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  1. There are a number of people on these forums who are Anti-fun. Like the poster Graxxor above too. They get angry when they see other people having fun in a video game.
  2. This isn't even remotely close to being true. Have you seen the Talemai lockdown? we had many fights, yes a few haulers died, but in the end today one huge battle of over 30 ships, and possibly 70 people or so were all there to fight other well armed pvp ships. Wanna know what the people really want? FREEDOM. We were sold on a game where the players make the rules, and "emergent gameplay" Right now there is 0 to fight over as 100% of the content is locked behind safe zones where guns are disabled by the mechanics. Like I cant literally even attempt to fire my a gun where 100% of the content lies. Here is another thing...this is an MMO. If you are new/solo/ignorant to the landscape and politcs, you see lacobus and say to yourself "hey i would like to mine some gold", in what world do you think you are entitled to fly there in a fat slow hauler, to STEAL gold from a planet you do not live on? You didnt take any attempt to find out who lives there, who patrols there, what the politcal climate is like there. Sure you have the freedom to go there, but to expect to be 100% safe is just completely fucking asinine. This is a video game and risk is what makes it fun, and the interactions and people forming communities/factions/politics/wars is where the "fun" is. Does that mean sometimes a hauler is going to die to well armed pvp ship? Yes. Does it mean it can be avoided by "playing the mmo game". Also yes. Regardless if you are a pvper or not, people what the chance to actually influence how the game progresses, sometimes thru diplomacy, sometimes thru agressive negotiations. But the point is, let the PLAYERS CHOOSE.
  3. LOCKDOWN UPATE: After a week long LOCKDOWN sanctioned by the OPA at Talemai, things came to a head in a major way today. Up to this point, all attacks were thwarted, and many haulers trying to smuggle ore in and out were disabled. A battle of an estimated 30 ships engaged in space above the beautiful planet Talemai. ATOM stood tall against overwhelming odds. Damage and losses were taken on both sides, but rest assured propaganda from either side is surely to be broadcast all over the subspace transmissions in the days to come. This violent attack against Talemai and the OPA has left the planet in a state of uncertainty. It also begs the questions how the other planets will respond as the increasing number of people who live in the Inner planets continue to steal ore that rightfully belongs to the OPA. One can feel it in the the air...a storm is coming. Already there are reports of scientists of both the Inner and the Outer planets sending deep space probes and getting info sent back that there is an untapped Asteroid belt out in deep space. Presumably with rich ores that would benefit any planet or faction who is able to set up mining operations. One can only think that this was only the first of many power struggles to come throughout the solar system... LOCKDOWN STATUS: ON HOLD
  4. Its fitting you don't understand. I backed this game because they said high tier ore would be in the pvp zone, and only small safe zones. Im not advocating to "change" anything, but for them to keep/give us what was promised. But then again, I dont expect much coming from you.
  5. Ya, just drop all the safe zones of the outer planets, and you will see an instant spike in player base. This is a VIDEO GAME, not "lets try to accumulate as much virtrual bullshit and horde it away simulator". People want some excitement, and some space explosions, some politics, and some MEANING.
  6. Actually they seem like the type of people who get in a relationship, then do whatever they can to change the person to fit whatever idealized version they think they should be, instead of loving them for who they actually are.
  7. UPDATE: Today was an interesting day at Talemai. But one thing is for sure, Waste Management was wise in contracting out the military operation part of the Blockade to Unexplained Atomics. Many haulers who live in the Inner planets tried to come in or leave with stolen Talemai ore and were quickly delt with. On top of that two separate attempts were made to attack the blockade. This is unacceptable and will be considered an act of war. Both were easily delt with. The highlight was one ship looking like a box filled with guns made some sort of Kamikaze attempt and came barreling toward talemai at 29,999 km/h and as it was shot at it finally disappeared into the atmosphere where we presumed it slammed into the planet. A salvage operation was quickly dispatched. Make no mistake, Talemai stands firm and is under control. The LOCKDOWN is and has been 100% successful. The OPA will not stand for any unethical treatment of its miners, nor allow the Inners to come in and steal ore for themselves. https://imgur.com/b3xrZDj https://imgur.com/InkTCeF https://imgur.com/n3CsZyj https://imgur.com/gnSaUsh https://imgur.com/qWqkHWn https://imgur.com/eQtpXXz https://imgur.com/wl74763 https://imgur.com/DbbMHUI - JohnnyTazer Waste Management Consultant
  8. You keep using that word, and you don't even know what it means.
  9. You didnt tell anyone anything, and its Laughable you equate real life in the equation for people wanting to shoot space ships in a video game. Let me guess, people who queue up for a PUBG match are greifing when they kill other people to get their chicken dinner.
  10. You're so off the mark. Every single person I play with side steps the pvp zone 100%. (the non-pvpers) And the 0.001% that do die in the pvp zone hauling, end up warping after. Ive personally talked to a hauler I killed and said "well im just gonna warp from now on." You didn't tell anyone anything.
  11. You didn't cancel the fight, you aren't allowed at Talemai because I said so.
  12. Another ship that didnt have a permit.
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