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  1. The right step, in the right direction guys! I'm looking forward to the new deleting possibility! It will make much much more efficienty to build amazing structures without the knowledge to deform voxels. Good work! PS: The new Biomes and the megascan's looks really good!
  2. @tristan : Does your banner have a deeper meaning? :-)
  3. hello community, I thought to have such a small gallery to present and rate his planned banners for Dual Universe would be very practical also because of the feedback. So let's see what you got! ? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My emblem for the game in the future : I like it a little simpler what do you think?
  4. Well, I guess I didn't have any information about the fact that you can also belong to several organisations. The term organization is more of a guild aspect for me. The idea behind the thread is that players (like me for example) who don't want to be part of a big guild or similar in Dual Universe and want to run a small business (if it's only a small market) have the possibility to place a little bit in advance. I thought you could make a list like that for any area. Hence the tags or categories. Maybe a little early, but so players can become part of something and dream about what they want
  5. Hello Community, here you can give your opinion about the thread Registration Novark. Thank you: -) salutations
  6. Thanks for letting me know. Organizations are probably synonymous with guilds and alliances. This thread is intended to introduce individual companies, i. e. companies run by individual players or smaller groups of players. No matter which organization or faction they belong to. Seen that way, a land register. @Moderators: please delete this post and those of Mr. Kurock, if he doesn't want to use it for Ontopic.
  7. categories : Disposal/recycling, Maintenance TANNHAIN Corp. nr. iG. introduction : Tannhain Corp. nr. iG. is a small company specialising of spacecraft that have been taken out of service or space debris. We also offer the service of getting your spaceship ready for take-off. -> the whole introduction <- In progress Location : / Contact : /
  8. Company registration Novark Dear inhabitants of Novark, beings of the wide universe and beyond, here you are free to present your company, small trade or similar. This registry is to become the first point of contact for all companies. Serving the economy, the company registry ____________________________________________________________________________ Comments: This thread is intended to introduce individual companies, i. e. companies run by individual players or smaller groups of players. No matter which organization or faction
  9. Landmark Player here. Yeah, i thinking a lot about Landmark.. and looking forward more and more for playing Dual Universe. Many good Builder around at our Community (e.g. Lady Astrum <3 I'm a Fanboy sorry :D), the Buildings will be awesome!
  10. in the latest dev diary, the developer say that, we need material ressources for building our ships or same. If the troll collects resources for such a large spacecraft, it also takes part in the game and provides the right foundation for us to take advantage of all the features.
  11. I play many high quality games and use only a 1 TB hdd, 8gb ram and a rx470 , and it works.. i think a pc with lower specs works, if the components and the setup of your os including software work fine together. If i think about games in the past such Landmark.. i have playn the game like another dudes with a better gear
  12. @Croo : Ja, deshalb erst einmal die Arbeit als Schrottsammler, um die Treibstoffe zu produzieren muss sicherlich ein mineralhaltiger Asteroit oder Stern da sein um den Verbrauch zu decken und die maschinerie, als Ganzes, ist bestimmt teuer. Je nachdem wo die Tankstelle hinkommt, muss die Sicherheit auch gegeben sein, nicht andauernd gekapert zu werden. Davon abgesehen, die großen Transporter müssen ja auch erstmal gebaut werden um den ganzen Schrott zu transportieren. Meine Spielweise ist also auf längere Zeit angelegt Geh die Sache ganz gemächlicht an, schließlich soll der Flair ja auc
  13. Ich denke, das das anfangs auch einfach gemeinschaftlicher und übersichtlicher ist.. wenn deutschprachige Spieler (die in einer deutschprachigen Gemeinschaft unterkommen möchten), einer einzelnen Corp. (bzw. wie nennt man Gilden hier überhaupt? ) joinen. Wenn diese Sammelgruppe dann später zu einer großen Gemeinschaft heranwächst, die viele verschiedene Interessengebiete (Militär, Ressourcenförderung etc.) vertritt, bietet das gleich wieder eine Fülle an Features, sowie für Neulinge einen einfacheren Start ins Spiel. Denke das hier Zusammenhalt großgeschrieben werden sollte. @Phil: Ein
  14. Toll, das soviele Leute sich schon gemeldet haben Vielleicht sind mittlerweile noch mehr hinzugekommen? Würd mich mal interessieren ob wir Deutschsprachigen an Bestand im Spiel gewinnen Wäre doch iwie nicht schlecht, wenn Sektoren im Universum mit der Zeit u.a. in verschiedene Sprachen aufgeteilt werden. Natürlich wird die Hauptsprache bei Englisch bleiben, das is klar.. have an nice Day and a good week, dudes!
  15. hm.. when i put the picture in the Topic-Replay-Window, at the moment it is not allowed to upload a image directly :/ ..
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