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  1. Nope. Considering resources are no longer finite, this is a great number of planets tbh. If theyd shrink the safe zone we'd be even better off. There simply aren't enough players rn for that many planets.
  2. BOO? Pirates? We would never. How dare you say such things about us?
  3. BOO is always recruiting if anyone would like to mine in pvp space and participate in driveby muggings.
  4. Yeah if it makes you feel better this has been a constant problem since even before the beta.
  5. Why dont we just remove the planets forever? We don't need all of them, they spread the player base out too much, and they have almost zero purpose right now. Then just shrink the safe zone back to the alioth market region and smoon/haven.
  6. Id say anything that requires t4+ should require you to entire pvp. If you want high amounts of t3 that should also be pvp.
  7. Look the wipe would be the perfect time to change things up and introduce new mechanics. First Id delete all but 1 of the outer planets and move the safe zones back to their original promised borders. Second I'd bring in player markets and remove all the markets outside of the alioth safe zone. Third I'd finally create and introduce energy systems to be the great balance that everything needs. Also anyone who thought there wouldnt be a wipe post beta was kidding themselves. If youd been here since the alphas and knew all the exploits and bugs, you'd know a wipe was the only option.
  8. I'd rejoin the game tomorrow if they delivered the game they promised when I joined at A2. Player markets, safe zones limited to sanc moon and the sanc zone on alioth, and atmo pvp. Thats the bare minimum tbh. That ignores a lot of what I think would be really nice to have features or changes.
  9. The reality is that a lot of these things shouldn't have ever been bot/npc driven actions after the first month. Tile maintenance should've been capped by the amount you could protect as well as power. Tile taxes should have been a player system of taxing people to mine or build on your land. T1 schematics should've never existed. T2+ schematics should've been created through a research process. Player markets should have been the standard within the first few months after an initial amount of currency was generated. The rest of the money could them come from the standard UBI. Currency sinks could have been driven by market taxing and costs to be on sanctuary.
  10. In any game where the player gets full design control over the ship, it will tend towards the most effective design for pvp. Since DU has no atmospheric combat there is no need to worry about aerodynamics. Therefore the box becomes the most effective shape. Idk of any change you could make where the most effective design is not voxel box with guns and shields, or a flying pile of elements.
  11. But Lethys. That would be actual content. We don't do content here.
  12. The game was never meant to have this much safe zone content or be this playable by solos. There isn't much beyond T3 that you actually need outside of a pvp scenario. You're still capable of warp drives and cells. You can still make pretty good engines. The only element locked away from you are AGGs. You can also join a small org. You don't have to play a top 10 org to have a good group experience. Heck you're probably going to have a better time than those of us tasked with keeping this big sprawling orgs together.
  13. For the same reason we'll get different weapons in 3 years when atmo pvp is a thing. There doesn't need to be a different element set for each environment. They could just change the values as you move through the atmosphere and have actual object detection so they dont fire straight through objects. NQ never does things the smart way.
  14. On the brightside its good to see that NQ is being more realistic about what they can accomplish. On the downside they have really pulled back on things that were coming "the next patch." Energy systems, which are critical to balancing, are nowhere to be seen. Atmo PvP and territory warfare are a distant memory. I guess now we just wait and see. Positives and negatives here.
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