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  1. Only half implementing systems as they go. Imagine a civ building game where all you do is pvp. Why even play at that point? What is there to play?
  2. Why are the docking areas so massive? I cant even leave one docked construct on a station to lock it in place because I'm "on a dynamic construct" My ships will just float away. Your "solution" seems to have fixed nothing and made things worse.
  3. There are so many games with passive resource generation to supplement low player counts. They want an eve scale game with the player counts of a small minecraft server.
  4. Permanently remove it from the game. It was not intended mechanics and was allowed out of laziness to fix it.
  5. One of my guys client crashed on a ship at market 6 and went to bed frustrated. He woke up on that guys station. Should he be banned?
  6. Or if they removed information from the dsat to make it more of a hunt rather than a beacon the second you sneeze in the vicinity of one. Safe Space or otherwise. Great update but where are features that ACTUALLY MATTER like: Better chat system Company groups for fleet actions or just seeing where friends are a (because you know space is fecking big) Offline messaging (like seriously its 2021) Less dependent on tools not exclusively run by NQ I.E. Discord. Good content but there are bigger issues than what types of ammo can take a shield down.
  7. More importantly this should have came out WITH the update not when you are looking at another patch sooooon tm. Also glad this was released instead of working on the game.....
  8. NQ publishing something that's not ready yet? What? I have never seen this before EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #sarcasm
  9. RIP Madis Market 3 Propaganda and MTI Board room for secret market things
  10. Please stop explaining you are taxing the servers with your walls of text. Too many deltas need to disable mining and remove your sound till fixed.
  11. I bet NQ had a heart attack knowing that many constructs are now going to be added.
  12. This even carries over to the operations skills in the PVP Trees. WAYYYYYYY TOO SPECIALIZED
  13. TL;DR If I can buy a fighter jet why cant I use it? Made this post cancer on purpose like their skill trees Your skill trees are a massive dumpster fire. Why are we restricted to what machines we can use by DAYS of training time? Why can we not just USE THE MACHINES. The same can be said about using weapons on ships. Why can I not take anyone out and be equal to the enemy gunners. The only thing that should matter is the ship. I WANT MY SKILL POINTS BACK FOR SOMETHING USEFUL. The way it seems this dumpster fire is designed is to be a massive money and time sink to prevent you from enjoying anything resembling fun in favor of an absurd grind that only has a 10% new player retention outside of alpha players and people who have been playing for a while. SOLUTIONS: - Get rid of the skills required to just simply open the Industry units -Actually give bonuses for using higher industry on a lower tiered item like craft speed or output. - Listen to the community for once instead of saying you are then doing the exact opposite. - Get rid of the center column in the DSAT window or actually add a proper timer as you cant do anything in the 10 minutes after you get there before a whole fleet of legion meta ships show up. WHAT HAPPENED TO A SAFE TIMER WHEN YOU GET TO THE ASTEROID WE WERE PROMISED. YOU DONT EVEN GET A SAFE TIMER IN SAFE SPACE. This game is honestly NOT FUN! There are MASSIVE entries to various aspects and the latest content we got was the biggest gap in gameplay knowledge I have ever seen in a company. While I agree here should be a benefit to playing but restricting huge chunks of your game behind weeks long training and no easy way to repair your ships automatically or even batch remove dynamic properties from screens. Rant Over.
  14. You are only winning because of crashes terrible content design and lack of player base. If he center column in he DSAT worked like NQ said it would you would stand no chance. there is nothing to fight over other than keeping your numbers from growing, its easier to kill your org by not engaging in pvp with your members.
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