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  1. yeah. still needs testing, and i doubt it will be the meta, but it might be viable.
  2. you wont be laughing when 20 unhittable unkillable fighters attack you... tried it last night, 4-5 L cores could barely scratch me because of the low hit probs, sure I only did 10% to their shields but one of our lasers were broken and we had connection issues (1 shot per 10 or so seconds). get a bunch of them and you are unstoppable. the only time they were close to killing me was when they primaried me, and even then I had ample time to escape, get in a new ship while the old one recharged and go back in to fight.
  3. just FYI there is an empty bullet point typo just under 'Choices', you might want to fix that 😉
  4. with 0.26 coming out, players will now be able to mine asteroids, which will be another source for quanta; so now the main ways to get money are these: Surface Mining Scanning Trading Hauling + Missions Pirating Building Industry and Asteroid Mining. I'm very glad that NQ are working on more and more ways to make money, (a HUGE improvement from the start of beta) but as good as these are, one problem remains; There are not enough late game activities to do to keep most people interested after the first 3 or so months. After you get your first
  5. right now on the pts xs/s/m cores can actually equip L shields, meaning that an xs core could actually have a fighting (or surviving) chance at killing an L core ship, which I like quite a lot. non L cores are quite unbalanced at the moment. If xs ships will still be able to equip L shields in the live server, I could see some cool new changes to the meta. otherwise, I am unsure if non L ships will be any good unless their shields are buffed, as elements like xs shields are so weak that they can only take 7 shots from a L laser before going down. as well as this, the range of non L
  6. they did this already with parcel containers, you could buy them a month or so before they came out
  7. whaddaya think? damage multiplier between constructs has been nerfed (2x to 1.85x) honeycomb has been nerfed greatly, including gold shields have been added the warp timer delay after getting shot has increased from 2 to 10 minutes dps difference now gets exponentially higher the higher the size laser dps: xs 11000 / 7 = 1571.42857143 s 20350 / 9.45 = 2153.43915344 m 37647 / 12.7575 = 2950.97001764 l 69648 / 17.222625=4043.98284234
  8. It would be great if NQ could upload some more soundtracks on their yt channel, as the alpha soundtrack only has a few of them. For example, this video has music in it which cannot be found elsewhere. Doing this would be great for content creators.
  9. planet wide weather systems. imagine an asteroid rain on madis, or a blizzard on ion, or thunderstorms on jago, each giving their own advantages and disadvantages. a crafting unit which acts and crafts like the nanocrafter does, but can be put on constructs instead (including dynamic constructs) and not need blueprints the ability to make space/kergon fuel using said crafter.
  10. It might be quite a struggle trying to make planets larger, though. even if everyone's constructs were compacted, megacities and large constructs would all have to endure the extremely annoying process of placing down all of your constructs again, BP by BP. Not to mention the chaos that would ensue with everyone trying to reclaim everything as quickly as possible, and griefing bases by claiming them first. I think it would be a better idea for NQ to manually move the territories themselves, or to use a script to do so. also, can you send me some pics of those unde
  11. well, we actually already know the answer to some of these questions. 2) The asteroids around thades need space cores to build on them, because although they are technically moons they have no territories, so you can probably assume the same rules apply to the asteroids that will be deep in space. 3) yes, not just on asteroids but on any construct in general. You can test this out in game if you place gunner chairs and weapons onto a space territory. they can lock onto targets and everything. (although, there isn't much of a point in doing this anyway since dynamic cores do the same
  12. schematics definitely were implemented poorley, but that doesn't mean they weren't needed. I still think that people need a way to compete with mega corporations making absolutely everything. I do agree that we need less slow travel. The speed limit should be much slower, (like 5k-10k or something) to make pvp more balanced, but then add something like a pulse drive from NMS which takes a few seconds to warm up but can make you accelerate to super duper fast speeds but can be intercepted. The whole 'leave it up to the players' thing should stay. I think what shouldn't s
  13. yes, in fact it will be beneficial. with the way hit probability works now , when you hit a target, the algorithm picks a random part of your ship to fire a perfect shot at, so if you spread your cross section out you are less likely to be hit in important areas
  14. I know that NQ were struggling to make dynamic L cores work probably, so it might take a while before XL dynamic constructs get implemented, but what about XL space and dynamic cores? I mean, every market has one and seems to work fine, so what's the problem with giving players access to them as well? even if its super unstable, NQ could at least put it on the PTS so we can try it out and test it. getting reaaaal sick of every large construct needing like 30 L cores to work, it really clutters your radar.
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