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  1. This update is bad roll back scrap it go back two old mining and do youer job stop taking the easey way out just make un claimed land heal over time or do a land reset monthly or weekly we should not be redesign the game at this point in development what are you doing NQ are you tring two distroy youer game no one likes this
  2. Are you planing on limiting how big we can build two If so by how much I thought this is a rebuild civilization so how is that going two work if we are being limited we should be able two make cities also why don’t we have any hand weapons or base defenses how are we going two defend a base from ships (bring back last version of game and work off that you keep making huge changes how are we going two move forward when we keep changing core gameplay it’s like alha again
  3. I never understand why the ground did not regenerate over time it never seamed like a good idea two me and at this point I think NQ is just trying two take the easy way out rather than developing this
  4. This is dumb I can only put a mining unit on static construct so what the pint of even leaving my base besides finding a better claims what is a scanner for now besides scanning a new claims what encourages me two go out and explore I just don’t get this and I am limited two how much I can mine per hour or day good job NC kill mining and exploring I just don’t get this direction you sucked the fun right out of it it feels like a farming sim not what I backed this game for im So disappointed I tried two be open two this but all I’m thinking now is what the hell are you thinking
  5. I have a question if any one knows they sed in the video no limit two building yet what are they planing two limit us two I had a feeling that this was next (taking the route of landmark fast )
  6. NQ yes we need this info two decide how we are going two play this game or if it’s a game killer for some of us also are you planing two down size how big we can build it looks like the direction you heading I have Sean this before down sizing game in name of Performance I think you are taking the easy way out instead of addressing the problem
  7. Hears a question what happens two all my voxels and elements if I lose my land I spent months or a year getting it better be in my inventory
  8. I have two agree with you hear I’m not happy about the removal of underground ore it’s one ove the things that made this game special I think NQ is just taking the easy way out they should have just aded terrine regeneration I like the idea of mining unit but not like this it also has a max so dose that mean we can only mine the same amount as others it’s looking like land mark all over again dumbing down the game what’s next building limits I’m also not in favorer ove land tax’s as I like building but it’s going two get expensive and a monthly is two short why not just add a login in every 2 months or so just two keep land available proving you are active and what about the millions I already payed for my claims do I get money back i am a builder in this game it’s what I enjoy I don’t like pvp it’s the building and mining that brought me two this game if I wanted pvp I will play star citizen ore eve
  9. The problem with 100% driven economy in my opinion is if theirs not enough people playing you find you can’t buy what you need I am alredy finding I can’t find what I need on sanctuary moon I always have two go two alioth 6 It wouldn't be a big deal but now the way crafting is I have two buy most eliments I think this is something that sounds cool but probably will just punish players time will tell
  10. So I started to experiment with trying to make an elevator it’s pretty basic just started it 4 xs engine on a platform 4xs wings hover chair and 4 pillars 3 voxels wide in a L shape to hold the elevator in place I don’t want closed walls it seams to be working we’ll leave one voxel space between elevator and pillars or the elevator will freak out and start jumping all over like a earth quack I do have a question though I’m not to good with lua how can I make the engines fire with a button or switch I trying to but it just keep saying you need a flight seat
  11. I’m building a bace floating in the air the problem is I want to land up Thier to and it’s Very difficult to do so Hover and boost just won’t get me that high and I can’t slow down to much when flying or I just start falling may be rocket engines is the solution
  12. This is so lame I decide to leave sanctuary moon and go to district 6 to buy a bigger core to find the place is a mess and the store is gone the closest store is 17k away I’m not running that I’m going home forget it I wil just put up a buy order what are you doing NQ I’m so confused why do this
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