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  1. Yes. Amazing work on this thread.
  2. I get what you are saying, but all exploits are against the rules. The forum post referenced only explains which exploits will be punished and which are currently allowed. NQ could probably do a better job of making this information more accessible, but I question how much time they really would want to devote to maintaining an official document of acceptable exploits. They clarified some common ones, which was very helpful in the cases where things are allowed. As in all things, NQ could communicate better. This is clearly an exploit, not an intended gameplay mechanic.
  3. Real life "rules" aka "laws" work the exact same way. Nobody comes to knock on your door and notify you that the way you are stealing cable from your neighbors is illegal. NQ tends to overlook infractions to a much greater degree than in real life, where ignorance of the law is no excuse at all. Bottom line, with or without a specific rule, any player should be able to tell the difference between an exploit and a feature with ease. Assume the use of any exploit will be punished and you don't need to keep track of forum posts. It is pretty helpful to look these over how
  4. Many of these suggestions are needed for the game long term, but are also band-aids for a larger issue. The markets, as they exist now, are dysfunctional. On Alioth, we have the districts clumped together in a small area, and these district markets represent the majority of the market activity for Alioth. The most popular market that is not a district market is market 17, which is very close to the districts. Essentially, NQ encouraged the majority of players living on Alioth to base their operations near the districts and this is the area through which commerce flows.
  5. I like seeing other players as well. The problem is that the ratio of players I see at the market compared to assets at the market is way out of whack. I honestly laughed when they reintroduced emotes. In the locations where you are most likely to encounter other players and use emotes, you are overwhelmed with assets that make seeing other players difficult and the lag is so awful that emotes are the last thing on my mind.
  6. @NQ The markets are turning into an abyss that worsens noticeably each week. Your goal was to create an economy driven by players that was centered on the markets, however the physical markets themselves are an abomination and are causing great frustration for players, both the customers at the markets as well as the industry players. The number of constructs at the markets far exceeds the number of players at the markets. Some simple advertising would be one thing, but we now have a maze to navigate to even get to the elevator. There are hundreds of containers, massive ships, scam
  7. Large organizations and players with immense amounts of time will grab the higher tier resources and sit on them. That is nothing new compared to other MMO games, but in games that respawn resources, other players will eventually have a change to obtain those said resources. In a game with finite resources, you create a situation where you create a serious divide between the haves and have nots. There are very few hexes claimed on most planets, and many of the low tier resources on those planets remain, but the higher tier resources are being sucked dry. How are new players, or cas
  8. Yeah, I am discovering the same thing. This poses a major problem not just for smaller organizations and solo players, but also for new players. You can get along just fine for tier 1-2 as a new player, but making that jump to the next level is extremely difficult. There is a giant cube shaped boot on the neck of new players, trapping them in the safe zone where the higher tier resources have become scarce.
  9. Sorry to see you go! I see so much potential and I can't sleep I am so enamored with DU. I would love one (or both) of your accounts. I am looking at getting an an account for my son and beta keys would be fantastic for the friends I am trying to convince to come join the fun. Mostly I like to build stuff. The industry portion of the game is amazing, as is the construction of buildings, space stations, and ships. I can and have spent hours upon hours doing this. I love collaborating with friends on this. Gather, build, explore, repeat. That is what it is all about to m
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