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  1. The creators of some of these tracks have left and no-one will be able to afford the tens of millions weekly it will cost to maintain them. Can something be done to preserve them? Location of this track is at ::pos{0,2,-0.1225,109.1183,-0.0000}
  2. T1 mining under current prices is not profitable. Prices will have to go up before T1 mining is profitable.
  3. I 100% agree. I play this game to have fun with a single account, not to turn it into a full time job with multiple accounts. By designing the game such that multi accounts are given a huge advantage, DU is hurting themselves by stabbing their own small and loyal player base in the back NPC delivery missions are the same way. It's totally meant to encourage alts. I know someone who has 40 alt accounts and is so rich. It's disgusting and infuriating.
  4. The game is not dead. This is a technology problem. A single server with thousands of players each creating their own objects. It will be difficult for the game to die since technically this game does not require other players to play it. You can solo and do your own thing and essentially you are just playing legos in the cloud. The future of the game though needs to encourage players to join together to take on common challenges.
  5. This exploit can be abused. Players can deny tiles by setting up a TU, building a mining unit, starting mining, and then deleting it. They can then delete their TU and any future owners will not be able to mine the tile. I think this is game breaking and needs to be handled ASAP.
  6. I purchased 10 tiles from someone. They deleted their mining units but did not turn them off. Now my mining units are unable to mine since the pool is still at 0. Devs need to disable taxes until this is fixed as it makes it impossible to pay them.
  7. I think all this depends on how big their marketing budget is. They will need to market to a player base so large that it justifies knocking out the work of all existing players. And I think the marketing budget will be determined on how much promise they think the game has. The game will not be ready, though, until it's playable-- meaning there needs to be conflict over territory and a reason to join organizations.
  8. I look forward to the changes. We need more reasons for player interaction in the game. We need reasons to go to other planets. Right now the entire economy is on Alioth and there is little financial sense to leave unless you are a miner. After all, sales are done on Alioth, so you may as well produce there. By allowing automated mining and making resources exclusive to certain planets, a variety of geostrategicly valuable locations are created throughout the system. Long time mining operations will now be established on all the planets, and production will move off Alioth as the real estate becomes expensive to use. There will be quite a bit more encounters for PVP, and in the future I look forward to entire wars over geostrategically valuable locations on distant planets.
  9. Yes, missions with alt accounts is insanely lucrative. I hate it. Game isn't even out of Beta and has gone the way of Eve Online gold trading
  10. I know someone with 40 alt accounts. He's ultra rich making billions a month. Just a fun fact.
  11. The docking permissions are a big wonky. Even landing next to a ship will push you away from it. It makes parking ships next to each other difficult. My own ships push me off my space station lol
  12. You guys want a world where everyone plays the same exact game. A survival game where you try to build all your own stuff. That's not what the creators want though. They want an economic, warfare, and cultural simulation, and you don't do that by just letting everyone build everything they want. I hope the creators have the courage to continue forward toward their vision, and ignore the players who only care about playing a shallow survival game. Those types of players are fickle and will inevitably bounce to the next new shiny game anyway.
  13. I love that you guys are pushing forward. There is no reason to let the PVE players restrict you from achieving your vision of a completely realistic economy and diverse universe. The factario players can find other games.
  14. It sucks joining orgs though because then they make you sit with them in discord. It would be nice if you could join NPC factions. The changes don't really impact me since i never setup a factory anyway. As a trader who buys and sells and moves stuff between plants, I look forward to seeing people using the market more on far away planets.
  15. Hi! Whenever I am in space, my ship starts to drift toward a planet. I have learned that I can turn on my emergency control unit to make the brakes stay on while I am not in the seat while in space, but I am worried that maybe if I look away for too long, it will turn off and my ship will end up falling into a planet. Could someone tell me some strategies to keep my ship in space aside from building a space station and parking on it? I am aware of that lua mod which has auto pilot but I don't want to do that. But I would love to learn about programmable ways to keep the brake activated! Thank you lots
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