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  1. First off, I would just like to state up front, regardless of whether the proposed org changes are the right decision or not, I feel that the approach that has been taken, where this change is introduced independent from and after the introduction of mining units, is just flat out wrong. I was not pleased by the loss of traditional mining, but I drank the kool-aid and committed to trying mining. Many benefits to this system were touted by NQ. For example, the adjacency bonus. This system requires cores to use and incentivizes going bigger. The more tiles you mine (and thus cores you use) gives a larger benefit. So instead of a 1 to 1 benefit from each core used, we were encouraged by this system to grow the number of cores used. Only then, after all this work is done, do we get the carrot replaced with the stick. Now that this ugliness is out of the way, my thoughts on the actual change: In the right ballpark, but missed by a wide margin. This is a game of building and unlimited possibilities. All I see recently is limitations. In this solution, all constructs are treated equally. I don't think that this is the right approach. We have little or no in game reasons to collaborate, outside of the human need for socialization. There is nothing in the game that actually benefits players coming together to work on projects. Where are the social features? Where is the benefit for orgs that add content and culture to the game? I would like to see an influence system added to the game that would allow creators (either individuals or traditional orgs composed of many distinct players) to be incentivized for creating content in the game. If we the players are supposed to create the game content, we should not be punished for doing so, we should be rewarded. There are many large projects in the game that NQ uses to advertise DU. This is the content and is what makes DU special. These projects consume cores and add value to DU. These projects should be rewarded. If we had a system of influence that rewarded content creators and gave a benefit to visit these constructs, this would be a giant step in the right direction. As it stands now, many multi-core creations that enrich the game are at risk. These constructs are treated the same as a core that has mining units and nothing else on it. Now if we had some system of influence, where players and orgs that create content that the community enjoys, we could be rewarded for creating excellent content. The rewards could be a decreased cost in core count because of the benefit to the game, decreased tax, etc. Beyond this, many game systems could be created or enhanced a great deal. We could vie for influence over a region and have some type of governmental control. Territory warfare doesn't need to be the only way we can impact the world and control an area. Just like music, art, and religion can shape our real world, works of art in the game should have an equal impact on the game world. I want to see more wild creations from the mad scientist builders. All I see is that these players in particular are going to be hindered the most, yet these are the very players that provide the most benefit to the game and community. I would gladly pay an additional amount for my subscription to have the sandbox I fell in love with. I was sold a dream of player created cities and empires. The future I see is massive stress from monitoring tile taxes and core counts. Who wants to suddenly lose a project they have been working on for a couple of years, because they are ambitious and then have a real world problem take them away from the game for a bit? My challenge to you NQ: I would like to know who is the creative lead on this game now. Please have this person come introduce themselves and explain what is the overall direction of the game. In spirit, DU does not seem to be heading to the same destination that we set out for at the start of beta, let alone what was pitched in the Kickstarter. I think we all would appreciate a better understanding of what the end goal is.
  2. It may be possible to get this error for multiple reasons, but I did figure out one reason it happens, and perhaps it will help you. Regardless, this is something that NQ needs to address to make using the mining units more user friendly. So what can happen is that you might have a player owned hex with an org owned core on it. Really, it can be the opposite, it just needs to be a different hex owner vs the owner of the core. Then you place the mining unit on the core and try to mine, and you get unauthorized request because the org that owns the core does not have permission to use a mining unit on that tile. This is the key point -- the player is not what is getting the permission checked -- it is the owner of the core. To get this scenario to work, you need to create a policy for the owner of the hex, add the org that owns the core as an actor, the mining unit right, and the tag for the hex. There really needs to be an easier way to make this work. I get how RDMS works and I was able to troubleshoot this issue, but that is a lot of hoops and many people will not understand why this doesn't work. You own the hex and the org you are super legate of owns the core, but it says you are unauthorized. Clearly RDMS is working like it should, because the org indeed does not have access to use a mining unit on the tile. Expecting people to figure this out and set it up on their own is a big ask however.
  3. @NQ Please reconsider ending this testing session on early Monday morning. This test is extremely important and the players that are committed to thoroughly exploring the jns and outs of this change were given several obstacles to contend with. First, many players have been dealing with the geometry reset. My base is underground and I needed to spend a good amount of time to just asses to the impact to my area and reach my linked containers. Next, there was the utterly incomprehensible decision to test a change to airbrakes simultaneous to the actual Demeter testing. Experimenting to discover what will and won't obstruct brakes so that I can just fly mining units somewhere is crazy to ask in such a short timeframe. Lastly, consider the full lifecycle of operating a mining unit. Calibrate to get it running, then recalibrate as the percentage gets low. Well you have a 48 hour cooldown on calibrations for a test that spans only a weekend. This entire test seems to be more of a formality than a legitimate exercise to assure the quality of the product and give players a chance to provide meaningful feedback.
  4. Yeah, I think that is just how it is showing existing scans. If you run new scans on PTS, you only see the pool column and not the ground resources. This looks like it is just terminology they are using with auto mining. You have a pool available to mine from and you can select only from that pool.
  5. Much like Helvetian, I have done the same thing, where I claimed tiles around where I was building for a buffer. I do also perform money making activities in the game, but I have claimed tiles just for their natural beauty and then build on them. It would be a shame to just give these tiles up because they are not profitable. Taxes in real life are based on the assessed value of the land and the zoning of said land. There should be an option to own land without mining. I also feel that the adjacency bonus, while a good mechanic for auto-mining, is contrary to the goal of creating cities and empires in the game. If players are encouraged to claim land in clumps of tiles, we won't connect together as the game world grows. In many areas this won't be an issue, but on Alioth, Freeport, some places on Madis, I could see this being a problem.
  6. People claimed meganodes as they were found and then released the tiles once they were done. With so many players owning thousands of scans, that means that the juicy tiles will be found fairly quickly.
  7. I will have more complete thoughts on this system after I have had more time to play with it. There is one glaring headache I can see right off the bat, and it seems easily fixable. When transferring money to the territory wallet, it always comes from the owners wallet. This adds a needless and super annoying step to the process, where you would need to transfer money to the tile owner and then from there to the tile. Why not let us select the wallet we wish to transfer from?
  8. Yes. Amazing work on this thread.
  9. I get what you are saying, but all exploits are against the rules. The forum post referenced only explains which exploits will be punished and which are currently allowed. NQ could probably do a better job of making this information more accessible, but I question how much time they really would want to devote to maintaining an official document of acceptable exploits. They clarified some common ones, which was very helpful in the cases where things are allowed. As in all things, NQ could communicate better. This is clearly an exploit, not an intended gameplay mechanic. Parenting is not intended to work this way. The safe zone is not intended to work this way.
  10. Real life "rules" aka "laws" work the exact same way. Nobody comes to knock on your door and notify you that the way you are stealing cable from your neighbors is illegal. NQ tends to overlook infractions to a much greater degree than in real life, where ignorance of the law is no excuse at all. Bottom line, with or without a specific rule, any player should be able to tell the difference between an exploit and a feature with ease. Assume the use of any exploit will be punished and you don't need to keep track of forum posts. It is pretty helpful to look these over however, as there are some things not working as intended that are not being punished.
  11. Many of these suggestions are needed for the game long term, but are also band-aids for a larger issue. The markets, as they exist now, are dysfunctional. On Alioth, we have the districts clumped together in a small area, and these district markets represent the majority of the market activity for Alioth. The most popular market that is not a district market is market 17, which is very close to the districts. Essentially, NQ encouraged the majority of players living on Alioth to base their operations near the districts and this is the area through which commerce flows. Unlike real life, where we might have a major economic hub that has a massive port and rail system, we have a tiny little market with no parking and no infrastructure. NQ needs to distribute the load more evenly across the planet to encourage players to spread out more. They also need to spread the load at these busy districts so that we are not all trying to jam into the same location. In a hyper-industrialized civilization of the future, this massive district/market area would make far more sense if it consisted of blocks of landing pads and loading/unloading services. Porters (robotic of course) that can help with the logistics of getting the massive loads of cargo onto and off of your ships. Linked container range would not be an issue, so any upcoming nerfs would not require more changes.
  12. I like seeing other players as well. The problem is that the ratio of players I see at the market compared to assets at the market is way out of whack. I honestly laughed when they reintroduced emotes. In the locations where you are most likely to encounter other players and use emotes, you are overwhelmed with assets that make seeing other players difficult and the lag is so awful that emotes are the last thing on my mind.
  13. @NQ The markets are turning into an abyss that worsens noticeably each week. Your goal was to create an economy driven by players that was centered on the markets, however the physical markets themselves are an abomination and are causing great frustration for players, both the customers at the markets as well as the industry players. The number of constructs at the markets far exceeds the number of players at the markets. Some simple advertising would be one thing, but we now have a maze to navigate to even get to the elevator. There are hundreds of containers, massive ships, scam dispensers, disco lights, huge gas stations, etc. at most markets and especially the Alioth district markets. The district markets in particular are a big problem. There is insufficient parking at these markets. Ships are scattered in the trees around the markets. As you attempt to take off, new ships are attempting to land, creating dangerous situations. I know many players resort to parking at the maximum container link range to avoid this risk of collision altogether. Parking on the pad, with even the smallest ship, is almost impossible due to all of the permanent detritus that liters the "landing pad". Possible Solutions This situation is quite frustrating, but I did not come to only vent and not give some possible solutions. First, there needs to be some limitations on the length of time that a dynamic construct can be left at the market. Also, please limit the lua script that is allowed to run on my PC from a dynamic construct that is left at the market by another player. There are far too many of these constructs at the market and it creates a great deal of lag. At least allow for an option to toggle this. Secondly, this entire idea of mosh pit of flesh and metal is silly in the first place. An advanced civilization on a huge mesoplanet wants to trade potentially gigantic items on the market and our best solution is that we all go to the same location, roughly the size of a pharmacy, with a parking lot the size of a grocery store? And that is to service the entire planet? The real life planet we live on uses distribution centers to distribute the load of something like this. There is already a great deal of land set aside for Aphelia. Please consider adding more parking and additional market stations in this space to spread out the load for the district markets. Consider doing the same for the other markets while there are still empty hexes available. What possible benefit is there to force all this traffic into the same physical location? Our own real life society is already leaving brick and mortar shopping behind and Noveans have decided that not only do they love it so so much, but they all want to smash into only one store on the planet? Thank You
  14. Large organizations and players with immense amounts of time will grab the higher tier resources and sit on them. That is nothing new compared to other MMO games, but in games that respawn resources, other players will eventually have a change to obtain those said resources. In a game with finite resources, you create a situation where you create a serious divide between the haves and have nots. There are very few hexes claimed on most planets, and many of the low tier resources on those planets remain, but the higher tier resources are being sucked dry. How are new players, or casual players for that matter, to be supported in this environment? Part of the game experience is the exploration and obtaining the resources. Is the game going to be reduced to new players join one of a handful of organizations that still have high tier resources stockpiled? Or will we be given new worlds when the ones we have are barely populated?
  15. Yeah, I am discovering the same thing. This poses a major problem not just for smaller organizations and solo players, but also for new players. You can get along just fine for tier 1-2 as a new player, but making that jump to the next level is extremely difficult. There is a giant cube shaped boot on the neck of new players, trapping them in the safe zone where the higher tier resources have become scarce.
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