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  1. This is far more frustrating to me than not knowing when/ how the wipe will happen. That said, it is beta I guess. Do your worst. edited to add: I too would like to see the Bandaid come off and a stable feature set so we can all carry on. Till then I’m building anyway. Nothing is permanent.
  2. Seems to be some confusion here. If they wipe they are going to wipe sanctuary. Otherwise everyone would move all their sh*t back there until after the wipe and there effectively not be a wipe. When they say your stuff will always be safe on sanctuary, they mean safe from pvp, safe from tax related repossession. Per NQ Dekkard, any Core BPs you own will appear in your inventory after the wipe. So make CORE BPs of any structures or ships that you can. It’s all probably going to get flattened.
  3. With a small amount of tweaking, I was able to get both the DIA Einstein and the Pulse mk3 warp shuttles back into space- the Einstein will fly more or less straight up and out of atmo. Yes the cost is doubled, but it’s still way cheaper than the typical s-core. - not trying to contradict anyone but I thought a PSA was in order since I keep hearing warp shuttles are extinct.
  4. Now you get them out of your own UI, without leaving your base. Still provided by Aphelia, although tradable. They could be a source of revenue for non-industry players who want to sell them, but that will mostly be on the market, with no direct interaction between players. The only improvement that will come from hobbling industry is less overhead for the servers.
  5. Torque I believe. Someone who knows can elaborate.
  6. Well Grump, you can’t just go around flying all over the place like it’s a game or something. What were you thinking?
  7. @Knight-SevyWhen the game is only fun for pirates, there will only be pirates.
  8. So what to I put in my factory building now? Guess it’s time to get to work on that water slide.. luckily I’ve been cranking 10 warp cell towers 24/7 for months…
  9. I don’t want to be one of your hecklers. This level of hyperbole just tickles me. I suppose I’ll go check it out when I get home.
  10. Yeah, if we get too far into the weeds, we might not accomplish anything.
  11. I just hope they see all this and backpedal some like they did with construct slot changes.
  12. I’m just glad they’re using their resources for something that will improve the game. We can finally put that death-sequence debate to rest.
  13. I don’t know how this schematic thing has got so much traction with the devs. I never hear players complain about schematics. As a post 0.23 player, it was just part of the game. As I understand it, most of the people for whom this was a dealbreaker quit a year and a half ago. IMO There are much more important balance issues to address, like how to fix atmo flight without going backwards in pvp mechanics.
  14. Not long ago Dekkard replied to one of these threads confirming all core bps would be kept, whatever else they decide. Unless he’s flat out lying, time spent designing is not wasted. I know, they will break more things, but it’s always been that way.
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