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  1. Hi, if my avatar is good in crafting and I have provided a factory blueprint to some other avatar: will that improvement be available to that new avatar? Do the improvements stick to the blueprint?
  2. Is there a way to speed up the manual transfer between two containers? Like "select all" to move everything in one go?
  3. upvote https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/125702/ingame-voicechat
  4. upvote https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/125888/construct-to-construct-item-transfer
  5. upvote this: https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/123801/avatar-vs-avatar-pvp
  6. upvote this: https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/122823/market-containers-manager
  7. upvote this: https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/125641/hotascontroller-support
  8. https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/122826/mining-units Upvote, please - there is the chance
  9. Hi, I would like to craft and sell - are there any ressources / forums available to share so info?
  10. Hi. yes, even those perks included will not yield that mentioned difference. I don't see how one can make a profit by trading now.
  11. Hi, are the market buy prices (from bots) realistic? E.g. 1 Smelter is running for 14.751 Quanta buy price. According to my calculations the necessary pure's themselve would cost me 21.460 Q to purchase at current market price. I do know about the skill tree but how is this feasable? One needs to take the necessary machines into consideration as well. I am asking because I do not want to mine as a profession.
  12. Hi, is it possible to start the game and skip the welcome screen (the one with the roadmap displayed)? How about some startup parameter? Reason: Loading speed is slow for me, I want to streamline this.
  13. Hi, how about a Market Order History Logbook? Benefit: One does not have to check every single market for forgotten items It would be great to see the order history for the last 10 finished trades (Market Place name, item, etc)
  14. The screens up including M size have moderate requierements to craft Why is the screen XL size so much more expensive?
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