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  1. Because the game has been so mismanaged, i occasionally check the forums because ill take pleasure when the servers shut down. And it will be an example of how not to treat your player base. This will definitely be the last "early access" game I will back. Majority never deliver anything remotely close to what they promise. Case in point: Dual Universe.
  2. This is what I expected, as it came directly from NQ. Tired of being lied to, done with this game.
  3. Thats just it. EvE is consider the most niche game. And DU cant even get like 10% of eve's numbers. Where are all these players and money going to come from? Just because they might add a hauling mission, and maybe powergrid to pvp ships? This game is as good as dead, because it wont be able to make any money. And unlike other games that were in alpha for years with terrible bugs (DayZ) NQ has to pay for servers. Where in DayZ opening up modding and owning your own servers passes that all on to the players. And today DayZ is actually in a decent playable state. And its a one time purc
  4. It doesnt matter how many times we tell these people or NQ, they dont listen. Only a very very small subset of people will be "career haulers". And while that's fine not knocking it, this little "update" is an almost identical copy of eve's contract system. Which is ok but it's footnote in a patch not something to be touted as new gameplay. Becauseit's not. Look at eve. A large portion still do their own hauling. Or they have friends with Jump freighters in alliance do it free. Same will apply to DU.
  5. They also promised high tier ore in pvp zone, and only Sanc moon was safe. Whats your point thats not what the current game is. Thats the problem everyone is living on some "potential" of what DU can be. But the reality is, in its current form its dogshit.
  6. Then DU is the wrong game for you, 0 space exploration.
  7. I know right. What if we didnt just have magic linked container range that extends miles, and a different way RDMS was implemented. And had stuff like code locks, safes, etc that you had to use for containers, or whatever fun mechanics u can think of. And like you could break into containers still, but would take time/skills. Could also invest in alarms of some sorts for them, and then actually had avatar pvp so if you see someone fuckin around could get a shotgunlaser to the face. IDK anything that would be more than just park my hauler with 50XL containers 2km away and "yoink" and then y
  8. Yes, a further reduction of cross section, and then also the reduced dmg when they do hit would balance things quite a bit.
  9. - Take probability into the amount of dmg actually done. If your base dmg of a gun is 50k. And you have 25% probability of hitting, then *IF* you land a hit, you should only do a % of dmg. Can be a random range, so that 25% = 10k-40k dmg. A big problem with the L guns is ya, with cross section they miss a lot, but when they hit, they do MASSIVE dmg and only take a few hits to completely fuck a small ship up. Give the small ship a bit more chance. Make it so an actual M core would actually apply more dmg to a smaller ship. - Give XS and S cores special abilities. One major o
  10. The whole "stealing" part in games like eve, and now DU can definitely be a hot topic. But I think in the end most are somewhat ok with the ability for it to happen, as long as they are given sufficient tools to prevent it. In eve having multiple corp wallet divisions, and now citadels where people have their own hanger, and asset safety as long as it fueld helps a ton. In DU they need much more added to the RDMS, and especially in the org wallet to give a Super legate, and even legate, to have tools to tier funds and such, as to not have it an all or nothing when it comes to access. I mea
  11. So the only sensible route is go the eve route. And what does that mean? Give certain cores special important modules/mechanics that others dont. Like the command destroyer in eve that booshes ships 100km away. Make only xs and small cores have "surgical strike". They can target exact elements with some probability of success thrown in. Also give these small ship "tackle modules". Call it a tractor beam. Reduces a ships speed based on tier and talents. Now you able to slow a ship down. Make it so probability is also factored in dmg done. If I have L guns and have 25% probabil
  12. So they want even the people who dont even play anymore, to "login" so they can post a 1. Because thats what I did. Now they can use that to show a boosted number of "logins" for someone....their financial backers? And to me this doesn't mean shit if I can't see what the results are. I have a feeling we will never see what the results are of this survey.
  13. Its a great suggestion tho, ask anyone who plays games like DayZ. The proximity chat is amazing for player interactions. Its 100x easier to get peoples tone, and demeaner thru voice than chat. I remember my early days in alpha. I would see people in the market occasionally, and be like "hey" in local. Then "nice ship". and we would both be standing there, and then it was like "bye". But sitting there talking instead of typing out all the things I could or would want to ask (if the other person also wanted to talk) would be amazing. Obviously need to be able to have quick hot keys for m
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