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  1. Why did you go out of your way to start writing in color?
  2. This is too complicated for NQ as we don't have a group system or even the ability to stop friends from locking onto us. NQ aims big but can't deliver on simple non game changing quality of life features. This game will die because of NQ failing simple game design.
  3. Saying "Feature" would mean they added something to the game rather than shifted around the poo
  4. You would be a complete fool to wipe at this point. With the path of destruction behind NQ and DU at this point there is no "Brand Recovery" This game will crash hard as they have destroyed any chance of good PR through terrible company action. Any attempt to further this cause is just digging the grave deeper.
  6. Free speech on a companies platform where you agree to be moderated as the company sees fit? Are you suffering a brain injury and do you need assistance?
  7. If the player owns the tile and the construct is owned by the org it does not matter what your standing is the org needs perms to mine. We have tested this countless times.
  8. They sure do love making things pretty instead of functional. You can only put so much lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig.
  9. I don't understand why NQ is making so many drastic short sighted design changes without fixing the core of the game. I have played this game for over 1 year now and have only seen them take features and ruin mechanics without seeing them fully realized. All while at the same time ignoring basic QOL features like what I mentioned. Why are you trying to kill your "game" (or whatever is left that you want to call a "game")?
  10. They will never publish those numbers as they are ashamed and its bad PR
  11. Imagine trying to handicap the ONLY money generation in the game because "wahhhhhhh wahhhhhhh boo hoooooo" This change will effectively bleed players and kill the game.
  12. So we should punish people trying to build an empire? Get out of here and go play no mans sky if you are that concerned. Most large orgs are fine with this change and were very vocal about why they did not do it first and decided to back track. People barely want to play the game in its current state. Punishing players because you cant make friends is not our problem.
  13. Oh yeah, land rush time. Taxes are still terribly timed as you are not really adding many new things for people to do and punishing those who are waiting for something more to play other than calibrate machines, run missions, and asteroids (old mining but in space)
  14. Im getting tired of reporting all your posts. Please learn how to use the forums. You are literally clicking the wrong button.......
  15. Um you literally posted 3 times in a row. Do you know you can MULTI QUOTE messages? I may be toxic but at least my messages make sense. "Illegal actions" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLL#$@#$*)(&YU@#)*$&^@#(&*^%@(#$%Y# What is a ban hammer for $400 Alex
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