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  1. Better safe than sorry. Besides, if EAC was removed right now it is just like putting a huge banner up on DU's launch page saying 'hack me now!'. Not saying its not pointless but its probably pretty justified to protect game from hacking either way. All I can hope for is that these kind of bugs from easy anticheat just get ironed out, as you do for all kinds of software you install on a whim because of old software suddenly being unsupported like this.
  2. If we are going to be seeing PvE coming to the game soon, it would be great for NQ to host a competition to build the ships we will be fighting against. just like the starter ship contest, it could have restrictions on how many elements/voxels you can put on your ship, and as well as that maybe a general framework for what these enemies will look like/ a honeycomb colour palette to use to keep all the ships with a similar theming. would definitely be cool to see this happening.
  3. kinda agree. the speed limit should be capped at something much lower for pvp, and then sped up when out of combat. It also would be interesting if certain areas of space increased your speed limit more than others, creating a sort of 'pathway' through space, which would be fun to camp.
  4. I was thinking of putting this in the regular discussion board but I think it would be better suited here. What do you guys think about self-governing player systems? For example, usually if you commit a 'crime' in any MMO like pvp in a non pvp area, steal items or anything similar , it is usually either strictly managed by game code or outright forbidden. What if instead there was a system where if a 'crime' was committed, players in a clan or government acting as local enforcement could fast travel to the offending area and just handle it themselves? could any system like that be feasible at all or would secondary systems need to be in place to make sure it isn't abused?
  5. title. since the CEO seems to be so convinced on this metaverse technology the NQ team has created I am partially surprised that there doesn't seem to be a way to buy it off them or something.
  6. Essentially, Instead of adding new gameplay loops I would improve the ones we already have by adding more layers to Dual Universe's current gameplay progression. If I was part of the NQ dev/design team, I would do either/all of this: Give a sense of direction and provide long term goals to new players e.g. 'build a massive freight ship' Place new players in 2 rival starter factions, and create events such as xs core pvp, mining challenges or time-competitive missions weekly, daily, or perhaps even automatically for the two factions to fight between. reverse dispensers / player missions that you can auto-create or refresh using LUA. Adds so much depth with barely any effort required. make surface rocks able to be mined faster with ship equipment, to give a layer of progression for early game players who do not want to wait around with the AFK with auto harvesters. If NQ wants to go a step further, place larger surface ores in hard-to reach locations such as Thades or vast void of space itself to encourage mining expeditons. Related to (#4), Make it easier for new players to get started mining space asteroids, either by option #2 or by making a cheap, mini, safe zone only version of the DSAT. Give more options for ships to engage in and mitigate PvP encounters by for example implementing directional, slow, long range (60SU+) space radars to encourage pirates to intercept freight ships, as well as some sort of 'getaway device' that is only really viable for freight ships such as to use such as rocket engines (see #7). another note on rockets - Rockets need balancing, they run out of fuel too fast for their 'faster than max speed' feature to be practical. Rockets should act more like EvE onlines Micro Warp Drive, MUCH more fuel efficient and powerful, able to be sustained for long periods of time, but is extremely heavy and/or debuffs thrust output in such a way that using it only practical on non-combat ships that don't need a high acceleration. This gives freight ships a counter to PvP vessels by being able to speed out of danger to almost warp drive speeds, but also means that you need to use more gas and larger engines to move your stuff around the universe. Should you play safe and pay the extra cost hauling Xenon fuel, or be a bit more risky and go without rocket engines for the allure of saving your quanta and beating the market prices? It is simple changes like THIS which are vital to the games integrity, NQ has to do nothing more than change a few values for a few elements and already the game has a lot more depth. All of these ideas will probably gonna go under NQ's radar, but perhaps this could give ideas for what you guys want NQ should do to this game as well.
  7. Link to source plz?? and also about what @ColonkinYT and @CptLoRes are saying I have seen that metric of 50 employees before and I am highly sceptical that this value is the true amount. Surely NQ wouldn't spend all that dev time on reducing server costs if they are going to pay their employees much more than that anyways, surely even a very inefficient server would'nt cost that much. ...unless, perhaps the CEO is trying to make the server tech look as fast as possible to attract buyers? Coming to think of it it wouldn't take a stretch of the imagination that Dual Universe is becoming a front to the true backend tech they are trying to sell to investors. Now thinking about it even more this makes sense to me given the fact that NQ appear to be making little to no effort to pay for ad campaigns of any kind... There might be some sort of skeleton crew of 10 employees working on DU while all the others work on server tech? just food for thought.
  8. only real hope at the moment is that DU is locked in a deal with their investors to keep going on for another year or something, otherwise the game is toast. it could be plausible that NQ is still being funded until all their promised features are released, half-assed at that for some sort of lawsuit damage control. I definitely believe MMO's like DU can turn around with enough time and money, or even sheer luck, no matter the circumstances, but I am starting to feel more and more that the game devs are just testing their investors patience until they eventually stop funding the project, which is a real shame. I still have hope but I would be lying if I said the situation wasn't looking bleak.
  9. What is next for DU? The new changes are OK at best and I really have no idea what steps NQ should take to improve gameplay or PvE in general with the limited budget they have. Realistically, Real time PvE Combat where ships lock on and shoot back and everything will probably be completely off the table, as NPC ships will probably require a lot of code rewriting and dev effort to pull off, perhaps even months or years of work. It might happen but I'm not crossing fingers or anything, especially for ones where they fight back and lock on etc. TW probably has the best chances, even with mediocre PVP, even on only one planet. This in my opinion is one of the better options but I think industry and territory mechanics need to be significantly improved to make sure that actual wars start instead of just 'asteroids, but its on a planet'. Although it might be worth it, TW might simply just take up too much dev time to be viable. One idea I had for a while was to have asteroid fields that contained the same RGB pebbles you find on planets but in space and larger, this I could see as possible or even very easy to pull off depending on how NQ have coded rocks, although without ship mining equipment it would probably be a tedious and worthless endeavour, and as well as that you would get sick of it in like 30 minutes. Perhaps you could just hack the current PvP system so that you shoot moving rocks full of ore (sneakily disguised core units spawned in by NQ) with a special type of mining "weapon" and bingo its almost like PvE combat. Then if you put these 'rocks' either in the PvP zone or in places with natural hazards i.e. rocks being hurled at you (i.e simple damage over time over a certain area) then you REALLY are getting somewhere, but then again that would probably take too long to get implemented properly...right? Many people believe that what this game needs is 'risk and reward' without saying exactly what that is. Does anyone else have any ideas on what exactly NQ could realistically pull off to improve PvE within a reasonable time frame?
  10. yeah I'm pretty sure boxing and blocking off constructs counts as griefing and is against TOS. usually response time for that kind of stuff is fairly quick if you type @GM in the help channel but otherwise just take a note of the username of whoever is blocking the construct by hovering your mouse over it and report it to the devs via a ticket.
  11. Now that the game has released I've noticed there have been no updates of any kind and no new roadmap apart from the planet overhauls. Will there be anything else coming or not?
  12. This games best/most fun aspects are its building, lua and PvP ones. I think this game would be much more successful if NQ changed their marketing towards a more 'space engineers' type of playerbase. Not invalidating anyone who has fun with all the other parts of this game but it seems clear to me that most people are disappointed getting into this game for its economy or 'emergent gameplay' aspects. Perhaps if NQ catered to the sandbox building type of players this kind of game would be more successful. I already suggested the community tags 'Sandbox' and 'Building' on the steam page to help this game become less misleading but if the NQ teams could do that manually that could be great. Yet again not invalidating the 3 people who love industry and mining here but frankly this game is just too large in scope to be able to realistically get all these features at a substantial point before NQ runs out of money.
  13. I mean, 30kt does kinda seem absurd anyway. That's like, 88 modern day tandem-axel semi trucks / 1 and 1/2 freight ships filled to maximum capacity on one spaceship alone, so its probably not surprising that its gonna be slow as hell.
  14. I actually don't mind these ask aphelia logs, especially if they are more frequent, but in the future I would prefer to see more insightful questions about in future of the game instead of questions on design decisions. Also, are the ask aphelia questions on the google docs form stored after each episode or do they get reset? do I have to resubmit my questions?
  15. Seems like a must do for NQ if they want to get the ball rolling after launch, so when are we going to see improvements to industry and schematic mechanics? NQ have said before that they will work on it, but I haven't heard any updates about it recently.
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