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  1. I have invited them to introduce themselves if they don’t that’s on them
  2. this part of the game intrigues me, i have left a poll to see how people feel about particular leaders in that space and the roleplay sphere as a whole now, question for the 3 leaders: if you were to pitch a piece on who you are why you roleplay, can you do that in this thread? i will include the stories of these leaders in this thread once they come about Porco: **no comment yet Drakonius: **no comment yet Bright: **no comment yet hope all are having a good day! -EL X (EDIT: SORRY FOR MISPELLED NAMES)
  3. scamming is a infamous piece of any game, like it or not, people will try it, and profit off it. the problem isnt figuring out that there is scamming, the problem is how does the community inform and warn people that scams exist and how to avoid them, and let the people who are oblivious fall into the trench, of which they didnt see the bridge that crosses over it.
  4. If crypto came as a form of currency to DU I Would love that because that creates a presence of worth to my in game items and knowing I can exchange them for BTC/crypto later that makes it a nice side income while I have fun it also makes sense,the future is crypto! however, this comes at a cost, P2W mechanics, now don’t get me wrong we are on that track with DACs being implemented to trade in game, but this would amplify the problems for those negative of the DACs In game and tradeable. NQ, if you choose this method of monetization be warned: this will create division, and could take the game either way, snowball up or snowball down, choose wisely
  5. Basically mirrors placement/replacement/removing of elements and voxels across a given axis, there are a few games I remember having this tool (star made and avorion to name a few), I think it would be a huge QOL(quality of life) improvement for building as It would speed up large amounts of element placing, make building much more streamlined and create a lot more lined up/equal sided builds If this was already suggested then consider this an upvote :D
  6. please keep asking me questions, apologies for the SLI rant as i had to get it off my chest @[BOO] Sylvawill help me answer questions at her leisure
  7. 1. i did get a chance, i asked questions, and i participated in hotfoots mining ops. i moved along, chatting away, you m' dude brought up all your real world politics, raptor, asario and masak bullied me and i laughed it off, so what? if anything shadow could have kicked you for making me feel unwelcome. im suprised he didnt kick you for putting a bounty on me, which breaks SLI's no pvp rule! XD 2. BOO actually made me welcome, i have received nothing but kindness, SLI was good except for the certain people who had caused me to leave, and the reason you didnt welcome me back is because i joined BOO, knowing SLI has AC connections i probably should have kept my distance. 3. take a breather, do you really like me or what?
  8. we balance risk and fun quite well IMO, never had a problem with that
  9. when i left SLI, i did some research into other orgs, i had remembered seeing @Derpzilas video on fighting spreezy and that turned me on, when i first spoke to sylva, i learned alot about the other orgs, and based on what she told me i knew i was joining BOO, and i have loved it ever since! other orgs i think are cool and good people, i however i will shoot them in game and have fun doing it and i hope they shoot me and have fun doing it! i am a pirate always and forever!
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