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  1. I won’t say I was a white knight, but I did try hard not say inflammatory things about the devs or the state of the game for a long time, thinking it counterproductive. Recently I’ve realized it doesn’t matter, because they are steering this thing into a ditch no matter what we say, and I’ve turned sniping NQ whenever it suits.
  2. You have slightly higher chance of your request being fulfilled if you write it out 4 times and sign it with a nose-print, then mail one copy to EA, one to Blizzard, nail one to a telephone pole, and hide the 4th under your dresser.
  3. Maybe the person in charge of advertising doesn’t know they haven’t deployed the cash shop yet?
  4. Low hanging fruit alert! Next patch the docking shield is going to triple in size.
  5. Well you’re not wrong but. I’m not ready to quit. We are surviving but it’s mostly in donations from mission runners in the org(we don’t demand anything from our members). Shut that off and we’ll have to start shutting down miners, then the factory follows. we are actually hoping to pull through this and be able to sell parts, ships, maybe even ore to the market on the other side. It’s not going to happens as long as NQ is standing over the economy with a frying pan in its hand.
  6. Shutting off the LAST faucet isn’t going to make the game better. The ore faucet was wide open for almost all of beta and the game was much healthier then. If they really want this game to thrive, they should let the players play, instead of making it a struggle.
  7. I don’t run missions so I can’t say exactly but they are saying their availability has decreased, like they aren’t getting missions that pay as high? I’ll try to get clarification
  8. My mates are telling me mission running has been nerfed too.
  9. You shouldn’t be bitter about the wipe. It was a much needed leveling pass and the main reason NQ hasn’t had to nerf regular gameplay features since the rel- cash shop is the only thing that will save this game
  10. I know a bunch of people who wanted purple voxels , lol. And it’s just lol. I know territory warfare is a much bigger deal. Also a lot more complicated so I’m not put out that we got purple voxels first. Territory warfare is probably never going to happen. Either the game will die before they can develop it, or they will realize a builder sandbox and a decent pvp game don’t really happen in the same space. Right now pvp happens in a vacuum for the most part. I know it has a bunch of enthusiasts but they are way out there in pvp space. Besides mission runners and miners getting ganged by pirates. Pvp and the rest of the game seem to be air-gapped. They haven’t figured out how to bridge that gap, and they probably never will. If they could somehow turn on territory warfare right now, I think they would lose half the player base overnight, because when people who wanted nothing to do with pvp lose all the work they put into their base or factory, they will find something else to do.
  11. Number of times you’ve brought something up doesn’t indicate anything. I think most people know that the game is nowhere near being set up right for territory warfare. Purple voxels were a much smaller thing for sure, but as such they were also reasonable to implement. And there was no reason not to have them. There are lots of reasons territory warfare doesn’t go through.
  12. So when the doors close at NQ, where are you going to go work next?
  13. No one really levels up “beyond” T1 and T2 industry, tons of those ores are rolled into the higher tier assemblies. T3 and T4 prices showing healthy behavior is a sign that the owners higher tier tiles aren’t going to go bankrupt as you suggested; they are making their owners money, and feeding industry.
  14. Prices on T3 and T4 are trending up gradually. The end of the world might have to be rescheduled.
  15. Available disk space? It is probably something client side. I play on a 10/100 connection without issue and as far as I know the hamster is still alive.
  16. It’s not the ship that must be in the surface, it’s the player. The wording is poor.
  17. Are the items you are trying to sell claimed for your org or something maybe ? I beat my head against the wall for 10 minutes the other day trying to paste claimed voxels.
  18. But this thread was about planets. There’s my argument for them. Alioth will not become a ghost town because of Feli.
  19. Oh, I’ve sunk a lot more than 15 hours into it. There are a bunch of people doing serious scanning out there and my point was that as limited as that ore is, once it’s all scanned that’s not an option anymore. Until more planets come out… In the same amount of time I’ve spent scanning one planet this go round, (and I still don’t have everything I want there) I had locked down everything to build warp cells in beta. Daphne has a good point. - except: asteroids were a also a shit show last I checked, and there is no T3/4 surface ore
  20. Threads like this make me glad NQ doesn’t listen to us.
  21. Erm. Yes. Precious little ore on the outer planets, that’s correct. hear that people? Not even worth scanning for. Thanks for pointing that out.
  22. Without more planets the scanning game is done. New players that come along will not be able to find anything but T1. Holding some of them back -while I doubt they intended this- allows newer players to get their bearings and learn about scanning before the vets have all the higher ore locked down.
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