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  1. what the hell is a LEGION? sounds like a bunch of losers! 😆
  2. How about player controlled NPCs. So that we can populate the world a bit. Set up shops with shopkeepers. Have 'guards' that can be placed. This would be player controlled but fun.
  3. They really need some form of PVE....they will come around to this....people want a world to play in.
  4. let's do a COMPLETE WIPE...and be done with it. EVERYONE starts off new and fresh with all the new goodies. This is fair for everyone!
  5. So you're just angry that no one will let you spew your anger anywhere? What a surprise!!! I bet...you'll get BOOTED from here too. So yeah..... NOT HERE! Go spew your anger elsewhere...Buh bye now! The President of Alioth, Dr. Frigo Porco PS you should be ashamed of yourself ... you're Canadian! (or so you say)
  6. I need my house queened....I mean cleaned! Anyone know a good maid?
  7. Excellent game, and EVERY DU Dev should be playing it.
  8. YUP! nothing here to get me back in this game.
  9. As far as STAGATES and a NEW SOLAR SYSTEM are concerned: I remember when the game was first announced and they said it would have an ENDLESS NUMBER OF PROCEDURALLY GENERATED SOLAR SYSTEMS and offer UNLIMITED exploration.
  10. no no no....that's ACTUAL game development....they are gonna leave it up to the players remember?
  11. Ummmm....so what happened to 'precious gems' mining/finding???? That sounded like fun, and a great way to introduce 'colored lumicite' building materials. And now?? Gone???
  12. 1. shesplaining Queens 2. people that speak ill of the great President Porco 3. Madis (because they eat their own children) 4. whiners who can't dock right
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