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  1. hahaha well it could more be a generational thing, I am old son raised in a time when girls stood and sat with their legs together lol some like a vise LOL So not so much gender but personal preference ;o)
  2. Yes I know. How awful is that? and why do the females stand like a dude LOL It HAS to get better, it can only go up from here.
  3. Although much is being said regarding the game mechanics, physics this and that, I have heard very little about character creation, clothing fashion and though for the more techically inclined this matters little in the grand scheme, as a female who appreciates a good charactor creator and loves the silly vanity items like jewlery and clothes, pets and lets not forget SHOES!!! I would like to hear some more about this subject. I know myself well enough to know I will hate to see my char wearing the same space jumpsuit day in and day out and dont even get me started on those helmets. I can see if you have to be out on the dock of a mother ship working in space because that makes sense, or even farming mats on a planet whos atmosphere isnt oxygen based but all the time?!?! I know after decades of playing mmorpg's that even the gender bending males (Dudes who play only female chars) like dressing up their chars. I would like to hear others thoughts on this subject and by all means post some images of the kind of fashion you would like to see offered ingame.
  4. Thanks Dhara, I am looking forward to it as well... more like chompin at the bit... cant wait to settle in to a place and begin sculpting all kinds of statues and monuments, all i need are sketches to work off... Is it September yet?!?!?!
  5. Yes but in Landmark there was a way around voxel claims and though i do get the concerns I think episodes of theivery will be few and far between at least I hope so. I would like to think that people would rather buy a design than steal it. Glad to see a fellow LMer here... See you in Alpha
  6. good question, I know voxels can be smoothed down to create micro voxels that one can use to build things like fine furniture, small detail work using micro stitching but you couldnt free rotate without mass distortions. I am wondering how that might work on a ship that is partially voxel built... Will it distrort during manuevers? Im sure this team has a handle on things but I imagine that there are limits to how voxels can be manipulated. the last voxel based game I tested had distortions a 5 voxels thick on free rotate, Im hoping this game will be far improved from landmark. As far as I can tell from the dev diaries DU is far superior to LM. Looking forward to pushing the limits of the tools during Alpha.
  7. I would like a small planet where i can build amazing voxel sculptures for folks to maybe buy to decorate or enhance their own builds. maybe design organic shaped ships or something creative like that... I can hardly wait to start!
  8. hmmm, well, I want to take this in points... You mention safe zones and the possible limitations of that type of space for those who like me only want to build. That can be resolved by simply adding permissions on your claim or plot of land if they plan on allowing folk to stake a claim, once you have your claim, have a management window that gives permissions, for example, I want You to help me on a build, or learn a technique, I will assign permissions that allows or limits you that includes allowing pvp. in a case like that then only the areas outside of your claim can be used for pvp in which case there really wouldn't be be a need for a large safe zone far beyond the spawn site. TBH, I don't think most people are going to jump right into pvp as alpha testing is just that, testing how things are running and shake out the wrinkles. As for jet packs and such while building, In other building games I've seen they give a fly mode while building that cost no energy, float boots things like that, now if the landscape has cave systems a grappling hook is wicked fun, but as an experienced voxel builder I can tell you it bites a big uhmmm Bullet yeah bullet, to try to sculpt a statue off a grappling hook and voxel made scaffolding uses mats you will need for your builds So ideally free fly within your claim while in build mode would be best. Not to say that there shouldn't be any grinding but its a delicate balance. at first everyone will need mats and will most likely be grinding out from the start just to be able to begin a build, few I dare say will be caring as much about pvp as they will be more interested in testing the tools and build systems as well as how well the game handles where if any optimizations yadda yadda. So there's my two cents worth
  9. let give this a go lol... I'm sure those who have seen my post have realized I am NOT tech savy lol the following are more examples of my voxel sculpting. The "Kill the Kraken" scene was a great deal of fun to build. enjoy
  10. Well yamamushi, I did do a fair bit of voxel mancing to get that much detail, micro voxel stitching in places to help with subtle details, the smooth tool was my best friend. hopefully someone in the know sees these and other posts of previous work and see how they can enhance what they have now, also DU hasn't even come out in Alpha yet so I am sure the end product will be far more filled out, building tools included
  11. Cool thanks will try that to post some more
  12. Well I was going to post images of my work on Landmark but none of the attachemtn options allow me to do it... so sad
  13. You forgot a Smooth tool, Terra forming and organic/natural shapes like animals and statues NEED a Smooth tool to help chisel the form... I can hardly wait to get in here lol
  14. I played on Landmark as well Munie/Rhapsadistic glad to see yet another one of us here... now be a doll and tell me how did you add this image, been trying and I keep getting is an error message
  15. Hello everyone Im Munie/Munney, I am so happy to have found this place and though I will have to save a wee bit to begin playing/testing the game. I truly enjoyed the time i spent beta testing a different voxel build game and look forward to pushing the limits of the tools in this game and build/Sculpt some lovely statues and structures. Hope to meet up with others who once like me also tested The Other game. not sure if i am allowed to mention the name of the dead game lol But it was or did set a landmark uhmm bench mark for the type of games Im willing to invest my time and funds to. Peace
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