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  1. Not a good idea. The rights system will take care of things. Too many exploits with security status. And there is no "empire" space. Leaving out bullshit status and letting players decide things thru the rights management is way more emergant gameplay...and that's the way this game was originally pitched.
  2. That seems like a lot of development time spent, when you don't need all that. If an organization needs some Quanta, or ore to get off the ground. Just come talk to me. I give loans at 5 points a week. Way easier than making some complicated system.
  3. I like the possibility of some survival aspects. I also REALLY like the idea of Drugs, with buffs, and DeBuffs for over use. Could really enhance possible gameplay. If you take too much of a drug, when you are not on it, you get negative stats or something to that effect, cause you became addicted to it. So there would be a balance with it, and choices on when to use, or not to use.
  4. Its so crazy. If you don't want to pvp, dont play a PVP game. Its that simple. Don't come into a game and say "no fair they destroyed my ship!" Ofc, there should be balance. But the game is super super dull if you just build, then build more, then more building, then 4 years down the road you are still building, weeeeeeeee. I understand niche markets, and also trying to appeal to more people, but there is a reason EvE has players that last years on end. Its cause of the relationships, and the sometimes meaningful battles that took place. I couldn't tell you how 1 single pubg match went down that Ive played, but I could tell you about a wormhole battle I had in eve in 2012. Because it MEANT something.
  5. You know what they say about when you assume.
  6. I get what you are saying. But EvE is only ever safe in an NPC station. So you can be ganked at anytime, so there really isnt a PVE free area that you talk about. You can sit in a station and build, and run the market without getting ganked, but lots of people still call that pvp cause the market is player run and your fighting against 0.01 isk people non stop in jita. If you ever try to move out of station besides jump cloning once every 24 hours, you are at risk. I do fear some of the things you are talking about though, the carebears are people that ruin a good game. If you don't want to be at risk, please play a different game. DU is not for you, just as eve isn't. And guess what. THAT IS OK. This game has been stated by the devs that it will be all about emergant gameplay, orgs battling for non-re spawning resources, and rebuilding civilization. I'm all for there being some safe zones for people to get a foot. But after that, its open world PVP. What people fail to understand, especially in a harsh game like eve, is that you are NOT your ship, or your items. They are tools to have fun, to craft an experience. People in EvE literally take a hit to the ego if their ship goes boom, when thats the wrong mentality to have. Everytime I undock a ship I've already written it off as "gone". That mentality has kept me playing and pvping in eve for 10 years, and brought me a lot of fun. But I do agree with this quote on SWG was a very fun game, and it was the first MMO I played. But this game will be doomed if they abandon their stated vision, and give in to the carebears. That I know for sure.
  7. Thats great. If you played EvE for a meaningful time then my comment wasn't directly aimed at you. But with that being said, the reason im so vocal about eve is, ive seen the nerfs and lived through them. I've seen the forums being littered with whiny carebears threatening to CCP to change the game soley around their play style, slowly ruining what the core of eve was. A hyper competitive space mmo where you were always at risk. I don't want that to happen to DU, because from what I've seen, this is the game ive been waiting for. And as much as I love EvE, i do admit it has flaws. And even though im a hardcore pvp guy, there are a lot of things i dont want in DU that eve has, such as safe zone ganking. Im ok with DU being a different game. That doesn't mean it cant have a soul similar to EvE online. Hell, I remember talking to a fellow corp mate while i was in wormhole space circa 2012 or around there, talking about this new game we heard was being developed called Star Citizen. We had big debates about what it would actually be, what they were talking about, what things might be similar/different from eve, etc. So a lot of us hardcore EvE guys are looking for a new game, and not just an eve clone. But people that have played eve, know that there are some things that just work and are so much fun. What I think a lot of us, just gamers in general, who especially like a more Sci-Fi based setting are wanting a rich environment, where many play styles can be represented, but also want it to be very competitive, and relying on relationships one way or another to achieve goals. Having a big open world environment that is player run is what we want. We want people to have to make choices, and with choices mean mistakes can be made. Everything that i've seen seems to be heading in that direction, and that is the reason I pledged. I just hope they stay the course and stick with their vision, and not give in to the carebears.
  8. Here is a good story of EvE sociopaths. I had been playing eve for about 1 year, maybe a bit longer. I was living in a wormhole, with an wormhole alliance. At one point I found out one of my corp mates lived in the same city as me. We had talked about the possibility to meet up for a beer. Well before that happened, my current roommate I had bailed on me, and didnt have his rent so I had to unexpectedly move out, and soon. To make matters worse I didn't have a car at the time, tho I started a new job and would have one soon. My corp mate offered to come help me move in his truck for free. He and his gf came over, helped me and it all worked out great. A guy in my corp in eve online who I never met, extended a helping hand. That was over 7 years ago or so, and we are still friends to this day.
  9. Couldn't agree more. People forging their own paths in an open world game. So much potential and fun, and stories to be had. I think often people are too afraid of failure. But games like this, that it is proposing to be, and EvE. Failure is how you learn. Without failure, the victory isn't as sweet. and its a virtual world, so you don't perma die. Embrace the failure, and your enjoyment goes up like 10x.
  10. @blazemonger Whats also funny, is this so similar a discussion i;ve had with highsec Carebears. Not even a month ago, I stole some drones from someone in highsec worth about 200mil. Afterward I said GF in local, and they berated me, cursed at me. Then private convo'd me and said I was the reason eve was dying. Then we got to talking and I asked him how much he spent on eve. He said "nothing, i plex my 2 characters, I don't have to spend a dime on eve.". Too which i replied "Thats nice, but ive spent about $200 this month, in addition to paying for my 5 accounts. I love eve and I want CCP to do well. I have the income to afford it as one of my hobbies. I'm pretty sure CCP values me as a customer over you." Its just hilarious people continue to play a game they hate.
  11. You are literally proving my point. If you just said "EvE is not the type of game for me, i choose to play something else." and left it at that, then no one would have an issue. But you literally said anyone who plays is a sociopath, and attack people who are speculating about the similarities between what DU has proposed, and what EvE online IS.
  12. I tend to live a life, where I don't generalize that someone is going to act a certain way, based on their gender, or race. Or question their mental state simply by a video game they prefer.
  13. Yea, based on what you said you seem the complete opposite of a sociopath. You seem like a well adjusted person who knows what eve is, accepts that, and chose a play style accordingly.
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