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  1. Just going to throw in my 2 cents here. I’d like weapons with different customizable attachments like what you see in PUBG or Blackout. For example different scopes,sights,grips etc for handheld weapons like rifles,submachine guns,assault rifles and machines guns.
  2. I agree with Astrophil. A cryobed/bed would be a good idea but if one can’t access a bed then a ragdoll would be good. We need to take into consideration things like emergency logouts i.e game crash,wifi crash or neighbourhood blackout.
  3. I would prefer the option to choose whether or not I would want to show my orgs in my character tag. Sometimes I would wanna be secretive just incase
  4. discordauth:zgqft9Nv-hdeIHOno0r9M1Vc1AbeFR16DKptiDJTic8=

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