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  1. Game wikis are definitely important imo. Personally when I first start out playing any games I'll often visit the wiki to get information about anything. I still do it till this day, for example in minecraft I'll visit the wiki if I forgot a crafting recipe of an item. Or in an RPG game I'll visit the wiki to find out what monsters spawn in which area and what they drop when I kill them and what I can use the drops for etc. So yeah, would be great if the wiki gets updated.
  2. I agree with almost everything you said,don’t get me wrong here I’m not judging people(hence why I said I’m not gonna point fingers). I’m just giving my opinions from my perspectives as someone who hasn’t played yet but has been following development for years. But I never said all alpha backers will defend NQ’s actions to the death,I said a few or a couple.
  3. Even though I haven’t played the game myself yet,I’ve noticed something within the discord server these past days since the release of beta that I would like to bring up,specifically regarding constructive criticism and feedback of DU. I’ll try to keep this as short and as straight to the point as I can. I’ve noticed that a few or couple of alpha backers would dogpile and look down on newcomers who give any sort of constructive criticism and feedback to the game. I won’t name names and point fingers for obvious reasons. This is something I’m highly against as constructive criticism and feedback is how a game gets better. A lot of the time these new players genuinely want the game to improve and grow into something bigger and better and are free to share their thoughts and opinions. Constructive criticism is always welcome in any game regardless of it’s developmental stage,be it alpha,beta or even full release. Don’t view it as slander or insult,they’re both different things and should be treated differently. I get that a you guys really love your game but please don’t defend it for the wrong reasons. Don’t dog pile and shit on any newcomers who give constructive criticism and feedback,it’ll just make them want to leave and I doubt anyone who enjoys the game would want players to leave the game since that accounts to less players. Plus,it gives off bad vibes of the community in general. Second point I wanna make real quick is don’t disguise slander and insult as “constructive criticism and feedback”. This applies to anyone in the community. Most of the time people can see straight through your bs. These are just my opinions,feel free to disagree if you would. They are my perspectives,you may have different perspectives from mine and that’s fine. TL;DR: sike,read the whole thing don’t be lazy
  4. An unfortunate drawback to total freedom in ship design. Walking down the streets of a neon city on a moon and then seeing a penis shaped ship flying overhead does ruin the immersion and I totally get how you feel. Personally though,I wouldn't let that caveat ruin the rest of the gameplay. No way am I not gonna play the game just because I saw a dick-shaped ship flying over me. This is just my opinion on the matter though,cheers bud.
  5. Just going to throw in my 2 cents here. I’d like weapons with different customizable attachments like what you see in PUBG or Blackout. For example different scopes,sights,grips etc for handheld weapons like rifles,submachine guns,assault rifles and machines guns.
  6. I agree with Astrophil. A cryobed/bed would be a good idea but if one can’t access a bed then a ragdoll would be good. We need to take into consideration things like emergency logouts i.e game crash,wifi crash or neighbourhood blackout.
  7. I would prefer the option to choose whether or not I would want to show my orgs in my character tag. Sometimes I would wanna be secretive just incase
  8. discordauth:zgqft9Nv-hdeIHOno0r9M1Vc1AbeFR16DKptiDJTic8=

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