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  1. this was said in DU Discord, honestly im unsure, what do yall think? https://strawpoll.com/polls/PKglz80LEyp ^ poll
  2. many of you who purchased game time on markee's site have gotten this email saying release times, im here to say we should wait for NQ's official response on this matter. @DarkHorizon has also clarified this as a moderator. Regardless of the launch time, best of luck on release to all!
  3. that thread was regarding a news article, and NQ closed it because someone not myself put a devs LinkedIn profile there, i denounce doxxing and never will condone it. thread in queston: read for yourself
  4. to be fair the only posts regarding me that you have made are drama related so... also arent those IRL politics in your PFP?
  5. For Reference here are the changes concerning this post: Element Mass changes: Warp Drive: 31000kg > 75000kg Large Gunner Module: 11000kg > 16000kg Medium Gunner Module: 2000kg > 4250kg Extra-Small Adjustor: 22kg > 25kg Small Adjustor: 42kg > 100kg Medium Adjustor: 200kg > 450kg Large Adjustor: 1000kg > 1550kg All Small Shield variations: 3300kg > 5000kg All Medium Shield variations: 17000kg > 30000kg All Large Shield variations: 92000kg > 125000kg All medium weapons: x1.5~ (roughly 2850kg > 4275kg) All large weapons: x1.25~ (roughly 15000kg > 19000kg) Shield Generator HP changes: Base values for Extra-Small Shield: 500000 > 450000 Base values for Small Shield: 2000000 > 1750000 Base values for Medium Shield: 7500000 > 5000000 Base values for Large Shield: 20000000 > 10000000 Please explain NQ, What was the manically absurd meaning behind these changes, are you trying to kill what people thought good of Athena and sneak in such game changing tweaks to PVP and ship functionality? already you have irritated me by thinking these were good but this is incomputable stupidity. i have created a 2 day poll to see if people actually want this: https://strawpoll.com/polls/3RnYpxvWDye please vote.
  6. it is an absolute pain to go through and click, input and send tile taxes one at a time, this needs a optimization for those who have 10+ territories at 115 territories i have to manage, the screen is really laggy when i am paying and many people are on the same boat. please NQ, make it so we can pay all bills for up to 2 cycles at once with the click of 1-2 buttons, that way people can have a MUCH easier way of paying for large upkeep thank you! 🥰
  7. i think sadly we may have to figure this out IMO, would make sense to keep people guessing on this specific thing but the other stuff, not so much
  8. first things first: this devblog was extremely underwhelming and had a bunch of information we already were aware of, please NQ, do better on not slapping us with no preparation on such major changes. regardless, space shield gens sound cool, and i hope the plasma has a benefit to it for building cool things
  9. while yes this does nerf missions to an extent, it doenst solve the problem entirely. i think my proposal changes should be considered
  10. the following needs to happen for missions as its BS that people can make enough money for 1 warp beacon schematic in one 5 hour run of missions with an ubsurd amount of alts. here's how this should be done: -LIMIT APHIELIA PACKAGES PER SHIP FLAT OUT. -REDUCE ALL MISSION REWARDS BY 20-30%. -SET A WEEKLY LIMIT PER CHARACTER FOR HOW MANY MISSIONS THEY CAN DO THAT EQUATE TO OVER A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF QUANTA. 100m+ an hour in this games economy is absurd, please NQ, do us all a favor and fix this.
  11. I was once for shield size capping, but this made me change, Tael makes perfect sense here, and that's also why ship power management is going to be crucial for NQ to consider, but i will say stay Far away from power management for industries, it is way to complex now as it is for industry setup/maintenance. it would be very welcomed to have an S core meta or even balanced use of core sizes for PVP, that is what is going to bring many different possibilities to PVP compared to what we have now.
  12. i put in bold what i think needs to be addressed, i disagree heavily with this "FTUE will make or break the game", FTUE is a nice bonus to help out new players, and if they wanted to make an entirely new player focused update, i would like NQ to put out ideas, but that wouldn't help the game. New players are only in the new player state for so long and once they pass that stage, if the content is lackluster, then they just leave the game. we need direction for mid-endgame players, this is exactly what Athena is bringing, which is what im excited for.
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