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  1. Seems like some good changes! Some adjustments I would make though: as well as being able to right click to dock to a construct, you can right click to allow ships to dock to you. this should also be able to be done in lua. the ship repulsion feature should turn off in combat, ramming people is fun!
  2. In many ways, a hitscan point and fire based shooting system is very similar to the way mining works at the current moment. With mining: The player shoots a raycast from the direction you are pointing, and removes voxels in the area around where the raycast hit. With a hitscan point and fire weapon system this process is very similar: The player shoots a raycast from the direction the gun is pointing, and removes voxels and damages elements in the area around where the raycast hit. If these two processes are so similar, why do we have to stick with the boring Ev
  3. my first few hours probably gave me the most awe, going around in my speeder seeing all the massive constructs on sanctuary. unfortunately as soon as you get a flying construct that kind of awe is lost.
  4. so... basically Thades in PvP space?
  5. Damage multipliers between construct sizes are too high There is no reason to fight (ofc this is being worked on) Fighting is unprofitable as any loot you get will most likely have lives taken out of it/ be worthless The investment to get an L core PvP ship is too low, L cores are supposed to be the large org battleships which need a large investment to build and run, but are too easy to get atm. (XLs should be the equivalent to Titans, if not more) The hit probablility for small constructs are too forgiving to the offender, even super tiny pvp ships with a <2m^2 cro
  6. The community has been pretty barren right now, nobody is really doing/talking about anything. I know NQ is doing a lot of back end changes (which I totally agree on) , but would it hurt to add a lump of coal to the dying fire? it's not like i'm asking for something super extensive or advanced, just something which takes very little dev time that would keep us entertained for a while, such as: Adding a t4/t5 meganode in PvP space and deliberately leaking the co-ords buffing/nerfing some elements for a limited amount of time, eg reducing weapon range by 200%
  7. nah, an AGG would implode on itself and form a black hole XD
  8. Everything in the game right now looks super clean and factory new, which may work in some scenarios, but to me makes everything look too plastic-y and glossy. In my opinion, adding weathering to ships and constructs over time should be implemented, so that we can have ships that look a bit more like this: NOW HOLD ON, just hear me out, don't take out your pitchforks and torches on me just yet. Firstly, weathering will be a very slow process which only happens in certain conditions, while the construct is active. if you keep your ship in space (and not in a gas clo
  9. I was looking through the upvote website and I saw that this radar detectability by crossection poll was listed as 'done' Does anyone know how this works / the formula for how this works? I don't care if it is useful or not, just wanna know how it operates. thanks!
  10. Well, if you look on the website it seems to suggest that they will sticking to a player-only world for now, but who knows. I am sorry to hear this game isn't turning out to be what you want it to be. Perhaps Dual may be the first game to pull a player-only world off, though, who knows. personally i'm kinda the opposite, I would prefer if their were no NPC's and just focused on players and player interaction.
  11. although the cores themselves are only like 3 mill, a good PvP ship can cost 50 million if you include weapons, engines and fuel. Plus, flying around in fighter ships is way more fun than in a battleship IMO.
  12. Never did gas mining myself, Didn't know I came up with something so similar 😂 it would be cool though, for PvP especially.
  13. Novaquark announced that they would be adding gas clouds in their devlog , so I came up with some ideas for how some of those gas clouds would work. These gases can spawn in various sizes, from being a small patch to almost moon sized. Here are some gas clouds I came up with: Nitrogen gas - an Nitrogen gas cloud which acts very much like a planets atmosphere, slowing you down greatly and forcing you to use atmospheric engines (Space radars still work though). It can be harvested for Nitron fuel. Kergon gas - This gas greatly boosts the effectiveness of space
  14. A lot of you guys have been asking for NPC enemies in space to fight against. I see why you would want that added, but in my opinion they won't be worth the dev time. Here are some counter arguments: Novaquarks intentions with the game is to have a "common, shared virtual world, controlled by the players." Adding a second party of aliens / other humans breaks this rule. Unlike in EvE, movement is (relatively) much slower, which means that escaping danger is a lot harder, especially if you don't have much thrust. That may be good for PvP lovers, but could be an unescapable de
  15. well, It's on a timer so I guess it depends on how long it takes before everyone knows where you are. And you can always bring an escort with you...
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