fps
  11. In theory this is very accurate, but you only demonstrated CvC, what about AvA? Does anyone have a lock and fire system reference game for AvA? (Avatar vs Avatar) The only one i have is Final Fantasy 14 online, but its not in first person, or minecraft using a hacked client with auto lock target and aura, but its unplayable
  12. Few questions about combat system: - will avatars take same amount of dammages on every points of the body? - will there be one shot kills? (head shots) - what are missing chances on moving targets? - will there be some dodge moves for avatar controls? - what does lock means on moving targets? first person cursor will keep following moving target? or lock just means locking at a fix position and moving target could easily move out? - what are chances in AvA to escape from an unknow hidden positionned fire assault? - in CvC what are chances to dodge while beeing cha
  13. no idea. it might be more simplified than that. maybe they will just retain the original LUA syntaxes, and implement their own functions proper to the game mechanics, and in future releases, implement new functions
  14. its all about the functions they will give us for the LUA. check LSL content. they will base ingame scripting syntax on LUA, but implement their own functions... if they dont implement a function to call for external data, you could try any function you ll find on internet about LUA for that, you will never compile your script ingame...
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