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  1. Now that the game has released I've noticed there have been no updates of any kind and no new roadmap apart from the planet overhauls. Will there be anything else coming or not?
  2. This games best/most fun aspects are its building, lua and PvP ones. I think this game would be much more successful if NQ changed their marketing towards a more 'space engineers' type of playerbase. Not invalidating anyone who has fun with all the other parts of this game but it seems clear to me that most people are disappointed getting into this game for its economy or 'emergent gameplay' aspects. Perhaps if NQ catered to the sandbox building type of players this kind of game would be more successful. I already suggested the community tags 'Sandbox' and 'Building' on the steam page to help this game become less misleading but if the NQ teams could do that manually that could be great. Yet again not invalidating the 3 people who love industry and mining here but frankly this game is just too large in scope to be able to realistically get all these features at a substantial point before NQ runs out of money.
  3. I mean, 30kt does kinda seem absurd anyway. That's like, 88 modern day tandem-axel semi trucks / 1 and 1/2 freight ships filled to maximum capacity on one spaceship alone, so its probably not surprising that its gonna be slow as hell.
  4. I actually don't mind these ask aphelia logs, especially if they are more frequent, but in the future I would prefer to see more insightful questions about in future of the game instead of questions on design decisions. Also, are the ask aphelia questions on the google docs form stored after each episode or do they get reset? do I have to resubmit my questions?
  5. Seems like a must do for NQ if they want to get the ball rolling after launch, so when are we going to see improvements to industry and schematic mechanics? NQ have said before that they will work on it, but I haven't heard any updates about it recently.
  6. especially space brakes. perhaps I wouldn't have a problem with them if you didn't need 50 of them on large ships, but they do and that sucks.
  7. Honestly I don't get what's so wrong about it IMO. you have shields anyway and it adds an extra dynamic while fighting... besides if it works like other obstructable elements work you can just hide it in solid voxel anyway
  8. -What if you got some of the rocks that you find while surface mining, made them larger & richer in resources, and then just put them around some asteroid rings in space? free, cheap and easy PvE content, and it probably wouldn't even need a major patch to be implemented. You could even go a step further, by getting a laser emitter, making it larger, and making it able to damage/mine rocks when it comes into contact with one (that might take a bit longer though). -what if you added a radar, that can see 2-4x the normal radar range, but also takes up capacity of an entire gunner chair, helping to encourage crewed ships/working together in PvP? -what if you added an industry unit that can craft any element without needing schematics (low tiers only) but needs double the resources, and takes thrice as long to craft? Essentially, a crafting table for all the people who want to play completely solo. Whether you think these are good or not though, point is, there are a lot of easy changes NQ could realistically make in the short timeframe and budget they have, to make the game much better and fleshed out before the release window. No need to add and fancy new elements with completely new functionality like a DSAT etc, all of these changes could be made using what NQ already has, without taking much dev time.
  9. I guess it depends on whether DAC will be sold at a fixed price by bots or not. If it works like how it works on eve, it definitely wouldn't work. If its a fixed price sold by bots it will probably be worth NQ's time. Publicity is often directly proportional to revenue, so as long as NQ does it right DAC could be very successful.
  10. playing $10 per month to play this game is a huge turn off for many people. Obviously I can see why NQ has it, but now that your stuff deletes itself when you're offline for too long, I think it's a good idea for people be able to play this game for 'free' as long as you grind long enough for that sweet quanta. It may not seem like a cost effective idea short term, but adding a FTP option is a huge incentive for new players to join. ...which means a larger playerbase, which means more people know about it+ likely to share the game with friends, which means eventually more money will be going into NQ's pockets, especially if subbing has large benefits eg lower taxes, higher skill point gain et cetera. what's more it's a money sink, which is something this game needs more of.
  11. I am all for a partial wipe where the economy is reset, quanta + talents are removed, but all elements on constructs are removed as well. That way old players still have the honeycomb hulls of their constructs as a base for rebuilding everything. As a builder and this is the one I would be most happy with, as replacing elements is far less painful than replacing honeycomb.
  12. did you still have the co-ordinates? if it truely is another solar system, the co-ords would start with 1 and not 0
  13. from what I've heard PTS pvp mostly consists of ultra light xs cores now, is that true? Will this make Missiles on L cores super useful now, for both defending and destroying alien cores, or are L cores just completely irrelevant now? also, aren't Safe engines going to be super OP now?
  14. eg an L shield on a ship with no CCS would have 5 million hp, while one that does could have the usual 20 million, maybe even more for larger ships. This would encourage players to use voxels on their builds instead of just using elements.
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