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  1. Nice generalizing. I've had great and many social groups throughout my life. In Highschool, in college. I also love sports and often go to Football games with friends. In my younger years we would go to Concerts. Weekends in my 20s were spent a decent amount of time at bars socializing with friends. I've met friends IRL thru games like EvE online, and also still have a few life long friends from when I was 5. Seems like you are projecting. Normal well adjusted adults know the difference between real life and video games. We can handle "losing" pixels in a game, and understand and enjoy competition. MMO's of these sorts are similar in other competitive shooter games that have become wildly popular. To win at a battle royal, someone has to die and lose. Are those people toxic or lack social skills? No one makes you play. Its also Beta, so people pushing things to the limits is actual helpful, so NQ can see these things, then make judgments and make stances on their rules. If you can't handle it emotionally, then maybe its you that needs to take a step back and re-evaluate how you see things.
  2. JohnnyTazer


    I also think to the Devs, getting everyone to one shard, and making it stable is #1 priority. And as seen by the Beta launch, thats apparently not an easy task. Like, sure there is EvE but lets take a minute to think about it. In eve you are just a ship. Not an avatar, there are no voxels. There are no customization to this level in DU that happens in real time. Look at eve yes there are 2k people in Jita at one time. but 1800 of them are DOCKED. And Jita has its own personal server. Have you played eve when 2k people are on grid fighting? its 10% tidi (time dilation) and it is a fucking shit show, and can turn a 1 hour fight into 8 hours that goes at a snails pace. NOT ONE single person in eve says they lke TiDi, but they deal with it as its the only way to not have the servers shit itself. Planets,suns, etc in eve are meaningless to render as you dont really interact with them. No gravity. It is single shard, but gates with loading screens divide everything. The VAST majority of fights in eve are 100 or less, and often way less. You can play Hell Let Loose with 100 people on a server. So what DU is trying to accomplish is pushing the boundaries of how many people can interact at once. And to me, that is the most important thing. Graphics have to take a back seat as this "single shard" everyone in the same "universe" is DU's biggest selling point. We can sit here and argue how well they doing on performance thats fine, but the reality is they had to start small with the graphics. Go watch old early Alpha footage. The graphics are improving, but at a small pace. Same thing happened with EvE. Once they feel comfortable with server stability i expect more graphics improvements, but on smaller scales most likely.
  3. Devs have confirmed more solar systems. As to how many, I dont even think they know. It will all depend. If playerbase stays healthy and grows would could see more. It could be a new system every 1-2 years. One thing to keep in mind, awhile ago devs said they want quality over quantity. Meaning they want beautiful mapped out planets, and want they playerbase also to interact, so I very highly doubt we will see "hundreds" of systems. So my final conclusion is they will add more systems based on playerbase to some degree.
  4. I'm assuming you mean Solar system? Universe means "everything". So stargates to another solar system, or even galaxy I suppose. But JC wasn't talking about multiple dimensions was he? ha
  5. Ya that does. I am also hoping this game replaces eve for me. I do love eve but after 10 years something new has its appeal. If I were you tho, definitely check back when its "official release" and see if enough has been added for you to come back.
  6. Why did you unsubscribe from DU? Why did you say you were while quoting his post? Are you implying you unsubscribed because of peoples "attitudes" on the forums and reddit? You yourself just said you dont see that ingame. I'm genuinely curious why you unsubscribed and then made a comment about people on the forums and reddit if that is not a reason for you leaving.
  7. Bots cant go until we get full element destruction and territory warfare. Stuff like containers atm never leave the game world. So selling them to players is pretty pointless atm, and the demand is so low. All for fully driven player market, but its not ready yet as the loops arent complete. Mine -> Refine -> Build -> Destroy -> Repeat.
  8. Not to mention half the people that are gamers dont play ANY one game. Well maybe Among Us is changing that....lol
  9. For the experienced person moons are good. Lots of T1 and low gravity for hauling it. I do exactly as you said. I make exactly ONE element with my industry on a moon. Sell it to bots, and buy everything else (I do build honeycomb). Works like a charm make 2.5 mil a day when industry runs. My skills are getting good so it's better than selling ore at 20 per. Very "new " friendly with just a little know how.
  10. People will always complain. Everyone over uses the word toxic. Things are hyperbole these days. But people who post/whine about pvp dont get a free pass. PvP is here to stay and is in continued development. Imagine if the roles were reversed and I want to the forums of a PVE game and did nothing but complain why there isnt pvp or open world pvp? That's what is happening here a decent amount. I'm not talking about balancing pvp issues, but the fact some are against the open world pvp aspect.
  11. Fair enough but some consider that backing as its not a finished game. Admittedly the lines are so blurred these days between alpha/beta/release who knows.
  12. Definitely agree. The asteroids also give reason for people to go in deeper random parts of space. Maybe make a valuable ore that only spawns on asteroids and it's rare too.
  13. Thanks, I was implying that. Like father away you go in SU better/high tier ore you get. A good asteroid say 350 SU in a random directions count net you TONs of ore, you'd need a crew to mine it all in a timely manner. Stuff like that. And would be good group activity as pirates will be about. So either risk it and go for big haul solo, or bring defenders, etc. Could be a super fun gameplay loop.
  14. Respawning asteroids in deep space (deeps space being relative I suppose) would be super cool. Especially if there was a cool way to search for them.
  15. I wonder why you backed a game with open world pvp, and feel the need to come to the forums and say the developers are wrong and change the fundamentals that been stated since kickstarter.
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