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  1. honestly im sick of the short tests that happen in odd times I don't even join often because of this at least their is a 96 hour test coming up I hope beta will bring 24/7 all I like is the building system any way could care less about the pvp
  2. I like this type of system the best in my opinion wher you need to log in once a month /maybe the longer you play the longer the timer in think if it expires you shuld get youer stuff sent to youer invatory though it is lame when you come back and have to gather all youer stuff again
  3. I would say some are tired of guild power trips in mmo yes I am one so I either play alone or make my own small guild with friends or like minded people it is a chalige but fun too see what you can do it takes longer but can be rewarding I have bin playing mmos for as long as they bin around joind many guilds majority of them I never liked
  4. I hope turn is added soon I hope it is 1/4 turn voxal farms made it work I am shuer you can too but 90 is beter than nothing you guys are doing a great job thank you love what I see so far I hope smooth tool has a strength adjustment I need low strength to make paper thin voxals beter
  5. Yes I was in landmark bin looking for years for someone doing building game with voxals this looks like the best thing I have found first day hear having some problems learning this system mining ore seams verry annoying so far
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