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  1. On the brightside its good to see that NQ is being more realistic about what they can accomplish. On the downside they have really pulled back on things that were coming "the next patch." Energy systems, which are critical to balancing, are nowhere to be seen. Atmo PvP and territory warfare are a distant memory. I guess now we just wait and see. Positives and negatives here.
  2. Alright we can lock this thread now. Not even close to talking about the game. And ffs would it kill you to learn what the words youre saying actually mean. Marxism, communism, and socialism are all related, but separate philosophies. That and at their core they are all bottoms up and not top down. And one of them literally requires the dissolution of any central government to be considered complete.
  3. As insane as this thread was up to this point, everyone was being pretty chill about everything and discussing things in the context of DU. You decided to take it out of that context. To reply to the whole topic: most orgs fall somewhere inbetween. I think the game should provide better tools to help orgs create more defined governing structures. I would encourage you to learn more about leftist theories, but I doubt you want to comb through some 200 years of philosophy. There is more nuance than just "everyone is equal all of the time."
  4. There is not. I made this thread specifically because NQ made no discussion thread about these changes. You think having the leaders of 3 of the largest orgs post about the changes would get their attention, but it appears not.
  5. I think thats the underlying problem here. Were these changes needed for various reasons? Yes. But NQ provided 0 tools to recreate the structures we built using this system. The only way to create alliances or community projects now is to either bring in a random player or to use an alt. And NEEDING an alt to perform a basic game function should not be the answer.
  6. https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/22884-upcoming-organization-changes/ Heres a thread to discuss the rules changes. I know theres some strong feelings about these changes out there so lets have them.
  7. Beyond that being amazingly off topic, democracies don't work in games. They either require a large enough population that a >50% voting total gives a decent picture of the situation, or you need compulsory voting. Both fail in video games.
  8. Bruh. They nerfed engines into the ground a year ago. We had engine walls then and still do now. There will only ever be a change to that if theres some limit on engines thats actually hard to overcome.
  9. I think they've refused to do this before because they dont want to "show features that might not make it to the game or features that might change"
  10. Ill give you surrogates, but there was a middle ground between "a tourist button" and a teleporter that NQ basically ignored. T4 and T5 trading was broken and everyone knows that. The mistake was letting it go to Beta with it still in place. If you can go back through the alpha forums and find someone asking for something as harsh as schematics Id be suprised. Schematics were a choice entirely driven by JC/NQ. Pre-schematic beta was the best time to be an industrialist. In general I don't blame the CMs because both Naerais and Naunet before her dep
  11. Slightly off topic but Im still heavily of the opinion that every NQ market should be deleted and replaced with player markets. Then limit the number of public player markets per planet so that way they become conflict drivers. Im sure theres something you could do with the safezone markets as well to make them competitive. Setzar is correct. Just follow Setzar.
  12. Funnily enough if they work like the thades asteroids do then your ship will get slowed instantly to 500 kmh. Ive sped into Thades at 20k+ and the ship just instantly decelerates to 500 once your 200 meters off the surface of an asteroid.
  13. Thats the whole point we're making here. If asteroids were introduced in an actually interesting way itd bring a lot of the pvp population back and give of something to fight over.
  14. Considering the last time they did an AMA I asked about power in general and they said it was coming with territory warfare I dont have high hopes of seeing it soon. Unless they introduce it with their magical space territories. Because the problem is we're living in a world where planetary pvp is easily a year away. As long as people and orgs are allowed to keep their primary infrastructure in safezones one of the key pvp drivers is non existent. Not to mention wheres the fun or risk in just warping between planets to mine high tier ore and sell it into the void?
  15. Probably the best break down of the current situation of the game that anyone has posted. It sums up the thoughts of just about every former player I know.
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