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  1. I got a pet but I’m a bit disappointed in the look I think they look lame and like it was slapped two gether but I like the outfits well some of them
  2. I just wish they would relies everything they have done from .23 on has ruined the game and the fun they should just roll it all back and admit they messed the game up and bring back players and keep some new ones game was much moor fun in alpha now All we do is micromanage and make things harder on new players if I just bought this and was struggling so hard just two make a simple ship two go mine or pvp I would quite fast two I wonder how many bought this on steam played 2 days and asked for their money back I’m only playing because I have DAC and keep hoping I hear some good news of a update that brings fun instead of nerfing it moor I should know better though if beta shows anything was no good new features came just took things away or restricted moor
  3. I’m starting two think they want the game two fail ever update has taken the fun away and just made it more of a grind in a building game that forces you two try so hard just two get a few things two try and build but it’s limitless right dream it and build it good luck getting what you need lol alpha was so good and was what I was exited for it’s never a good sigh when you're co leaves all down hill from their on I believe they only launched the game two meet their obligations and the game will get shut down in a year tell then they will collect what money they can not the first time I have Sean this it’s fallowing the same play book as landmark it’s scary Familiar I hope I’m wrong but I believe that’s what they are doing ( why can no new voxel game Actually make it maybe they try two hard two attract 2 different play style and make it fun for no one )
  4. Ore definitely needs a rebalance it’s way two big of a gap between tier 1 and 2 why is tier two so hard two get even in the market tier one is going for about 13 quanta then you look at tier 2 it’s like 100 two 140 quanta that’s crazy it was never like this before something is definitely not working right in my eyes that’s a huge jump
  5. Yes the wing and engine stacking is kind of lame I have a small ship with an L container it has two run 28 wings. Would be nice two have wings that have moor lift thier definitely shuld bee a better way air brakes. Two we shouldn’t have two have so many. Just two get the job done when their could be stronger ones it can be hard two get a look you are going for when you have two put so many elements what plaines in the real world need 28 wings
  6. Are you serious another wipe when a game is suppose two be in a release state how many games do you no have wiped after a release this is getting Ridiculous o boy I get two keep blueprint but have two grind for months again two get it all back you know not all of us play in a big organization I haven’t even got my ship back getting close and we are talking about another wipe maybe the game was not Riley ready for a release maybe it time two stop trying two build back up
  7. We should scrap mining units a good system would be if you could explore new planets for higher tier mine in the ground with both ships and by hand 😀 lol and the planets would regenerate over time so you don’t have everlasting holes and tunnels
  8. Sorry for you're loss NQ ship shop sucks I would recommend buying from a ship builder not NQ or build you're own
  9. This is just my opinion you do not need two agreeI feal like the game has not changed for the better it feels like the new start is nothing but login Micromanage stuff and log out come back in a day or so and repeat I know not everyone likes the old mining, but it was so much more fun than what we have now at least make it more accessible for new players to go out an astroid mine and increase the amount of astroids. There’s no need to explore other planets I need to just roll everything back in my opinion. I know there’s a argument that there was too much material on the market at the core of this game is a building game why restrict us from building it also allows for people to want to go out in the world and do PVP why would I want to go out and lose a ship that takes me months to get? I remember back in alpha the feeling I got seeing all the things I could do an explorer underground. I thought it was amazing now I just click on my mining unit calibrated log out and come in tomorrow pick up my material craft a few things logout not fun I still haven’t been able to build my holler or get to space to mine astroids. I don’t have millions to pay for a scanner. Of course, this is just my opinion I know not everyone agrees, but that’s OK. I still like the universe even for what it’s become. I just don’t know how you are going two hook a new player two love a game that everything Is a chore And micromanage until you get some thing Do you want people to feel like this is amazing. What’s coming next? You need two get them from the beginning before they loose interest and just find a different game and DU population starts two drop after the hippie is over tell me youer opinion of how two fix this game or being the fun factor back for everyone
  10. This has bin a problem ever Sense the decreased the range of fetch I once had two build a bunch of ships and put platforms on them stacked them with move tool tell I culd clime high enough two use my maneuver tool.
  11. I agree with you should not lose everything their should be a overflow Inventory or something where all the things you crafted and material goes that you can claim when you come back two the game
  12. My thoughts are it’s a building gamy why make it so hard two get material expeshaly low tier it would also help people be more wiling two go in two pvp and lose their ship not every thing needs two be a grind you want a new player two be able two get in build stuff easier get two space and explore not get bored trying two build a good ship and leave
  13. Just jump on the shuttle two alioth I do it all the time if you in district 6 it’s a easy and fast depending if you need cargo ship I was farther from a good market on haven then I am on Sanctuary
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