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  1. Large organizations and players with immense amounts of time will grab the higher tier resources and sit on them. That is nothing new compared to other MMO games, but in games that respawn resources, other players will eventually have a change to obtain those said resources. In a game with finite resources, you create a situation where you create a serious divide between the haves and have nots. There are very few hexes claimed on most planets, and many of the low tier resources on those planets remain, but the higher tier resources are being sucked dry. How are new players, or casual players for that matter, to be supported in this environment? Part of the game experience is the exploration and obtaining the resources. Is the game going to be reduced to new players join one of a handful of organizations that still have high tier resources stockpiled? Or will we be given new worlds when the ones we have are barely populated?
  2. Yeah, I am discovering the same thing. This poses a major problem not just for smaller organizations and solo players, but also for new players. You can get along just fine for tier 1-2 as a new player, but making that jump to the next level is extremely difficult. There is a giant cube shaped boot on the neck of new players, trapping them in the safe zone where the higher tier resources have become scarce.
  3. Sorry to see you go! I see so much potential and I can't sleep I am so enamored with DU. I would love one (or both) of your accounts. I am looking at getting an an account for my son and beta keys would be fantastic for the friends I am trying to convince to come join the fun. Mostly I like to build stuff. The industry portion of the game is amazing, as is the construction of buildings, space stations, and ships. I can and have spent hours upon hours doing this. I love collaborating with friends on this. Gather, build, explore, repeat. That is what it is all about to me. Explore is a bit rough with the PVP element. I have not joined a PVP organization. My hope is to get enough of my friends together that we can operate how we want without the need to engage in full on space piracy in order to survive outside the safe zone. I know there have been exploits and griefers, but I'm just trying to look past all that and enjoy the amazing game I have in front of me.
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