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  1. nope. use the Trump plan: Lets build a Free2Play Model the let the dumb eve whales pay for it. Problem solved.
  2. so much drama because of a tiny 1000m high building. learn to fly is all i gonna say.
  3. to get even more free boosts and bonus items use my recruiter link to create your new account for DU: https://www.dualuniverse.game/signup?recruiter=88041 shameless? i know!
  4. do i understand that correctly only a few hundred players are allowed to have a piece of land on sanct and 99% of all players dont??? I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE START. so the 1% (or less) get one extra exclusive planet/moon? what is this, is Klaus Schwab running NQ now? is this part of "ZE GREAT RESET"? i have another question if that is true: seriously, whos "genius" idea was that?
  5. all these other games have one big advantage and that is no sub required and thats the main reason why DU will not survive for long.
  6. Dont come with "our engine cant do it" or any other BS excuse. a pro programer could add it to the game in 1 day. do it for the launch!
  7. good start but we need more. more pro tipps.
  8. there should be a giant asteroid belt(so big that you can hide inside of it) half of it is inside the safe zone the other half in pvp zone. higher tier ore is mostly found in the pvp zone. there should be higher tier(up to tier3) ore in the safe zone but much more rare than in the pvp zone. no DSAT crap, no broadcasting crap. the asteroids "regenerate" over time. thats how i would do it.
  9. maybe you should change this thread into a "starter tipps" thread. collect all the tipps and tricks, make a big list.
  10. i dislike the change aswell. the differences are waaay too big. and marble super lightweight? haha good one! (just one of many stupid examples) i was thinking of a different system. -smaller difference of stats -more realistic -talent based specialization talents that improve the stats of a specific honeycomb if your own factory produces it. like more HP or less weight, better resistances etc. whatever you like. a ship with fully improved T1 materials should be on the same lvl or better as a T2 ship without improved materials. maybe a stupid idea, i have no clue
  11. i expect "Mixed" reviews which would be accurate imho. most negative reviews will say: "unfinished", "grindfest", "boring", "subscription? lol" and they are not that wrong... but NQ knows that and has to move forward and keep improving the game.
  12. "Abo games are my favourite, you have an overview of your costs and can enjoy the game without any problems." you can have that with F2P aswell, what a stupid comment "WoW isn't a dying dinosaur either" yes it is, every statistic shows that and blizzard started to hide the sub numbers because they are horrible The problem with f2p is and remains an enormous risk for the developer, because he cannot foresee how many players will buy what in the shop, one mistake and a large player base is gone from the game and the house of cards immediately collapses yeah one mistake and a large player base is gone from the game you mean like patch 0.23 in DU? another stupid comment Even if the customer for the annual pass is gone after a month, the money has already been collected. sounds almost like a scam/cashgrab strategy. im not surprised that you like that kind of strategy At the moment, DualUniverse as an f2p would simply mean death. who says that, you? laughable. i tell you what death means: extreme low player numbers like the game has for a year now. NQ talked alot about new players in their wipe video and i highly doubt that alot of new ppl will sub for game that has not a good reputation and is unfinished.
  13. yeah no. sub based mmos are not the future and it doesnt fit the goal of DU. DU needs alot more players to feel alive again and they will NOT come with a sub based model. F2P + cashshop is a much better option for this super niche game. yes alot of ppl will leave quickly after release again because they realise that DU is not finished at all but some will come back later after a few updates. nobody likes to pay just to login for 5mins to see what changed. eve and wow are dieing dinosaurs and DU is a fly compared to these two.
  14. i prefer shop + no sub. i would even pay full price (60$) just to not pay a sub.
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