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too many post-its on the front page kill discussions


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2 hours ago, Zeddrick said:

I completely agree.  Nobody can read my rant about the Thoramine collectables because of too many pinned posts about things that everybody has already read.  I mean, as a general rule if there are over 40 pages of discussion the discussion should be done, right?


Perhaps we should just add our talking points into the comments on whatever thread is at the top instead of having different threads for different subjects?

You know, I think I remember seeing or hearing something about the Thoramine situation.  Where you perhaps a little salty about it?  ;)

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I agree. I do see threads get unpinned, but there are just so many. Things that players actually want to discuss just fall off the first page and then the official pinned threads end up being the only discussion that is going on, which tends to be the same complaints over and over.

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Clean-up of the pinned topics is coming for the launch. Please be patient a bit more.
With that, will come a smoother process to reply to announcements.


@Aaron Cain
No conspiracy theory, please...


You've crossed a line here.
We can understand that you can be frustrated by the price increase, but rejoycing/celebrating/hoping/whishing for people to loose their jobs, whatever the situation may be is an absolute no go. You're not welcome on this forum anymore.


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so i posted a conspiracy theory? Lol, it was meant informative, could be read as cynical but these days its much easier to place people under conspiracy spammers and set them in the lunacy bench. If you really want conspiracy it is very easy to write a nice epistle on JC moving on, kickstarter promises, servers and pending patents.


There is a channel announcements and a channel general, it would be very easy to make a special channel for all the pinned posts and keep the general section free for public, giving a reason why that might not have been the chosen route is not persee conspiracy.  Telling your kids will become authistic by vacination is, or that we never landed on the moon but in a studio.


next time ill be more clear in my elaborate epiphany moments

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I want this game to succeed and I certainly don’t understand lunaprey’s weird flex. 


And The Seven Heavens know I’ve pumped enough money into it to buy two copies of NMS, two copies of ED and a star citizen starter pack. 

but I just don’t see how a company that makes so many odd judgement calls (like just the forums being overrun with pins, for example) that seem to defy common sense will be able to pull off what 19 out of 20 other start ups fail to achieve: a profitable company within five years.


I hope I’m wrong and that DU gets 10,000 subs off the bat. Enough to cover even 7% of the 150k tiles or whatever there is on sanctuary. But since most players will no longer be ALTing given the new prices, I have my doubts. 

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