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  1. So I started to experiment with trying to make an elevator it’s pretty basic just started it 4 xs engine on a platform 4xs wings hover chair and 4 pillars 3 voxels wide in a L shape to hold the elevator in place I don’t want closed walls it seams to be working we’ll leave one voxel space between elevator and pillars or the elevator will freak out and start jumping all over like a earth quack I do have a question though I’m not to good with lua how can I make the engines fire with a button or switch I trying to but it just keep saying you need a flight seat
  2. I’m building a bace floating in the air the problem is I want to land up Thier to and it’s Very difficult to do so Hover and boost just won’t get me that high and I can’t slow down to much when flying or I just start falling may be rocket engines is the solution
  3. This is so lame I decide to leave sanctuary moon and go to district 6 to buy a bigger core to find the place is a mess and the store is gone the closest store is 17k away I’m not running that I’m going home forget it I wil just put up a buy order what are you doing NQ I’m so confused why do this
  4. I messed up I had no material on my so I exited build mode I should have Moved it I was able to just remove it and replace I think you shuld be able to enter build mode from farther away though
  5. The core is to high I can not reach it to enter build mode
  6. So I couldn't find this answer So I’m working on a large base how do I place it down in blue print if I need to have all material in my inventory their is no way I will be able to carry that much in my inventory how does this work May be I am not understanding this
  7. I may need to try find a video on this at some point
  8. Ok I’m not sure how to delete this topic after I did a Destroy unit because pick up did not work I guess the game dose not like them overlapping it disappeared after 8 hours of being logged out
  9. Ya that did not work I think because I overlapped them it sed unknown
  10. Maybe someone can answer this So I started a xs static core on my claim I decided to put down a large I put it over the xs then I could not pick up the xs core so I tried to destroy it now it’s just floating Their in a destroyed state What can I do to get ride of it I probably shouldn't have overlapped them I’m just not sure how to deal with this now
  11. No but I am playing with a large static core and building platform at the top I wanted a elevator what I found is that it can’t go that far so I ended up having to use 4 so you go half way up and switch pads and go up the rest of the way I wish their was one like you are talking about
  12. I haven’t played seance early alpha Just returning now that we have claims I had hoped that has bin fixed by know it’s Very annoying that changing material changes some voxels back And agree this should not happen
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