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  1. Slightly off topic but Im still heavily of the opinion that every NQ market should be deleted and replaced with player markets. Then limit the number of public player markets per planet so that way they become conflict drivers. Im sure theres something you could do with the safezone markets as well to make them competitive. Setzar is correct. Just follow Setzar.
  2. Funnily enough if they work like the thades asteroids do then your ship will get slowed instantly to 500 kmh. Ive sped into Thades at 20k+ and the ship just instantly decelerates to 500 once your 200 meters off the surface of an asteroid.
  3. Thats the whole point we're making here. If asteroids were introduced in an actually interesting way itd bring a lot of the pvp population back and give of something to fight over.
  4. Considering the last time they did an AMA I asked about power in general and they said it was coming with territory warfare I dont have high hopes of seeing it soon. Unless they introduce it with their magical space territories. Because the problem is we're living in a world where planetary pvp is easily a year away. As long as people and orgs are allowed to keep their primary infrastructure in safezones one of the key pvp drivers is non existent. Not to mention wheres the fun or risk in just warping between planets to mine high tier ore and sell it into the void?
  5. Probably the best break down of the current situation of the game that anyone has posted. It sums up the thoughts of just about every former player I know.
  6. Yeah really hoping the following blog posts arent just about new systems but how they view old systems fitting into the ecosystem. Its alot easier to make suggestions if we all start from the same understanding.
  7. I don't think giving them more programmers would solve anything. This is a failure of management not a failure of talent.
  8. Theyre a french company. One does not simply just let employees go at will in a french company.
  9. You do know artists and modelers can't game balance or create new systems right? Those are very different skill sets.
  10. I mean everything sounds good, except for one small part. We're delaying atmo pvp/territory warfare again? First it was gonna be the first big thing in 2021. Then it was gonna be after the pvp revamp. Now its gonna be after space territory warfare? There is no risk for players if they can just keep warping from safe zone to safe zone. Hopefully space territories have good bonuses or it won't be worth it to hold them for more than a few days at best.
  11. You make the assumption that safezones around planets are staying. We know they're going to remove the outer planets safezones whenever they introduce territory warfare. I also assume we won't see any updates to pvp before then.
  12. I hate when you make good points, but on the state of the game we've always been in agreement. A good step one from my point of view would be an admission from NQ, that yes, the game in its current state, is not ready for launch. After that I would like to see an actual development roadmap that is updated. Plus a series of devblogs laying out how NQ views various systems and their roles. Not just a pie in the sky "We're building civilization." As for what to do with the current subs if we returned to an alpha state, Id say grant access to anyone who has paid for at le
  13. We're kidding ourselves if we think they care about the KS at this point. The KS promised a complete game by this point. Hell if we got the KS id probably be actively playing.
  14. If it makes you feel better I think Player Markets is technically a post release feature now. Its also easily the dumbest choice they made when it comes to content delaying.
  15. I promise you, the last thing anyone in BOO or the AC wants is us to suddenly be on good terms. It would remove nearly all of the content we still have.
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