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  1. I'm looking forward to the powerpoint presentation on this topic. But no seriously, this is a good post and probably the most well thought out post on energy that anyone has put on the forums. Also you skipped solar power. The easiest form of passive power generation.
  2. Look, its not my problem if you dont have the manpower or the ships to field. Its no secret everyone has trouble right now getting people together. But considering the raw number of players I saw in our VC, Id say we can still fight the fight.
  3. If you really want that argument, the AC has far more members than the BOO Blob. Yet we are still pretty capable of fielding equal numbers and win pretty consistently.
  4. Join BOO today and you too can join in the shitposting.
  5. I had seen this idea for restaurants but honestly I think it works for anyone who is building an experience. I'd like to see NQ sit down and make a post or a video about what does an hour or a day or even a week of gameplay look like to the average player. Be specific. How exactly in their finished product does NQ see the average player spending their time? Use that document to describe how all of these different features fit together. You could even make separate ones based on casual or hardcore play styles. That has been NQs biggest failing. They have not presented a plan to us, arguably their most important investors, about how the game is supposed to function end to end. Somehow we're getting a new solar system this year when 6 months ago we all thought that was a year or two after release. Have we contributed most of the development money? No. But the game, and NQ, live and die by the players.
  6. In the end this just goes back to core issues with PvP. 1) Its incredibly cost prohibitive for small groups to get into. Even a rough time for large orgs. We can't expect good pvp content if the majority of the player base can't even afford to participate. Even if do find a fight its not like you get a whole lot of the fight. Some half used elements and some ammo if you're lucky. 2) PvP is most fun at the current non-meta points. Small core non cube fights are some of the best. Unfortunately the game is designed to punish that play style tbh. The recent changes didn't do much to push back on flying brick designs. Gold is still way too strong and if you're fighting an M core or above thats built for PvP, time to kill starts getting measured in hours. Large weapons are still pretty much the go to unless you're trying to minmax to the finest details.
  7. I see we're well liked Physics. What exactly do you people think will happen in a few months once Atmo pvp and territory warfare comes? There sure as hell wont be more non pvp gameplay, but there will be more pvp gameplay. So honestly introducing the change sooner is probably better. Let people get used to it. Also speaking as an officer of BOO, Ill be open that our general doctrine is not to gank everything. What individual groups or players do with their ships and ammo, thats on them. So keep us out your mouths.
  8. You might get a response from NQ if you made a better thread, but thats besides the point. Docking can't be broken because we dont have a docking mechanic. Its a side effect of other mechanics. You can still dock though you just need a pilot in each seat. Yes we all want the market bots gone, but until we have literally any other quanta faucet they must stay. AGGs were OP and we all know that. Lifting 1000s of tons of material with no input was broken. Did they need as big a nerf? Probably not. But I've pointed it out before that all of 0.23 changes mean nothing until we have power.
  9. I heard that too. I was like wow we're rushing this out? Thought a new system was 2 years away at least
  10. Do you really think we all sit in one discord server and plan how to make life a living hell for smaller groups? DSI and NG generally hate Empire so they wont group. We at BOO just want someone to actually fight us so why should we group? It really is the most bullshit excuse that the big orgs are all trying to form a blue doughnut no fun cartel.
  11. Ruben your shitposting has really advanced over the last 6 months. Im proud honestly.
  12. But if you have a seperate space with infinite material you never buy things to make the ship. You just take money from the economy by selling the BP. At worst id be fine with a system where you could build a plan for a ship that could go into a projector. You cant sell the plan and you have to actually build a ship to make sellable BPs.
  13. I dont get how people cant see this splitting the community. One of DUs good points is the voxel engine. Even with the limited creation tools we have now, people are still making impressive ships and structures. If all someone wants to do is build cool stuff, what reason is there to interact with the rest of the community? And this thread doesn't even cover the fact that they mentioned adding instances PvP arenas where you can fight without putting your ship on the line. Thats honestly an even bigger blunder in the single shard mission.
  14. I should have put this in my original post, but Im too lazy to edit. This system doesn't prevent large factories. It just delays them. Ill still be able to make everything eventually, itll just take a few more weeks. Especially if I have friends and we can all split up talent lines. Power should have and needs to come first. Every single "balance" patch NQ has done or proposed in the last month means nothing when power finally comes. We all know power should have been one of the first mechanics in the game, but here we are. NQ has to focus on power if they want any of these balance changes to mean anything.
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