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  1. Awesome, I'll try it out the next time my Albatross HUD lags the fk out and I tank my ship into a Thades cliff at 700kph... ahem....
  2. so there IS a replace and recycle function in the game? It would indeed be ridiculously annoying after a total MP6 wipeout if you had to manually replace broken parts in a build and then manually recycle each item, one at a time. there’s no way NQ would implement something as half-arsed as that, surely, after months of waiting for any new features to emerge. will check the recycle tool when I next play.
  3. For me it’s in-game tools like Albatross aHid that show this kind of degradation. I have a fairly top end rig : RTX3080 5900x 64GB DDR4 etc. but albatross hud slows to a crawl (literally single digit FPS) after an hour or so. I have to log out and restart the client multiple times a day to recover the performance.
  4. A Six Step Guide to Saving Save Dual Universe So we’ve now sunk to the point where we’re saving the “save dual universe” campaign? meta af.
  5. Arch himself last visited the forums on the 24th and NQ announced a change in building height restrictions. but of course it was a MVP-level implementation.. ie a single height for the whole planet. lol.
  6. This game is a constant struggle to make ends meet. If you want to partake of anything you have to put in a decent amount of EFFORT. I was under the impression this was supposed to be a game. Orders for T2 parts has dried up on Thades as the few people living here complete their factories and now we’re stuck for income.
  7. Seriously though, who is going to pay for player missions… the margins straight to market at already razor thin adding in a middle man seems like it wouldn’t float. Also aphelia would take a cut by way of taxes, thus reducing money further.
  8. That’s a good idea. But seems like more than a dozen lines of code would be required so… how about limiting to one mission per ship with no ship docking allowed? That would be a fairly nice compromise.
  9. Speaking of death of ore market, has anyone had issues trying to sell ore? \I often have a situation where even though I have 10k of Txxx ore in my ACTIVE container I am unable to create a sell order. The "amount" shows zero. This game has sapped my confidence. I no longer know whether NQ are being NQ or I'm having a stroke and am doing something wrong. This game is like the C++ version of Gaslighting.
  10. Playing this game since first alpha is like being that jaded barman who watches all the fresh young ladies turn up at the bar giddy with hope of finding their “man”… Five Jack Daniels and Rufie later and he knows exactly how their “romance” is going to end. So he sighs and just polishes another glass, trying to turn a blind eye to the emotional carnage and heartache.
  11. It was until you specifically made a statement which I felt was misleading, or just wrong.
  12. So not influenced by schematics, then.
  13. 1000 hours since release? it was released about 60 days ago. So you’ve played about 16.7 hours per day on average. Holy moly…. And I though *I* was an addicted to this dumpster fire.
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