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  1. @NQ-Naerais Thanks for your support Here you go about the bugs error picture:
  2. NQ I have attached 2 pictures in the forum. Now it does show me Max total size: 3.73 kB left. Please up the limit for each 1 attachement to about 1 MByte in size. This makes it easier to provide you with feedback / pictures of bugs ingame.
  3. Are there any public figures as to how many accounts are active / logged in daily?
  4. Hi, could you please elaborate? Which page are you referring to?
  5. Yes, these are the in game settings. However since I could not find a manual / hint about which option is affecting what I wanted to ask here. The config file names differ to some of the naming ingame.
  6. From my understanding DU is about human beings interaction. On purpose there are no NPCs, compared with other games in the same setting. So there are possibilities for people who want to engange in the trucking business.
  7. How about the packaging? And Dropoff would in in a "read-only" container? Reputation system? If someone steals on purpose -> impact. I sometimes think this is re-inventing the wheel. Or how is it done in other games?
  8. @CoyoteNZ Thank you for the explanation. So is there any plan to improve on the element's workflow - not having them destroyed by the repair unit, but keeping in mind the overall allowable amount of repairs?
  9. taken from AppData\Local\NQ\DualUniverse\settings.yaml What are the performance relevant parts? Short question: what change will result in more fps? Any official idea? game: # Game settings soundMasterLevel: 37 soundMusicLevel: 46 soundSfxLevel: 32 soundEnvironmentLevel: 40 widthShipping: 3840 heightShipping: 2160 enableTerritoryBorders: true fullscreen: 2 useVolumetricClouds: false chatRooms: # List of opened chat rooms size: 1 diff: 0: room_help gui: # GUI settings inputRemin
  10. @NQ-Naerais Case in point From project management side I would emphasize on this topic very strongly. Having the bugs visible is such an important topic for avoiding unneccessary busy work on all ends and keeps up the communication / information to the player. Having the PTS bug posts shouldn't be the way to go imho. Just use JIRA or any other bugtracker - not the current solution with the submission. Feedback: I am very much in favor of keeping the play informed regularely, just as with the proper support impr
  11. You are welcome. It was a very obvious finding - that's why I want to avoid double work. So now I am stuck on Madis because of this - help 🙂
  12. check, I am aware of the core units limitation. So regarding territory it is now only a question of monies / production of the unit.
  13. How may I have a search-able talent tree? I want to check for some keywords, like "territory" to check for potential limitations as to how many TUs can be placed at the same time.
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