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  1. Yes, the resource gathering in this game is 100% broken. I also want to like this game. The mining system they had before, was tedious, but it was more fun than this. Finding meganodes, then mining them was ok, this is not functional or fun. Novaquark really needs to rethink this one. And yes, taxes are also not functional, they would be if the resource gathering mechanics worked properly. So yes.....did the devs pick up a copy of EMPYRION? NOPE! Did they check out the mining in that? NOPE! That has fun mining with mining vehicles.
  2. Oh, you mean after PvE.....so never! lol.
  3. Of course the game needs a wipe. Everyone knows it, and no one wants to say it. This is a no brainer for any company looking to take over this project. WIPE HYPE is real!
  4. So....did I miss all the NQ answers on this post? Or did NQ just put up a 'ask your questions' post without answering ONE question asked....WOW! I feel.....disharmony in the force within NQ. GOOD LUCK!
  5. yes, this was a bonehead move by NQ. Most will leave the game and never return, especially after all the hard work they put in. Freeport will disappear. Congratulations NQ, you just broke your game with this taxes thing. I get the mining/digging changes to save money, but the taxes thing, and the broken auto mining will just not work. Change it....or lose your player base.
  6. I think there will be plenty of resources as people leave the game. This was a huge screwup NQ....I play, occasionally now, and that may not happen in the future.
  7. yes, this new mechanic of 'calibrating' the units every day is making me not want to play. The whole point was to 'automate' the process, not make it more boring. YES, I've logged in recently...and yes, I'll do my upkeep on the Porco Towers. But please change this. Thank you.
  8. what the hell is a LEGION? sounds like a bunch of losers! ?
  9. How about player controlled NPCs. So that we can populate the world a bit. Set up shops with shopkeepers. Have 'guards' that can be placed. This would be player controlled but fun.
  10. They really need some form of PVE....they will come around to this....people want a world to play in.
  11. let's do a COMPLETE WIPE...and be done with it. EVERYONE starts off new and fresh with all the new goodies. This is fair for everyone!
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