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  1. ya there was more "searching" in the Bazaar in SWG. But thats fine, putting together your builds, with the stats you wanted with, and how good they were, for what you could afford was fun, and made things unique. talking about armors and weapons and stats with it. Had multiple armors, like leggings, shoes, chest, helmet, etc.
  2. How many players are logged in at once. Why are you afraid to tell us? Is it because it's that bad? Eve tells us who is in the launcher, and that game Is considered small and niche. Just tell us how many people are logged in at once during primetime.
  3. I played SWG but didn't do crafting. But shopping and buying for the shit you wanted to min/max was fun. Everyone I've ever talked to that was an industry type person that also played swg, says that even today it is hands down the best there has ever been. So I'd be down with it for sure. NQ doesn't have the ability to pull off anything even remotely close to SWG so dont get your Hope's up.
  4. So, NQ doesn't know if schematics are staying or going. They dont know if they are gonna wipe. They don't know when release is. They are done with roadmaps because they dont know when things could be developed. NQ doesn't know shit. Well, they do know one thing, they arent making any money. So there is that.
  5. Ya, it is the only way. I recently resubbed all my accounts (CCP thanks you for the money NQ) and we had an armor timer defending our main fortizar from a bigger alliance. We bat phoned, they batphoned. 200+ man fight went down, was a blast. We as the defenders lost more ships and lost more isk, but we stopped them from finishing off the armor hp and it reset so we successfully defended and kept our main staging fortizar. Meaningful pvp where both sides had time to prepare for war and give it their all over a meaningful objective. That's what DU is missing. Purpose to do shit.
  6. Then what the fuck are you even talking about. Stay in the safe zone thats what it's for. We are talking about pvp, and owning territories, and how NQ said now space pvp territory is coming. And how eve tackles those problems. If you dont want to be apart of that stay in the fucking safe zone. Reading comprehension isnt your strong suit I can see.
  7. What are you even talking about? This mechanic literally favors the little guy. If it was like Rust the large corps would steam roll all the little guys as they cant stay logged in 24/7. I can site hundreds of examples of this mechanic helping the little guy. I have been a ceo of a 30man wormhole corp (considered very small in eve) and the timers are what make owning player stations worth it. You have no idea what you are talking about. At all.
  8. That isnt even remotely true. Like at all. In EvE you get to pick when the timer comes out, with I believe a + or - 2h window. So it essentially a 4hr window of your choosing. So the reinforcement timer will always be during your timezone. And then its. 15min window for armor timer enemy to hit, then 30min window for final hull timer. So no, you dont need 24/7 protection at all. Just during a 30min window of your choosing that is known literal days (plural) in advance. Regardless of what anyone thinks, this is the fairest way. Because it's a game and people cant be on 24/7. It's worked in eve for decades and DU also being a "persistent universe" should also adopt something similar.
  9. I knew they would fuck up Asteroids. They don't have enough development sense to make a fun and engaging longer range radar scanning system, to actually go out and explore the depths of space to find asteroids. Putting the ground work on a scanning system would then lead to also scanning for possible NPC wrecks, other player ships, anomolies, etc etc that could make space exploration actually fun, exciting, and dangerous. Things I would want in a space video game. No no no, lets just "broadcast it for everyone" so they can check off a box and make it probably a small event then be done with it.
  10. This is so spot on. During that 3-4 month period, tons of people know you could still log in and play even if your sub wasn't "active" and still chose not too. People with gifted beta subs wont log in. DU isn't even a game right now.
  11. Game isnt fun, and has been hemorrhaging players since 0.23 this devblog is them saying they got no more money. But they have no content to bring in new people. Everything they implement doesn't work on first iteration. Look at the threads talking about the new /unstuck and fetch not working. Look at the facts, you have a skeleton crew trying to make a massive mmo, that doesnt have any money, and a huge portion of the player base has already moved on. This game is niche to begin with. The writing is on the wall. Bankruptcy.
  12. One of the worst looking ships I've ever seen.
  13. Because the game has been so mismanaged, i occasionally check the forums because ill take pleasure when the servers shut down. And it will be an example of how not to treat your player base. This will definitely be the last "early access" game I will back. Majority never deliver anything remotely close to what they promise. Case in point: Dual Universe.
  14. This is what I expected, as it came directly from NQ. Tired of being lied to, done with this game.
  15. Thats just it. EvE is consider the most niche game. And DU cant even get like 10% of eve's numbers. Where are all these players and money going to come from? Just because they might add a hauling mission, and maybe powergrid to pvp ships? This game is as good as dead, because it wont be able to make any money. And unlike other games that were in alpha for years with terrible bugs (DayZ) NQ has to pay for servers. Where in DayZ opening up modding and owning your own servers passes that all on to the players. And today DayZ is actually in a decent playable state. And its a one time purchase. DU is dead in the water because they have no way to make enough money to profit. Its all money sink. Paying for developers. CM's, the rent of their offices. Then paying for their servers. I don't see how they will make any profit.
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