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  1. i think ive seen that in game, cool place
  2. THANK YOU!!! if you guys can Fix PVP we can have many more ppl playing DU
  3. https://discord.com/channels/184691218184273920/304455542162587649/844189269772730388
  4. NQ deckard has suggested an engine buff, im curious on peoples thoughts.
  5. a boarding party mechanic: when shields come around, the shields might have to go down to go in, or you have to disable a certain module they introduce later on... that would be good. also a few other questions for NQ: -how will the docking pulses work around markets? there is a fear of bouncing ships everywhere -will the process of new docking be any different with static structures?
  6. so no Boarding parties? thats just sad changes are ok other than that
  7. alright, context acquired: French In game police guy calls you pirates, so you get ppl to donate to you because you are pirates... very funny
  8. he posted this in the DU discord i find it funny! context needed tho
  9. english french there is your official signing that JC is gone
  10. you never know if it was intentional, its just sad to see this happen, my full condolences to elias right now, sucks to have your thunder plucked from ya
  11. thats what he said, apparently special characters were used in the script and it couldnt be extracted normally not sure
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