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  1. It’s crazy that even with just the 13 regular members they have on their discord that they have to resort to bots. Lol
  2. Actually the post you shared is protected under NDA. You and I hve NDA access so we can see it but I tried and my second account can’t access it. the NDA stated that nothing covered by the NDA can be displayed outside of NDA only forums EVEN AFTER THE NDA HAS BEEN LIFTED. So I guess you fell foul of that particularly draconian piece of legislature. I still think an outright ban is too harsh, though. NQ have no sense of perspective, IMO.
  3. Three MILLION hours.... FML... That's a lot of scam. I'd be angry, too, if I lost over 300 years of my life to a scam.
  4. * for certain definitions of excellent and clear
  5. You should see their twitter "feed"... LOL. It's sparser Engineers' Date night at university (apparently... O_o).
  6. Interesting. I wasn't aware you could craft T2 fuel in your nanopack... Must be a feature introduced in the 12 months since I last played.
  7. You can enable torque. And then they do rotate the ship. Problem is that you need to use LUA and engine tags to fire them independently.
  8. And the 50 remaining customers will have to spend thousands every month to make this game viable.
  9. @Aaron Cain Ah, the limitless sandbox: Entirely built and driven by players, except for the game bits, apparently. Aphelia created schematics with aphelia chosen artificial limits. Aphelia built marketplace on aphelia built property Aphelia owned market storage charging aphelia calculated taxes. Aphelia taxed sales accessed from aphelia built consoles. Aphelia designed mining units with aphelia controlled remote kill switches Aphelia controlled armistice zones protecting aphelia taxed planets with aphelia taxed hexes. Aphelia controlled deep space scanners listing aphelia leaked info on other players' activities. This list was just off the top of my head, apologies, Aphelia, if I have forgotten to attribute something to you.
  10. Third time downloading 6.3 or so GB v 0.31 this week... Luckily I have 2.5G Ethernet on a 2GB/s fibre optic and am located in Tokyo so downloads buzz by... But I believe that NQ have to pay for server total bandwidth, so this is going to hurt them if many players are having to redownload multiple gigabytes multiple times. Strange thing is that I actually "played" the downloaded game for 10 minutes to queue up my skills but just now it asked me to download again...
  11. Joined in the first Alpha played hundreds of hours with and even was interviewed by the mouse @le_souriceau himself for his gazette back in the early days (under a different name) and I honestly thought this game had hit the sweet spot, but then it all just went to shit after 0.23 hit and combined with a total lack of progress, nay intermittent downgrading, the game became all but pointless. Only a single member from our org of about 50 players still plays anything more than the skill queue mini game. such a shame. I still stare at all my old screenshots from the NDA Alpha period and reminisce about what could have been.
  12. Even Star Citizen knows how to keep their players informed of pending wipes. heck they are looking two wipes ahead. they are also in Alpha, just like DU claims it isn’t.
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